Sew Your Kibbe Challenge – November Round Up

November has been one of those months that has flown by entirely too fast. In my recent post about life events, I sort of delved into how crazy things have been, but this month feels like the crazy has been dialed up quite a bit. I’ve been able to sew a bit, though not as much as I would have liked. The Forever UFO is still a WIP, though I’m getting so, so close to being able to finish it. It’s basically hems and lining at this point, for the most part. I still have many hours of work to go, but the majority of it has been accomplished and I am so excited to finish it! That, and starting my next major project will be December goals.

In the meantime, here’s what’s been going on around the sewing blogosphere…

If I’ve missed your posts or you would like to be included in my future Kibbe round up posts, please feel free to leave a link in the comments!

And, as with every month, I thought it might be fun to do my top picks of new patterns for each Kibbe type from this month’s releases. Aside from Kwik Sew’s lackluster release (here’s my full review: it’s so boring I didn’t even post about it), the only thing that came out this month were the December BurdaStyle Magazine and the Burda Easy Winter edition. So since I’ll only be picking patterns from these two magazines, I’ll just use the numbers in the descriptions below. Anything that numbers in the 100s is from the December 2019 BurdaStyle and anything with single digits is from the BurdaEasy winter 2019 issue. With that being said, here are my picks for November:


111, 1C, and 3B. I think all of these could be great looks for Dramatics. The short coat from BurdaStyle would be great for a more casual holiday look, whereas the longer coat has a lot more presence. I think the bold color also is in keeping with Dramatic styles. The knit top is a great option because of the very square/geometric neckline.

Soft Dramatic

2A, 110, and 1B. I really love the slightly oversized sweater on the left for Soft Dramatics; I think it would look great the same way Burda styled it here, with a sleek leather pencil skirt. The oversized robe jacket would be great for a holiday look, especially in some festive colors or perhaps a shiny fabric. The coat from Burda Easy has a nice shape for Soft Dramatic, but it would probably be a bit better if it was cut in a longer length like the pink one (view C). The waist tie would be a fantastic detail for Soft Dramatic though.

Flamboyant Natural

105, 126, and 104. I think the trousers have a very relaxed, Flamboyant Natural vibe, especially styled as Burda has shown here, with the elongated vest. The sweater also has that relaxed vibe, and I love the super textured fabrication for Flamboyant Natural. The Burda Plus top also has a relaxed fit, but could be really elegant for a more casual party event.


107, 106, and 127. I think all of these styles have the relaxed silhouette that Kibbe recommends for Naturals. These aren’t necessarily holiday/party styles, but I do think that they would be really versatile additions to a winter wardrobe.

Soft Natural

5C, 114, and 1B. I think these all have the soft draping, tapered fit, and slight waist emphasis that Kibbe recommends for Soft Naturals. I think Soft Naturals actually have a lot of options in these two magazines, possibly more than a lot of the other image IDs. What’s sort of great about this selection though, is that all together it’d make a pretty awesome outfit.

Dramatic Classic

125, 119, and 3A. I think all of these have the close fit, with a hint of added sharpness to make them work really well for Dramatic Classic. The Burda Plus dress would be stunning for a fancy holiday party, and the skirt and top would be amazing for casual family events.


117, 122, and 118. I had a bit of trouble finding thing that I thought would be especially good for Classics, but I think this dress would be really elegant (without the front slit) and the sweater top to the right is nicely fitted (but not too tight). I debated about the Burda Plus coat, but I think it actually has a nice amount of structure without being too sharp, and yet it is tailored enough to not be too voluminous. I think the back detail would actually have a bit of a retro feel on a Classic, which could be quite fun as well.

Soft Classic

117, 102, and 112. I think both dresses would suit a Soft Classic quite well, but I think the hoodie jacket might just be the winner for them. It is a great casual style, but it has enough shape and fit to avoid looking sloppy. I also think making it in the puffer fabric would add a touch of softness that would work well for Soft Classics.

Flamboyant Gamine

105, 111, and 1A. I think all of these would work well for Flamboyant Gamines. The trousers are just a bit cropped, but I think they look awesome in a crazy print, which is always so great for Flamboyant Gamines. The two coats have that oversized but cropped shape, which also work really well. I think the Burda Easy coat would be an especially nice option if you wanted to make something a bit more fancy.


113, 120, and 4C. I love all of these for Gamines! The slightly cropped, very fitted silhouettes would be fantastic! And they all have such great details, but in a good proportion for Gamines.

Soft Gamine

101, 112, and 5A. The ruffle detail on the blouse adds a bit of that animation that Gamines need, but still feels more yin. The fuzzy sweatshirt could be a way to add a fun piece to a winter wardrobe, and the Burda Easy trousers look great in that cropped style.

Theatrical Romantic

113, 121, and 125. This blazer is possibly one of the most versatile pieces from BurdaStyle this month. I think it’d look great on a lot of types (Gamine, Theatrical Romantic, and even Dramatic Classic, depending on the styling). The Vintage reprint dress would probably look stunning on anyone, but I think it would particularly suit Theatrical Romantic types. Finally, the Burda Plus dress would be a nice choice for Theatrical Romantics, and would likely be a great wardrobe staple. Fabric choice could really make it work in a more professional setting as well as a subdued cocktail dress.


105, 109, and 116. I feel like I really wanted to take this opportunity to remind us that Romantics don’t have to be “sexy” all the time. I think the lounge-wear in this issue have nice, subtle details that would work well for Romantics. I mean, yeah, maybe a robe is a robe and it works for everyone, but I really thought it might be one of the best choices for Romantic types this month. The coat maybe doesn’t have quite the delicate detail we would expect for a Romantic, but I would argue that if you wanted to make a super heavy-duty ready for real winter coat but also keep a Romantic silhouette, this wouldn’t be the worst option. I mean, sure. If it’s that cold we are all gonna be bundled up in something a bit more robust and a bit less stylish in all likelihood, but that doesn’t mean that this could be a decent option is your weather is one step below freezing to death upon taking to the outdoors.

And that’s it! If you’ve found any other great Kibbe related content to share or have any updates on your own Sew Your Kibbe challenges please feel free to drop a line in the comments!

14 thoughts on “Sew Your Kibbe Challenge – November Round Up

  1. Really love your choices for the Dramatics! Well all of them, really. Very interesting to see that lovely short coat from the December issue make it into two types, depending on color – one in grey and one in red. I think you did a very interesting post on color palettes and skin tones? I found that interesting. Mixing skin tones in paint makes me think of that – odd color choices can make super-nice skin tones, so I’d image that color choices in clothes can really bring out the stronger tones in each of us, no matter the skin color.

    I’m starting a “frosting” pattern (complete idiocy on my part, so little time and my sewing skills are moderate), but well. The cropped velvet jacket pattern from last month – is it a Dramatic style? I’ve never sewn velvet in my life. lol…

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    1. That sounds like a fun project! I feel like December is the month for sewing frosting… ☺️. Good luck! (Also, if you have a walking foot and/or don’t mind hand-basting I highly recommend using them with the velvet!)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ah thanks for the advice, will definitely remember that! 🙂 I actually like hand sewing/basting so that’s ok. My machine does have a walking foot, phewf. Will do a lot of testing. Got the fabric on that BF sale, otherwise it would not have been affordable. Would you have any advice on the right kind of interfacing to use? And does it go fabric/interfacing/batting/lining or rather fabric/batting/interfacing/lining (interf. first or batting first)? It does say at all in the pattern directions. Sorry for the questions…

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      2. I would do interfacing next to the fashion fabric to give it structure, and the batting/interlining between the lining and the interfacing. I always attach the interfacing to the fashion fabric and the interlining/warmth layer to the lining so I just have a really warm/cuddly lining but ultimately end up sewing like just an outside to an inside. Not sure which interfacing would be best; you might want to test with the fabric to see what looks good and works well for your needs. If you are hand tailoring I like hair canvas, but it might not be the best option if you want a softer structure.

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      3. I had a thought; you might consider underlining the fashion fabric with silk organza as well; it can add a bit of structure without being bulky, and it’s great for doing hems and such without stitches showing through. Just a thought!

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  2. Thanks for your kibbe update. I’ve really enjoyed your series this year. And absolutely Romantics do not need to do sexy! As a 56 yr old mother of 7 and grandmother I am not interested in competing with my 20something daughters. Gross! 😉

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  3. Hello! I’m literally fangirling right now so apologies if my comment doesn’t make sense. I came across your Sew your Kibbe article for Flamboyant Naturals a while ago, and while I don’t sew, your recommendations “clicked” and I literally recreated my whole wardrobe around the recommended forms and am now so comfortable in my skin that I actually enjoy clothes shopping now😃
    And imagine my excitement when I found that you are in the WordPress network! 😆
    I would like to thank you for your insightful articles and look forward to exploring more of the community on WordPress. Thank you!!😍

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