Newsflash – May Burda Style Preview Posted!

Ok everyone! It is that most exciting time of the month – yes, it is the day of the Burda Style magazine previews!

Now, as we are all aware, the English Burda Style website is essentially useless in terms of finding out any information about the magazine or patterns offered by the company. So we all turn to alternative sources in alternative languages. I know the home is the German site, and many people favor the Russian site as well. I have also heard people extolling the virtues of the French website, but I will go on a limb and state that the Italian website is the best. Why? Because it is logical and posts things first. Now, I don’t actually know Italian, but I did take a little Spanish, which perhaps helps the comfort level. But in any case, over the past three months I have developed a level of commitment with this website and will tout it over the other Burda options.

Now, for the preview!

Perhaps it is me, but Burda seems to be infatuated with the potato sack look this year:

The boyfriend’s punk rock potato sack tee.
The potato sack with sleeves.
A pink potato sack.
Because one pink potato sack isn’t enough.
Sleeveless potato sack.
A potato sack for the plus size ladies.

Then, of course, we couldn’t possibly have a Burda magazine without a shirt dress:

The infamous Burda shirt dress!

Now, there are actually quite a few cute things that I am sort of drooling over in this issue:

Love love love the back.
The same back, with more details.
Madly in love with this dress.
The line drawing.  Mad crazy love.
More dress love.
Also as a shirt!
I even want to make this!  Probably will be a “what were you thinking” but I like it.

And I feel like these dresses could be quite fetching or at least nice for summer on a certain family member:

Ok, maybe right now reading schoolmarm, but you know Burda will use it as a base in one of the future “Best of Burda Styling” pictures.  Somehow they will add a belt, vest, or jacket and we will all think, “Wait, why didn’t I make this?”
Nice, soft, cool for summer.

And now, of course, the best part of the preview.  As homage to the now gone BWOF, I would like to dub this segment of my review, “BWTF?”:

Oooo, risque.
Because my hips aren’t big enough already.
Pockets so deep you need to hire Indiana Jones to excavate the stuff you will lose in their depths.
Good thing you triple line your dresses.

I apologize to all the pocket lovers in the audience, but really?  Those things are freaking huge.  You could be like a double-pocketed kangaroo and carry a child on each hip.

In any case, I suppose like all good fashion shows we need to have a best and worst pattern award.  Feel free to debate, argue, and denounce my choices in the comments.

The winner of the Best of BS Award for May goes to:

I can’t help it, I just loves it so much.

And the winner of May’s BWTF Award goes to:

Ummm, miss?  Your top is falling off.

The verdict:  I may just have to buy this one.  I have been known to buy an issue just for a pair of pants, and the sheer number of dresses I am loving here is enough to justify the shipping costs.

There are, of course, other offerings for the month of May, but you just have to go here to check them out.  Tune in next month to see the the June offerings.  I predict beachy, breezy, summer offerings, more potato sacks, and at least one shirt dress.

3 thoughts on “Newsflash – May Burda Style Preview Posted!

  1. I kind of like the top one of the two the best, but I really like either. As long as you choose a prettier color, I am definitely interested! 🙂

    Also…I honestly don't know how I feel about your favorite dress in this post, unless Kelly Kapowski was wearing it. Or a 80's Barbie 😉


  2. The pink ruched dress was a close runner up, but I can't help it – I am so in love with that crazy ruched print dress. I mean, sure, I wouldn't make it in that print, and the crazy picture on the rock is just… Well, it is in keeping with the oddness of Burda's styling decisions, but it was one of those irrational love at first sight things.


  3. It is me again!:))) I have one dress with such big pockets!! And I am in love in this pockets, I like to draw at the streets, so I can easily put everything there and this is very useful!%)) So I have plan to make this dress with pockets%))


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