Sewing Goals 2017

At the end of the year I like to make sewing goals.  I don’t always achieve all of them, but I think it is interesting to see what interests or needs have been pressing enough that I’ve accomplished them by the end of the year.  From last year my goals were: “(1) Cosplays.  I have … More Sewing Goals 2017

Embarking on Insanity

So one of the reasons I’ve been so busy the past few months is that my very close friend (essentially family) is getting married.  Tomorrow.  Which means all the months of planning and preparations and dress fittings will soon be over.  (Just to get it out of the way – No I did not make … More Embarking on Insanity

Project Reunion

Droject Dirndl is done!  My creations are winging their way to Munich as we speak, and I’ll be posting photos and pattern reviews soon-ish (I hope).  I’ve already got a lot of skating costume orders, but mostly for practice costumes at this point, so it isn’t as intense as it gets during summer.  And after … More Project Reunion

Exciting News!

First things first – I sewed!  A dress!  But it is not for me.  It was for my sister, so I didn’t really get paid for it, technically, though she awesomely circled the smallest Whole Foods parking lot in the world so I could run in and get the really good fish sauce.  The barter … More Exciting News!