Burda Spring/Summer 2020 Catalog Patterns

The latest catalog patterns from Burda have been announced, and you can check them out on the German site here. There look to be a lot of re-prints (dating back as far as 2011 based on my super quick and not at all thorough research), so I’ve decided that, in the interest of my own time and sanity (I’ve just returned from a long trip and I’m trying to get back in the swing of life… not to mention stabilize my body’s concept of time zones) but I think posted all of the images so that if you feel like going through everything it’s here regardless. I’ll post some general thoughts at the bottom, but in the meantime here are all of the “new” releases:

And that’s it! Overall I think Burda has picked some of its “greatest hits” from the past 10 years or so to re-release as envelope patterns. I also don’t think I’ll be picking any of these up; I’m certain I have most, if not all, of these in a magazine somewhere, and I’ve even made a few of them. I do think a lot of these look like really great items for spring and summer wardrobes, but, as I previously stated, I already have them in the stash. I do think this could be a good option for people who maybe are newer to Burda though, and might not have access to the 10+ years of Burda that many of us longer-time sewists have stockpiled over the years. What do you all think? Do you think Burda’s recent approach of using the envelope patterns as an outlet to re-release older designs is helpful? Or does it feel like a waste when we used to get a bunch of new exciting designs in the catalog? Feel free to discuss it all in the comments!

20 thoughts on “Burda Spring/Summer 2020 Catalog Patterns

  1. I agree, there is nothing here I don’t already have in my stash, or couldn’t modify. Some of the garments are reruns with different additions – simple enough to adapt what I have, if I feel like it.

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  2. Can’t say these grab me either. I think the styling is very uninspiring which probably doesn’t help.

    I never understood why the envelope and magazine patterns were so separate in the past though – if you’re designing the patterns and sewing the samples why not make them available in both formats?

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  3. I’m torn, on one side I think it is amazing that a company can make 20 magazines, envelope patterns and starting with pdf in a niche market without being “the thing” on social media. On the other side it’s irritating to see patterns you own repackaged in eternity. Especially interesting to see that it’s the easier patterns that are being replicated instead of the beautiful and intricate patterns that are the main reason for me to subscribe to the magazine.

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  4. I am disappointed and not surprised at the same time. They have more interesting and modern-vibe patterns from the last 5 years, which I don’t see here. I guess they try to play it safe. And this is so soon after they ruined the us-based site with PDF patterns.

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  5. I think we’re all disappointed as we expect more for our money from envelope patterns. Burda envelope patterns used to be cutting edge (okay I might be going back to the 1980s here!) so it makes me sad to see such a bland, boring release with a really poor selection from the magazines. Surely the jacket and coats would be preferable as paper patterns as there is so much tracing out to do and so that might be welcomed. The vest top pattern is criminal in my opinion.

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  6. Agree, these seem to be repeats of what we have in the magazines. Mind you, it’s kind of neat to revisit them 🙂 I enjoyed looking at these even if they are repeats! Like someone else here said, though, it would be handy if they printed some of the complicated magazine patterns – I’d consider buying a printed pattern if it saves hours of tracing….

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  7. There are a lot of nice designs here, many that I recognize as being very popular from past issues and the website before it became unusable.

    It’s an interesting marketing approach. You would think that a company would issue different patterns in each format, thereby “forcing” people to buy both the magazine and the patterns in order to get everything they want. Maybe with their international customers who can’t always get the magazine, they are trying to make the same patterns available in both formats? Or maybe this is the beginning of a phaseout? After 70 years they wouldn’t discontinue the magazine, would they? Maybe phasing out the patterns. That’s a lot of maybes, but one thing for certain is that there is some upheaval going on there. After what they did to the Burdastyle website, it’s clear that drastic changes are being made.

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    1. So, I think a lot of the “upheaval” might also be coming from the fact that all of the US pattern companies also got purchased by a new parent company. Previously, the Burda envelope patterns have some deal to be distributed by Simplicity in the US, but I heard Burda bought back whatever rights or deal they had going on there. I think this forced them to redo the website (probably why it feels so rushed and bungled) and might also be why they are doing a “best of” type release from the past decade. I’m hoping this means they intend to keep things going, but that they have to sort of use these stopgap measures in the meantime to keep it all under control. It’s interesting to note that this is all happening at the same time that Simplicity, McCall’s, and Vogue all seem to have some level of “rebranding” happening as well. Probably it’ll take us a few years to see the long-term effects of this event, but what I would say is that Burda seems to be focusing on releasing new patterns in their monthly magazines, so if I had to pick one Burda entity to keep track of, I’d go with that.

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    2. > before the website became unusable.

      YES, FINALLY, someone says it! I have so many old Burda website patterns pinned on my Pinterest boards, and now the links are completely and totally broken. I’ve resorted to stalking eBay and Etsy for single issues that have the one pattern I want. All the GRRRRRR for the new website.

      To your post, Doctor T — I hate tracing from the magazine pattern sheets, so if Burda wants to release basically the same patterns in envelope/tissue form, I’m here for it. I don’t own many magazine issues (and none of the recent ones), but if I did I might be annoyed that the paper pattern releases are regurgitated from those.

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      1. I don’t know that I’m “annoyed” – honestly it just means I don’t feel the need to buy any of it, which is probably a good thing. It’s more that it’s just not exciting because nothing is new or novel. But I totally get why people have preferences for different formats, so if you don’t like tracing and do like one of these designs then the re-release is great news!

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  8. Depending on the pattern, I’d buy a reprint just to have better (well…Burda better) instructions and to not have to trace/add seam allowances. That said, there is nothing here that is a ‘must have.’

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  9. I almost fell asleep while scrolling 😯 this is the most boring publication ever… Everything looks the same (like a potato sack). I really don’t mind simple designs, I love simple and minimalistic, but most of these just look outdated (both the silhouette and the styling) and lacking any kind of chic. The big 4 are way ahead of burda in terms of design lately.
    I stopped my magazine subscription a while ago when I noticed what’s happening. I’m a size 32-34 so most of the magazine patterns require some kind of grading for me which I find in most cases not worth the trouble. I’ve noticed that some of the patterns suggested in the magazine have a more extended size range when they are republished as envelope patterns+ the instructions are better+ much more easy to trace. I still buy almost all of the burdaeasy magazines because these are usually good basics in a very comfortable format (and all start from 34), and when I see a pattern that I like on the magazine I just get it as a pdf pattern on the Russian site (I wait for a good deal and just buy them in bulk, along with the pdf’s of the envelope patterns). I’m happy about my decision to stop my subscription, it’s savings me a lot of money and space. I’m also thinking about selling the magazines that I have and buying the patterns I liked from them as pdf’s, since I rarely ever have enough patience to trace them from the magazine.

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  10. Burda seems to be following a strategy of playing it safe in their recent monthly magazine patterns and now in their envelope patterns. Safe sells, I guess. I have a few of these patterns and wouldn’t mind picking up a few more on a sale, especially some of the dress patterns. All in all, not a thrilling release, if only because I’ve seen many of the patterns before, but not bad.

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  11. I’ve already bought several. I find many of the styles modern and wearable, with somewhat Scandinavian/ Northern European flair.
    Many of these are quite simple to sew, quick projects.
    Ok, a lot of these have been in the magazine, but having hundreds of burda magazines it’s time consuming to look through them to find something. Before, it was easy to search the burdastyle.com website and find out in which issue the pattern was.
    And the tracing is easier with envelope patterns…
    My only complaint is that nearly all blouses here are voluminous. That translates to unbecoming sacs for anybody who isn’t model tall and thin.

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  12. I agree with many of the sentiments expressed here; although I would have bought several of the patterns around 40 years ago I now need a more ‘streamlined’ version of the Plus size patterns as they can be voluminous. I’m happy to trace the kids’ patterns but tracing is more awkward, not impossible, in larger sizes. Tracing paper isn’t cheap, neither are paper patterns in the UK unless they are on sale and I often re-use old paper patterns for this purpose.

    I know which patterns I’ll use and tape a sticker to the front cover of the magazine, also it’s very useful to spend a little time, thanks to you Dr. T for your hard work, just whizzing through past issues you have reviewed. I will only buy or order online the Burda mags I know I can use and try to avoid temptation!!! I don’t always succeed .. 🙂 I feel there is seldom anything new under the sun but wish I was better at drafting patterns. I have re-covered a settee twice and don’t want to do that again but it isn’t rocket science, just fiddly. On the whole I will stick with the Burdastyle mag as the fabrics they use are, on the whole, very covetable and more inspiring than viewing a paper pattern. 🙂

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