BurdaEasy Magazine #1 2020

The preview of the first Burda Easy magazine for 2020 is up on the German Burda site. It looks like it is going to follow the recent Burda Easy format, with 3 variations of 6 styles that cover a range of garment types. These styles are usually pretty simple, but also quite trendy. Let’s take a look:

1A, 1B, 1C. I think this top/sweater/dress is a great pattern to include in the Burda Easy magazine. The shape is very relaxed and won’t require a lot of fitting, and the construction should be pretty straightforward. I also love the option for color blocking, and I think it looks really sharp with the contrasted bands in view C.

2A, 2B, 2C. This is a pretty basic looking blouse/dress pattern.. The ruffle detail adds a bit of interest to view B, but personally I prefer the more streamlined look of views A and C. It’s not terribly original, but it would be very functional in a wardrobe as it could pair well with other pieces.

3B, 3C, 3A. Unfortunately, the Burda site is missing some of the pattern information for view A, but all of these are pretty basic A-line skirt patterns. I actually really like this pattern; I think changing the length and waistband detail are a great way to make something a bit more formal or a bit more casual. And I think Burda did a great job of styling this skirt in different ways.

4B, 4C, 4A. This is a pretty basic cardigan pattern, but I think it looks great on the models, especially the belted striped version. This is definitely something I’d wear, and the fact that it looks quick to sew is an added bonus.

5B, 5C, 5A. These trousers have subtle differences, but overall don’t seem much too different from other styles that we’ve had recently in other BurdaStyle magazines.

6A, 6B, 6C. This jacket though! This jacket is totally a reason I’d buy this magazine. I wish the line drawings had been up on the site, but alas. I still really love this pattern though, and I’d totally wear both of these jackets daily if I had them. The oversized collar is definitely a detail that we seems to be seeing because of the Meaghan effect, but I actually really like it. I’m tempted to track down this issue just for this pattern. Love it!

And that’s it! As a side note, it seems that Burda and Knipmode have teamed up to publish a Russian version of the magazine, though I’m not sure how much this will be helpful to anyone outside of Russia. It is interesting though. Anyway, that’s it for this issue. What do you all think? Are the Burda Easy designs too basic to be of interest, or are you also swooning over the jacket pattern like I am? Feel free to discuss in the comments!

20 thoughts on “BurdaEasy Magazine #1 2020

  1. As usual, the patterns are recycled. If you’re considering buying the magazine just for the jacket pattern, better check if you might already own it:

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  2. Love the fabrics! Really like the skirt pattern variations and the jacket. One reason I’d consider getting one of theses Easy magazines is the fact that they take one pattern and do variants. That’s a great way to learn to adapt other patterns, for someone like myself who doesn’t really know how properly.

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  3. I’ve definitely got pattern 1 already; it’s in the main Burda for April 2011. I didn’t spot any of the others as duplicates but I haven’t gone searching. I notice they’re doing cropped flared trouser leg that we keep being told is the latest fashion, but it still looks very peculiar to me. Overall a pass – I normally like Burda Easy more than this.

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  4. Early editions of Easy Sewing had much more interesting patterns and some that weren’t really easy, 45 rouleau loops on a dress in Autumn 2015! The knitted skirt is 104 from Burdastyle 10/2011.

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  5. Burda Easy used to have more interesting patterns and some I wouldn’t classify as easy. The dress in Autumn 2015 has 45 rouleau loops!! This issue feels a bit bland and the knitted skirt is model 104 in Burdastyle 10/2011.

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  6. I managed to pick up Burda Easy today, which is the first time I recall it being for sale here. I was really pleased until I realised I’m bigger than the biggest size, so I guess some up sizing will be needed to get them to work for me.

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  7. I m trying to make the dress (1A, 1B, 1C variations). I have to admitt that i found very diffiuclt to deal with jersey fabric!! It is my 2nd attempt of sewing a garment. I totally agree with you as regards the jakcet!I m also in love with it and It is on my to do list!

    thank you for your reviews!

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