2019 Winter/Holiday MCall’s Patterns

The Winter/Holiday Collection from McCall’s has been released! It seems like a smaller collection than normal, but there are some nice patterns in this set. The numbering system is a bit interesting in that it jumps quite a bit, but the focus is definitely on patterns that will work well for the holiday and early winter season. There’s some good stuff, so let’s jump in and take a look:

M7994 – Learn to Sew. This dress is super cute, especially for a pretty basic pattern. I think the proportion of the ruffles is really nice, and I like the skirt and sleeve options. I don’t think I’ll need to add this to my personal stash (I have a lot of dress patterns with similar style and fitting lines), but if I didn’t already have a lot of similar options I would definitely be getting this.

M7995 – This sort of wide silhouette isn’t a favorite for myself, but I kind of want to give kudos to McCall’s for really going there with the fabric choices and styling. I think the version on the model might be a bit over the top, but in a self-aware sort of way? I think the other versions could be really cute and practical for more everyday sorts of looks. The sleeveless version especially would be great in spring and summer, or maybe layered under a jacket for fall? There are definitely some sewing bloggers who would look amazing in this dress, so even though it’s not for me, I still think it is a great addition to the line.

M7999 – I’m really trying to convince myself I do not need this pattern because I already have a lot of knit dress patterns but it’s really not working because I just got some amazing knit fabric that could be perfect for this… I really like the sleek silhouette, the side and back slit options, and the options for the turtleneck and sleeve variations. I definitely don’t need it, but I really want it.

M8005 – I think this skirt is another winner! I really like the use of panels to create the shape, because it is super sleek in the hips but also has a nice flair. I like the slightly raised waist (but not too high), And I’ve got some interesting thoughts about using the panels to play with fabric layouts. This skirt is another one that is similar to stuff in the stash, but I might get it anyway, because it really has a lot of features I like.

M8013 – Ok, so I think we all know I am sort of the champion of coat patterns… but this one just doesn’t really do it for me. I think the model photo looks awesome, but I’m just not that sold on the line drawing. I think this is one of those patterns that might be surprisingly popular and possible look amazing when everyone makes a version in stunning fabric, but for now I think I can give it a pass.

M8019 – Ok, so I’m usually not the biggest fan of 80s-inspired looks, but I have to admit I’m really digging this oversized zip up jacket/hoodie. I really like the version with the stripes, and I think the view with the hood could be super practical for winter, especially if you like to walk or run outside.

M8020 – Learn to Sew. I think this is another pattern that is a great addition to the Learn to Sew line. It’s really cute, but also super simple looking. I really don’t think I’ll need to add this to the stash, but McCall’s has done a great job with the model styling.

M8021 – I’m a bit less impressed with this dress pattern. Something about the proportion of the length, and the depth of the neckline, and the shallowness of the wrap has my brain screaming “wardrobe malfunction!” and I really can’t get past that. Of course, it is done with snap closures (per the website description), but I still wouldn’t trust it on me. I’d be curious to see if anyone else jumps on making this, but for me it’s a pass.

M8022 – Nancy Zieman. Love this! It’s a super cute hoodie dress, and I really like the way McCall’s has styled it for a casual day and/or exercise. It looks stylish but also relaxed and has really nice style lines. Also, gotta love some inseam pockets!

M8023 – Nicole Miller. I think the neckline of this dress is stunning. I really love the way the sharp lines contrast with the soft drape of the fabric. I’d really love to see how the instructions are for the internal boning and structure, which is clearly necessary to make this dress work. It’s the sort of dress pattern I really don’t need, but I kind of want as a matter of academic curiosity.

M8024 – I think this top pattern is cute, but I’m also pretty sure I’ve got several Burda patterns just like it.

M8025 – Ok, I know I have a lot of wrap top patterns, but I still really want to add this one to the list! I really like the way the gathering looks on the model, and I think the fit looks really nice. I also like the option for long and sort sleeves, though that would be easy enough to adjust without the pattern providing it. My only possible concern is the width and depth of the neckline – it looks very open! This one might require some tinkering, but I’d want to try it.

M8026 – This sort of blousey top really isn’t my thing, especially with all of the tiny ruffles. It’s just a bit much. And the super shiny fabric McCall’s has used really doesn’t help much… it seems almost like the photo is out of focus, making it really hard to appreciate any of the details. It’s a pass for me.

M8027 – I haven’t had a lot of luck with button front shirt patterns in the past, but I really like all of the details on this one. The length, the top stitching, the back lace-up detail, the roll-up sleeve options, and the curved hem are all things that seem like they could be really fun to play with. I really don’t need this pattern, but I really like it.

M8028 – I’ve been eyeing the jumpsuit patterns in my stash a lot lately, so I’m pretty comfortable in saying, I’ve already got patterns that I like better than this. I mean, as a jumpsuit pattern it’s fine… I’m not really that impressed with the cuffs on the legs, but I so like to pockets and the sleeve options. But, I’ve already got patterns I like more, so, I think this one is safely a pass for me.

M8029 – Ok, so I think everyone is aware that the final installment of the main Star Wars saga is coming out in December, and clearly the McCall’s company is embracing their inner Jedi with their Winter/Holiday releases. And I have to say, I’m all about it. I love this and I think I really, really need to make one (possible in conjunction with that Vogue shirt) to look really snazzy when it comes out. I really like a lot of things about this pattern. I like the hood and collar options, I like the drape of the front, I like the way the belt tie gathers the fabric… it just looks like a really rich square of fabric. Oh, and it looks super easy to sew, which is a bonus if I want to try to get it done by December.

And that’s it! Overall I think this is a great release from McCall’s. I think there are some really solid additions to the line, and I think there is a nice mix of simple options with the Learn to Sew patterns up to something far more complex with the Nicole Miller dress. I’m going to have to seriously consider which patterns I really need to add to my stash (of course, I need none of these, but I’m absolutely going to get some of them…). What do you all think? See anything that is going to be added to your winter sewing list? Or is this release full of a lot of things we’ve already seen, and a total pass? Do you have your winter/holiday sewing plans set yet? Feel free to discuss it all in the comments!

10 thoughts on “2019 Winter/Holiday MCall’s Patterns

  1. I didn’t think I needed too many of these until I read your post. LOL

    OK, I like the 80’s inspired 8019 jacket also, but I’m pretty sure I have similar patterns in my stash still from the 1980s. So I can safely skip this one while trying to figure out a way to incorporate those stripes. Love their fabric choice.

    The Zieman 8022 hoodie dress is on my list for sure. I’m probably too old and short to wear it, but I love it and will make it and wear it anyway. As a tunic, not a dress. Love the pockets!

    8029 – the hooded poncho-ruana? I didn’t think I needed that, but you connected it to Star Wars and now I must buy it also. LOL These are good cover-ups for my varied weather.

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  2. Love the Star Wars ruana, hoodie dress and the skirt . I made skirt with similarwaist and lines years ago and wore it out. Love the bow on it.

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  3. This is such an odd mix of fabulous and frumpy for me. I think the frump is mainly in the fabric choice and there are some good patterns in there crying to get out. And I love the OTTness of 8023 and 7955. Unlike you I like the coat…I’m still looking for the right winter coat pattern and there aren’t many long ones with furry collars out there.

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  4. I would have overlooked the wrap until you mentioned Star Wars. I love it and the Vogue shirt. Might have to copy you with one or both. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

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  5. The oversized hoodie with the stripes is in the basket waiting for a sale, and I’m trying to convince myself not to get the button up shirt with all those details. I really like it. And now that you mention it, the Jedi jacket is kinda cool… Thanks for posting! I never would have looked otherwise.

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  6. I love 8029 even without the Star Wars reference. It looks like a chicer alternative to a cardigan(I also love the Vogue blouse). I am not a ruffle fun, but I do like 8026. I did not realize it had all those ruffles until you pointed them out. I like the design lines and the slightly loose fit. I even like the sleeve hem ruffles.. And the Nancy Zieman design will look great with leggings when I meet up with friends Saturday morning for coffee.

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