Stash Accumulation

So today was a very good day for my stash.  Been saving up/planning for the pattern and fabric sales for a while, so when fabric gets to $2/yard I buy!  In any case, lots of stash accumulation to show off…

I will say it took several hours and several JoAnn stores to acquire all the patterns on my list in the correct size.  Despite the crazy amounts of shoppers, tired staff, and long cutting and checkout lines, I was truly only upset one time today, and that was when I finally found the correct pattern in the correct size and the envelope was EMPTY!  I guess if you don’t take the envelope with the barcode it is ok to take the actual pattern and instructions? Made me really mad.

Anyway, minutes before the last JoAnns of the day was going to close, I was able to snatch it up and make a nice end to an awesome fabric shopping day.

Also, in non-fabric news, found a few new used book stores in my fabric searches, and picked up Relativity by Albert Einstein and QED by Richard Feynman for some light reading.  What can I say, I can’t resist a $2 book either.  Oh, and I also found a used copy of Claire Shaeffer’s Fabric Sewing Guide.  Best part – the book store is in a mall for which I had a gift card.  Awesome.

Ok, ok, on to the good stuff.  Stash accumulation pictures!

Got some nice wardrobe-building McCall’s patterns for $0.99.

Ok, so the ballgown is maybe not so much a wardrobe builder.  But it could be good as a pattern for a costume!

Got some fun costume patterns because, hey, $0.99.

Also, got some nice Vogue patterns, but they aren’t all for me!  Some are for making clothes for certain family member who’s travel plans are less uncertain now and will be needing warm coats and cute dresses.

Also, fabric stash accumulation!  Although I am just starting to work on some intense projects right now (party dress and coat), I actually have plans/patterns for most of these fabric accumulations.  And, yeah, I am totally a sucker for $2/yard fabric, what can I say? 

Red silk (back) and sari fabrics.
Possible jacket/pants/skirt/shirt all $2/yard.
Bunny cotton print remnant.  Apron?  Pillow?  For the bunny collector in the family…
Stretch lace (black) and stretch mesh (blue) for skating costumes.
Cotton cordoroy (back) and t-shirt knit (front).  For light jacket and shirts.  

2 thoughts on “Stash Accumulation

  1. Alas, no, the sari fabrics aren't silk. The lower left is polyester I think, and the two on the right are some sort of blend which may or may not contain some silk, the ratios weren't written on the bolt. I just know that those two can't go in the wash. The only 100% silk is the plain red in the back. Which I am not exactly sure what it will be for. But I didn't want to pass up the real silk.


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