BurdaStyle Magazine March 2020

The March Burda preview has been posted on both the German and Russian sites. I think there are some nice pieces in this issue, but I also think a lot of these styles look very similar to versions from the past. I’m actually really curious to see how this one fairs in the comments. Anyway, without further ado, let’s jump in:

Let’s start off with a look at the jackets heading into spring styles:

115 – I like the really clean lines of this oversized blazer. It’s a nice approach to the oversized blazer trend; it creates the silhouette without feeling sloppy or ill fitting. I like the subtle shaping seams and single button details as well.

120 – I really like this take on a standard denim jacket. The lace detail is really fun, and I bet it would be a great way to use up scraps of a special fabric.

104 – I can’t say that this is my favorite bomber jacket pattern from Burda; personally I prefer something with more of a collar. But I do like the angled pockets and the raglan sleeves. I think this looks like it could be a nice casual style, possible good for walking or light workouts.

110 – I like this jacket/cardigan style too. I think the neckline details are nice, and I like how subtle the pockets are. I think it looks like it could work equally well with a more casual outfit or something a bit more professional.

This month doesn’t have the usual wedding focus, but that doesn’t mean we don’t get at least a few party dresses:

122 – Ok, so we get one wedding dress, but it’s also the designer exclusive pattern, which is pretty exciting.

121 – This dress is the Vintage pattern for the month. I like the neckline (though I think we’ve seen it on other recent styles as well?), but I think the real star of this look is the belt that adds the extra bit of fabulousness in the back.

118 – This is another dress that looks very much like styles we have had in the past, but, I still really like it. I will caution that the neckline looks very low, so you might need to do a bit of whip stitching if you want to close the deep-V up a bit.

113 & 114 – These are some pretty basic shirt dresses. I prefer the longer style myself, but I think both versions look pretty good. I think it looks a bit nicer in the more flowy fabric of the first version as well.

106 & 107 – Another pretty simple dress pattern. I like the second version a bit more – the ruffle detail and puffed sleeves give it a bit more personality.

The tops in this issue are also pretty basic, though that might not be the worst thing since they all seem like they would pair well with other items:

101 – The front of this top is pretty simple, but I love the back detail. I think this one is going to have to go on my to-sew list, because I think this is totally something I could wear in a work environment.

109 – I think this top is sort of interesting, in that it mixes a pretty structured “polo” style collar with the softer ruched side detail. I’m not sure how affective the result is… I can’t decide if it really looks intentional… but I think the idea of it is interesting.

116 & 117 – These tops actually don’t look too bad on the models, but the line drawings have a lot of volume. I think Burda’s done a good job styling this pattern; I suspect this style will look better in these sorts of tiny prints as opposed to a solid.

102 – This seems like a really basic top with 3/4 bell sleeves. Not much else to comment on here.

103 – I’m really not sure what’s up with the weird square on the Burda top photo… Anyway, I think the textured collar detail is kind of nice here. I also think this top looks really great on the model – it’s a nice length for tucking-in or for leaving open as well.

It looks like we are starting to get some different silhouette for the bottoms this month…

105 – I really like the waistline detail on these pleated culottes. The buttons are cute! I also think this would be a really easy pattern to extend into a full-length trouser as well, so that the waistline detail could be utilized on a more “work appropriate” trouser.

119 – Look at the details on this pant! I love the front button closure – so cool! I’m not sure how I feel about the shaping in the back, but I think that’s what a muslin is for. I’m really excited to see the deep hem, and it’s been a minute since we’ve seen this sort of straight-legged jean. I’m hoping that this could be a sign that Burda will be turning back to some of the more interesting detailed styles from the mid-2000s.

111 – This skirt is a style that seems really similar to designs from the past (possibly 10-20 years in the past, but still), but I still really like it. I think the length and drape are really nice, and I think this would look great in a solid or a print. I also really like the way Burda has styled this look in the model photos.

112 – This seems like a maxi version of the skirt, and I really like this too! The angled hem is really interesting.

108 – This skirt is so cute! I’m usually not a fan of the button front style skirt, but for some reason this version is really doing it for me. And I love the braided waistband detail. Super cute!

The Burda Plus section has some nice options this month:

124 – I like this blazer pattern, but I think the full length coat version is really stunning. I like the super classic collar detail, the in-seam pockets, and the really streamlined single button closures. Very clean and classic looking.

126 – I also like this dropped shoulder shirt dress. I think the sleeve and button details create a nice casual vibe, and I think it looks fantastic in the crazy print.

128 – This shirt isn’t too exciting from the line drawing, but I think the blush version looks really lovely on the model. This could be one of those simple tops that easily becomes a TNT because the result is so wearable.

127 – I love a nice cowl drape, but overall I think this top is pretty basic. Not necessarily a bad thing, but also not overly exciting.

125 – I think the line drawing of this pant is pretty basic, but I love seeing it in the bright coral/orange. It looks so great paired with the white top – perfect for spring. This is maybe not the most exciting pattern, but I do think it is quite versatile, because I think this pattern would also be pretty easy to edit.

The kids section is pretty basic this month:

129 – 132. Not too much here that’s very exciting, but I so think the little coat is actually really cute.

And that’s it! It’s a bit of an interesting issue. There are lots of things I like, but I also feel like I have a lot of them in the collection already. So, it made it a bit challenging to pick the Best of BS for March 2020, but in the end I have decided to give the award to:

The cool detail denim trousers! Maybe I’m just excited to see a change in pant silhouettes, but I’m just so excited to see interesting details like the shaped button tab on this pant. I think this pant would be a relatively easy “jean” to make, which is bonus points, and it would create a really unique pair of trousers.

The BWTF award was also challenging to assign this month, as nothing was truly disastrous. Ultimately, I decided to give it to:

The basic stripped shirt. Really, there’s nothing wrong with this top, and I’d probably even wear this shirt. But I think in an issue of it being a pretty meh issue for me, and this top just doesn’t have anything that really makes it stand out. So… meh.

So there we are – another month down! It’s hard to believe we are already discussing the March issue – I feel like January just started. Regardless, I’m not sure that this is the most exciting Burda in recent memory. There are a lot of good patterns, but very few that are going into the “must sew this immediately” queue. I think it’s nice that the wedding design is a designer pattern, and I always enjoy a vintage release, but overall this issue is just a bit meh for me. What do you all think? Is there anything here that you can’t wait to sew? Or is this issue full of pass-able styles you’ve seen before? What are your top and bottom looks from this issue? Feel free to discuss it all in the comments!

35 thoughts on “BurdaStyle Magazine March 2020

  1. What Burda another plus blazer – no really you’re spoiling us- no seriously do something different please. Although great to see similar plus dresses to the ones in the main collection. Not what I’d choose but still really nice to see the alignment of styles and fashion.
    lovE those jeans I will have to grade these up plus I really like that polo, I think it would disguise a mum tum perfectly

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  2. I like this issue for its versatile basics and effective styling. Sometimes Burda gives us novelty that really doesn’t make for great design. I prefer this to that. That said, I agree that a number of patterns have similar versions in other issues. Still, I would buy it.

    I do wish that Burda would start including more different styles of trousers. I am sick of the crops and culottes. The denim pants are a good start, although I am not sure I find that waist detail very flattering.-

    Thanks as always, for your review!

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  3. I’m embarrassed… This is looking to be one of my favorite issues…

    I wear tees all. the. time. so the polo shirt is going on my to-sew-now list fer shure, and I’ll tweak it until it becomes a TNT pattern. I love the waistline detail on that button skirt, I love all three jackets – they are not so over-the-top that I have to invent an excuse to wear them. The only problem with the jackets is that I’ll need to lengthen them all by several inches. (I’m actually going to a con in May as an artist and would love to be able to wear something I’ve made to it….)

    So sorry… I kind of really like this issue… ♥

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  4. I love your reviews, and i think i will be ordering this issue for the knot dress pattern. I was going to make the aysymetrical version from the (first issue in english) Lillestoff magazine no4, but i think I’ll wait for the burda pattern.

    Nb lillestoff only has 12 patterns per issue and is double the price of burda here in the UK, but if you havent seen it before https://www.lillestoff.com/ottobre/lille-magazinenglish042019-9689.html

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  5. It is true that nothing is outstanding in this issue however it’s just happened to be things that I wanted to sew! I like the jacket with the lace detail as well as the bomber style that doesn’t need ribbing. But as you mentioned I also like this style with a collar which is easy to add. Now I would say “No more Shirt Dresses”, we had plenty of them in 2019! Ye for the Polo neck shirt; so Prada SS20! I am planning to make one if not two. I like the top with the round neckline; one of my sewing projects is to copy a Trussardi outfit for which this pattern is perfect. Really like the pleated culottes and the jeans pants. I think these have a designer look. And the shirt with the angled hem has just jumped on top of my to-sew list…. So, I guess this issue really fits my taste and lifestyle. As always many thanks for your review which I always appreciate.

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  6. I like ALL the jackets in this issue and some of the tops. I don’t do boatnecks. You know that gathered neckband on the top with the weird square was done on a Simplicity pattern a few years back. Simplicity 2850 – had a dress, sleeveless tunic/jumper and a top with various sleeve options. Oh, and a hat.

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  7. I really liked the plus section. The trousers are cool and on my list! I won’t sew them as “jeans” but they are definitely being made!

    Also really love the braided belt on the button front skirt and the fun twist/textured neckband on that top. This top is also on the list!

    I have an irrational hatred of polo shirts for women but the ticks on this top are cute. I’ll have to look at the pattern pieces and adapt that to my scoop neck tee pattern!

    The collarless bomber is hard for me to like and I like the silhouette of the swishy skirts but that seaming bisecting the body is meh.

    I think 2020 is off to a good start. Not much I wanted in January but it seemed well liked overall. I love February. Love!!!! And am excited about March. Keep it going Burda!!!!

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  8. There are a few stand-outs for me in this issue – so I will get this issue. Thanks for posting these reviews, because I always read them, then make up my mind about whether to buy an issue!

    Perhaps they are nothing that Burda hasn’t produced before, but I haven’t got anything like them in more pattern stash – the polo shirt, the jeans with the interesting waist details, the button-down skirt, and the angled hem skirt too.

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  9. Loving the two trousers, and that top with the gathered neckline detail is almost exactly the same as the one in the February 2017 version, without the gathered sleeve cuff. Not too many interesting patterns this month, but I’ll give those pants a go.

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  10. Oh, I like this jeans pants pattern a lot – so interesting details 🙂 the other patterns doesn’t interest me at all, most of them we all have in our patterns and magazines stashes.

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  11. I would have given the BWTF to the round collar top, 103, based on the bizarre fabric choice and what they did with it. The pattern on the collar detail seems totally off-kilter (cut off-grain, maybe? doesn’t look like it’s cut on the true bias, at any rate). Also, I am 95% sure that square in the middle of the garment photo is a Photoshop error.

    I do love the denim pants, though! They went under my radar until I saw the enlarged pics on your site. The modeled pic does not draw the eye otherwise.

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  12. I’m kind of meh on this issue, but it would be a good starting point for someone who needs basics and wants to try some Burda mag patterns. No shame in that.

    Other thoughts: 121 would be really stunning for a courthouse wedding ceremony. (I have a Simplicity pattern that’s very similar.) 118 is a maybe from me…would have to see a view of the back. 107 is a style my mom wears and looks really good in (unlike her pear-shaped daughter…), so I might make her a few of those for summertime.

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  13. I agree it’s not the most exciting of issues, but there are still a lot of nice basics in here. I was definitely more inspired by the Feb issue, but I’m still waiting impatiently for that to arrive!

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      1. Hi Allison. Do you know where I need to go to subscribe to Burda Magazine? Or at least where in the US I can buy the single issues? I just ordered the Feb and Mar issues from a website in the UK, and it takes forever. I ordered on Feb 8 and it could arrive a Month later… Thanks so much.


  14. Hello
    I have a question what is special about designer patterns in Burdamag or others like Laura ashley? Are they more likely to be drafted well? Or are they expensive?


  15. The yellow blouse! (I have a stash of crepe fabrics…)The striped blouse (that you dissed…)! (I have a heap of french mariniere jersey tops, this is the non- stretch fabric version). The cowl neck blouse! (I’ll frankenpattern it with a vogue blouse pattern with less ease) The plus size long coat! (I’m size 44 which means there will be minimal grading down. Maybe linen suiting in chartreuse green?)The jeans trousers! (I plan to sew them from heavy denim, change the butt topstiching more jeans- like) Shirt dresses! (Shirt dresses are the best thing after sliced bread and my stash is filled with suitable fabrics).The ruffle detail dress! Yes, yes, yes!
    I am building a business casual wardrobe for work and all of these fit into that category.

    Maybe I’ll sew the polo in technical material, for a horseback riding top.
    This looks like to be a good issue.

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  16. This is a pretty uninspiring issue for me with the exception of the trousers. And I’ll take two great trouser patterns – it’s still well worth the price. Those pleated ones are amazing although they’ll need back pockets adding to be usable. And I like the style of the western ones although I’d skip the unusual front closure as I bet it will move about in an unflattering way. Very excited for next month though now I’ve seen the preview in the back of the March issue.

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  17. Thanks for the thorough review. I actually loved this issue. I agree with the jeans being the most interesting piece -unfortunately I don’t think they would be suitable for my figure in such a stiff jean fabric. I keep 2m of a washed jean in my stash waiting for the perfect pattern and maybe this is the one. I might be buying something with a bit of spandex instead. I’ll see. The other two things are the polo shirt (I actually think it’s great) and the tops 116/117 (I rather prefer 116, without the collar) I have a white crash fabric with tiny printings in black and this is the pattern for it. Of course the plus size blazer is a must… Being size 44 I can use all patterns in the magazine.

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  18. I bought this issue, though we have a different cover, for the plus size long blazer, the trousers which are perfect for a fabric I have and for the wedding dress. I have been looking for a dress pattern with such sleeves for years, ever since I saw a similar crochet one in a book from the Seventies. And those dresses are gorgeous, makes me want to make it just for the sake of it.

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