January 2020 BurdaStyle Magazine

It’s hard to believe, but the first issue of the 2020 BurdaStyle Magazines has been announced on the Russian Burda site! While we didn’t get a lot of spectacular holiday looks, or the typical crazy January costumes, we do have a lot of really good everyday wearable patterns this month. There’s a lot to see, so let’s jump in and take a look:

As usual, I will start with the coats and jackets:

#103 and #102 – I really like this jacket/coat pattern! I think this style has that nice balance of being casual but also polished, and I really like the relaxed fit of the shoulders and the seam lines on the sleeves.

#101 – I think this is another great option! It has this interesting mix of being a long jacket but also having a vaguely cardigan-ish feel. It looks super cozy in both of these images, but I could imagine styling it with fancier outfit and it would still look pretty sharp. The pieced shawl collar is an interesting detail, and I like the overall shape of the piece.

#104 – I love a good printed coat! I don’t know that I’d choose this particular pattern over others I already have in the stash to use for myself, but I do think that this coat has some nice structure. On me, the seam line and pocket placement would definitely look weird, but I think this could look really stylish on others.

#120 – These sort of cape style have been really trendy over the past few months. I like the collar top stitching detail here, and I think Burda did a nice job with the styling.

#114 – These sort of oversized trench coat/parka mashups also seem to be having a bit of moment lately, and I think this one has some nice details. I like the back flap, and the streamlined fit and waist tie detail. The two-way zip is a cool feature, and I like the elastic cuffs as well. Also, I always appreciate a high collar because I hate when my neck is cold. I think the white fabric doesn’t really do the garment justice in the garment photo, but I do really like the way this looks on the model.

There are some great dresses in this issue as well:

#106 – Burda has given us a lot of great sheath dress patterns over the years, but I still love it when they come out with more. The neckline detail is subtle, but really pretty, and I love how this dress looks great in a solid and in a print. I also think this could look super cute with short sleeves for the summer months as well and that would be a super easy modification to make.

#105 – The dress is also super cute! It’s pretty basic, but I really like the neckline scarf detail. It’s super chic!

#118 – Burda is sort of winning with the “basic dress + 1 cool detail” recipe in this issue. I think the neck flap is an interesting detail, and it could be a really cool way to play with pairing different fabrics in a fun way.

#108 – I’m not a huge fan of this style of dress for myself, but I do like the neckline detail. I think the collar has a lovely proportion, and I think Burda’s choice to do this in a fun print was really smart for such a simple design.

#121 – We get a vintage reprint in this issue! It seems like Burda is all about re-issuing the Vintage reprints that they did in their Burda Vintage magazines from a few years back (I do really miss those, and the Burda Classic magazines they did as well), so I’m sort of looking forward to when they issue a vintage pattern that I don’t already have in the collection, but I can appreciate them re-using some of the more popular styles from issues that might be a bit harder to get at this point.

The tops this month aren’t overly exciting, but they would be nice, practical additions to a winter wardrobe:

#112 – Simple, but I like the sleeves. They have interest, but aren’t toally crazy.

#109 – This is the top version of the dress from above. I might not wear it with those crazy pants, but I’d definitely include this top in a work wardrobe.

#107 – I actually really like this! I think it’s a really interesting take on elevating a hoodie to like a more chic status, and the idea of making it in a silky, draping fabric is really interesting. Not gonna lie, I think I could actually get away with wearing this to work, and I’m sort of tempted to try it.

#115 – This is a pretty basic blouse, but it does have a cool sleeve detail. I like it, and it would be a great way to stash bust some of those small but special scraps that are so hard to get rid of.

#116 – I think the sleeves look a bit large, but I do like the collar and dropped shoulder relaxed fit on these sweater tops. I think the blue version looks a bit stiff, but the rusty orange looks really cozy and relaxed.

#117 – Not totally sure how I feel about this top. On the one hand the draping details are really pretty, but on the other hand it looks a bit voluminous and overwhelming on the model. Hmmmm….

I like the bottoms this month because I think they are silhouettes we haven’t seen in recent months:

#110 – I think this skirt is pretty cute! I really like the belt loops and fabric belt tie, and I think the pleats are a nice detail. I also think Burda has done a great job of styling the navy version as well.

#111 – Ok, I actually think these culottes are pretty cute, BUT I may be raining my eyebrow a bit at Burda’s fabric and styling choices. I mean, I like the potential for swooshiness, but, like, what is up with these prints?

#119 – I feel like its been a while since we’ve had a really traditional straight legged pair of trousers, so it’s nice to see something simple and streamlined.

#113 – I’m not sure why I like these trousers so much, but I’m sort of into them. Maybe I’m just really excited by the idea of a tuxedo stripe down the leg?

#122 – It looks like we are getting a designer pattern in this issue as well! Ok, so I’m going to say I honestly don’t really think I would ever wear this, BUT I do appreciate Burda’s efforts in keeping us on the pulse of fashion. The extreme shoulder pads and retro-80s vibe is coming back strong in fashion at the moment, and I think this jumpsuit captures the essence of that trend perfectly. It’s got lots of pockets and has some interesting details, (I really like the pockets as belt loops feature), but it’s just not really for me. This is one of those things I can appreciate, but really don’t need to add to my sewing list.

The Burda Plus section also has some great options this month:

#124 – I like this jacket; it has the vibe of a traditional jean jacket, but also has the ease of having elastic cuffs. And I think it looks super cute in that print fabric too!

#127 – This tunic is pretty simple, but I do like the zipper neckline detail.

#123 – I like this top, especially the grommet detail in the green version. I think its the sort of subtle detail that adds a really nice touch of interest, but still keeps it feeling modern and chic.

#126 – I’m sort of torn on these pants – I really like the cuff detail and I think the elastic waistband would be super comfortable, but I’m not sure I love how they look on the model? I’ll have to put these in the “make a test version first” category.

#128 – I do like this skirt quite a bit though! I’m a sucker for an asymmetric hem.

#125 – This dress is nice, but not my favorite. I think It looks great on the model, but I’m not such a fan of the details in the line drawing. I think if it were made in a solid instead of a print it wouldn’t be quite so exciting.

Finally, the kids section looks really practical:

#129-132 – The pockets in the legging/pants look like a nice feature, and the tops look like quick, practical sews as well.

And with that it brings us to choosing the first Best of BS for the start of the 2020s! It was a difficult choice because there were a lot fo good patterns this month, but nothing that was an amazing stand out. But, in the end i have decided to give the first Best of BS for 2020 to:

Cozy cardigan-coat! This pattern looks great, and I think it would be super versatile as well. It looks cozy and comfortable, but also chic and stylish as well. Plus, with the shawl collar, it looks like it could actually be pretty simple to sew as well!

And, lastly, we have to pick a BWTF for January 2020. It was really difficult because the patterns themselves are all actually pretty good. But I think we all needed to take a closer look at this image, so I have chosen:

This is an intriguing image… Styling like wut? I mean, creating the culottes in that wild print is certainly a choice, but then pairing it with fishnets, red suede heels, and a fuzzy feathered button down top? It’s much. Like, even for Burda, much.

And there we have it! I don’t know if any of us is really ready to move in to 2020 yet, but it seems that it is upon us, whether we are ready or not. Overall I think this is a good issue to start off the new year, and I think it really represents the trends that are popular right now. I also think people tend to appreciate when the issues are full of styles that are relevant to them, rather than full of party looks that most of us don’t need in our typical day-to-day life. So, while there isn’t anything here that I feel the need to make immediately, I do think there are lots of good patterns in here that are super practical. But what do you all think? Is there anything you are dying to add to the top of your 2020 sewing list? Are we even ready for it to be 2020 yet? Feel free to discuss your thoughts in the comments!

21 thoughts on “January 2020 BurdaStyle Magazine

  1. I love reading your Burdastyle reviews. And more so now that they have changed their site. I used to go to their site 2-3 times a week to see what’s new. Now, I don’t even go once week. I think their new site is a real disappointment. So I really count on your write ups to learn what’s new with Burda. Actually I count on your reviews of the other pattern companies, too. Lately I have been disappointed with what has been happening with some of my favorite sewing publications. I especially miss Vogue Patterns magazine. I get their emails featuring their new patterns, but nothing beats VPM. I guess a good note is Joann’s is carrying Burdastyle magazine. However it has been hard to find in the store. And I go to the store in Hudson OH where Joann’s corporate is located. So keep your posts coming, I find them invaluable.

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    1. Really liking the jackets (as usual)… Looks like the first one is done is a kind of suede? Love it. But it the hoodie that I’ve completely fallen for… Just a bit of change and it looks like it could be appropriate for anything! Hmmm….. would it look good in velvet….? Maybe? The paper bag skirt is rather interesting – I keep thinking I don’t like those funny waistbands, but after trying one on in a shop to see what it was like, well you know it’s very forgiving to muffin top tummies like mine. I might try it.

      Always look forward to your Burda posts, and like the other person said up top – even more now! I don’t like the new Burda site, I find it impossible to search through when looking for older patterns.

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      1. hmmmmm…. looking at those culottes, it’s a style that isn’t really for me, but I adore mini skirts (well, not TOO short). For those of us who dig short skirts, those culottes done short could be really nice in a dark drapey fabric and sweet niylons or leggings in cold weather…. maybe?

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    2. I’m with you on the new website. It doesn’t have older patterns anymore and I used to do a lot of Google image searching for patterns, but now every time I find an image, the link is broken and I can’t actually track it down! *sigh*

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  2. I’ll definitely be looking closely at the tops when I get my copy. The one with the sleeve inset is giving me lots of ideas. I also love the culottes but I have a several patterns with similar design so I probably won’t bother tracing this one. As usual I love the coats, but they don’t really suit me. The one I find most intriguing is the long parka thing. It looks beautiful but impractical. Too long and fitted to wear in real life and no pockets, Maybe it will all become clear when I see the issue and it says the fabric is silk twill or something like that. It’s a wedding parka! 😆

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  3. There are some nice things. I’m interested in the silky hoody. I work at my son’s dance studio in the front office where I help parents and students. Dress is beyond casual. Most the office staff is moms working to pay for lessons and just come in ‘mom’ clothes ie. hoodies and jeans which I can’t stand to wear. I’m also a decade older except the head office gal. I try to dress just a bit nicer since I want to represent the studio well. The silk hoody and tuxedo pants would work nicely. Inyerested in the plus pants too, but your right about needing a testing.
    Joanns has started to carry Burda here but not at tye one clpsest to me which is still 30 minutes away. Only at tge one 45 minutes away and apparently they’re only carrying one copy. Testing the market? Still I managed to pick up 8 and 9.

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  4. I like several of the plus options – again! I feel like the blue pant the model is wearing is just a bit too roomy through the leg. I also like that shirtdress-esque dress on the model but not the line drawing.

    Adore the woven hoodie! I like the paperbag skirt which is a silhouette I’ve completely eschewed. But now that my bustline no longer extends beyond my waistline…who knows! LOL!!!

    I like the tuxedo stripe pant but would have to see the deets. Sometimes, Burda uses a straight strip of fabric and that never works for me.

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  5. Some lovely patterns in this one! Love the classic-plus-cool-detail first sheath dress, and the classic pants look great too. And I’ll definitely make the navy/yellow skirt! I think this is the last issue I’ll get with my subscription, but at least it has some nice things in it.

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  6. I am so not ready for 2020! This looks like one of those practical issues that doesn’t initially come across as terribly exciting, but will actually get used a lot. Well I hope so, 2019 has really not been a good sewing year for me and I’ve completely lost enthusiasm for it sadly. Maybe a new start in the new year is what I need.

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    1. I’m sure it’ll come back… I’ve gone through periods like that and it’s usually not actually the sewing; it’s the rest of life stressing me out so that I don’t have energy to give to the sewing. I go through phases like this with reading too. It comes back, it’s just always hard to say how long it will take…


  7. Thank you for another year of great reviews and a lot of hard work trawling through the patterns! For me this issue isn’t really inspiring, although I like the plus size jackets and green top with grommets. The plus trousers have way too much fullness around the hip area (gardening pants anyone) and I feel the shirtdress is too utilitarian, is spoilt by the short tab-buttoned neckline and strays into Great Grandma territory, it would look better and maybe more wearable if extended down to the waistline if possible.

    The kids section is fine and practical. I worry about the shawl collar on Best of BS, cannot see it staying put and even the model is having to cross her arms but really like the paper bag skirt and would make it a little longer. The culottes are just mad and belong on the catwalk!!! On the whole I do like most of the fabrics used but this issue may be a pass for me.

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  8. 100% agree on the pick for Burda WTF. From farther away, both of those culotte fabrics look a lot like those horrible 90’s 3-D pictures (that I could never see anything in, no matter how much I squinted). If someone around me were wearing skants like that, I’d be squinting at them nonstop.


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  10. Mine arrived today so as soon as I finished it I went to your review post 🙂 I’m loving this one. And I was interested to see that several of the more difficult patterns have illustrated instructions in the middle section – that’s new and it makes things so much easier. The designer jumpsuit and the drapey pleated top were two I noticed had pics but there’s at least one more.

    On the downside none of the garments have pockets other than a couple of the coats. Normally Burda is pretty good at including them.

    My picks: the drapey top, the parka, the strap shouldered sweater, and the cardigan coat.

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  11. Picked my copy up today and not quite sure what I think. I made a yellow cotton jumpsuit a lot like that Designer version in something like 1987 (and it was a Burda envelope pattern I’m sure). In that pattern there was a shirt as well which was just the bodice cut longer which was more versatile.
    I’m most likely to make trousers though would need to size up the normal ones

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  12. I am so sorry that this issue did not arrive as part of my subscription. (I missed four issues from my subscription which “will be credited” as they do not resend missing issues anymore, it seems). So, so sorry. I will try to find similar stuff in previous burda mags (difficult task as I am collecting them since the 80’s…). My favorite is the plus jacket 124. With the right choice of fabric it would make a wonderful formalwear…. But unless I buy the separate pattern, don’t think I will ever make this one. And I refuse to pay again for what I already paid.

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    1. That sucks. Hopefully they will get it together and you won’t miss anymore. If you have the issues from early 2011 I think you might find something similar in there… 🤔


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