Winter/Holiday 2019 Simplicity Patterns

The latest looks from Simplicity are here! While I don’t think this is the most exciting release, there are a few things worth looking at, so let’s jump in:

S9010 – Part of me really likes this dress, and part of me thinks it’s pretty typical of what weave been seeing, and somewhat boring by this point in the year. I think this is definitely one of those patterns that could really come alive in the right fabric though. It would be stunning in sequins, and would look really rich in a nice draping satin or jacquard. I feel like I don’t really need this pattern, but I am tempted to see what similar styles I have in the stash!

S9011 – This dress is pretty plain. The selling point is definitely that leash-to-sew” tag; it definitely looks like a quick project! I do think Simplicity has styled it well, and the sleeve variations are nice, but overall it’s a bit too simple to be of interest for stash acquisition.

S9012 – Cynthia Rowley. This dress/top pattern looks like it could be quite cute, though it isn’t my particular aesthetic. I can imagine it on some of the other sewing bloggers, and I think it could be quite nice though. I like the way the sleeve ruffles are echoed on the collar detail and in how the silhouette of the dress is as a whole.

S9013 – Cynthia Rowley. This is another pattern where I think the dress is quite cute, but also that I have many similar patterns already. I think if you are looking for this style of dress, this one has some nice features, with the neck slit, not too puffy sleeves, and not too ruffly hem ruffle. Truly, this might be like the best hem ruffle of all time because it’s really more of a suggestion than an actual ruffle.

S9014 – This is another design that I’m sort of torn on. On the one hand, it looks like a super cozy sweater dress, but on the other hand it’s a pretty basic looking pattern. I think the thing that’s killing it for me is the sleeve hems; they just look so oversized and sloppy. Maybe something like a cuff could really help make the whole thing feel a bit less relaxed?

S9015 – Ok, so, I think we all know I love a teal coat. So this pattern obviously caught my eye when I was first scrolling through everything. I do like the large collar and the split hem, but I don’t think this is necessarily a coat pattern I need to add to my collection. There have been some really stunning coat patterns released this year, and I’m honestly a bit less intrigued by this pattern than I have been by so many of the other newer designs. I still think I need to add a teal coat to my wardrobe though.

S9016 – I do really like this skirt! I’m a bit obsessed with all the twisty waistbands we’ve seen lately, and I really like the asymmetric hem. The drape is really pretty, and I think the longer version would look great for evening events or holiday parties, whereas the shorter versions would look amazing with fall boots and a warm sweater.

S9017 – I’m a bit torn on this pattern as well. On the one hand, the sweater top has a really cool asymmetric collar that I’m sort of obsessed with. On the other hand, I’m not sure how I feel about the overall silhouette, and I’m really unimpressed with the trousers and skirt. It’s a maybe for me.

S9018 – I think this pattern is a surprising winner for this release! I think the way Simplicity has styled the poncho top over the dress is really cool, and I think this sort of fitted maxi has a nice silhouette and shape. I also really like the look of the top – it’s a great fitted turtleneck, and a nice contrast to the oversized, boxy sweaters that have been so popular lately.

S9019 – This pattern has some decent options if you are looking to make lazy pjs. I do like the roll neck on the top, and the pants have pockets! All pj pants really need to have pockets.

S9020 – I think this pattern could work better in a drapier fabric. As photographed, it’s a bit stiff and awkward looking, but I think it looks like it could be a really versatile and comprehensive sleepwear pattern. The sleeve/sleeveless and pants/shorts option work well for many weather variations, plus you get a face mask pattern and a scrunchie!

S9021 – This bathrobe pattern looks really polished. The raglan sleeves, cuffs, and notched collar are all really great details, as are the belt carrier loops. It looks like this could be a fair amount of work for a bathrobe, but it might be worth it for the super distinguished looking payoff.

S9022 – Or, you know, you could go the complete opposite direction and make a Harry Potter bathrobe! Which, I mean, clearly is the better of these two choices. Clearly. Also, I’m not sure if I made this entirely apparent, but I need this pattern! Need it! Also, friends and family shouldn’t be surprised if this ends up being their holiday gift because I legit need everyone wearing this around the house like we are all a bunch of Hogwarts students.

S9023 – There are a lot of kids patterns in this release. This one has some nice details like raglan sleeves (which have got to be a lot easier to sew than tiny set-in sleeves) and a cool dinosaur appliqué!

S9024 – It seems like the trend with kids clothes is to find some way to add a fun detail or personalization. I’m not too excited by the dress, but I do think the pocket details are pretty adorable.

S9025 – More cute pocket patches! The leggings look really practical. The button back top… maybe a bit less so. But then I’ve not yet had to dress a wriggling child, so what do I know?

S9026 – The dress is ok, but the penguin is pretty adorable. I can’t tell if that is actually a pocket or just a fun way to play with a sea line, but I do think that all of these appliqué features are making for some really cute design details.

S9027 – Not sure how practical a kids fur coat would be, but I think it could be really fun, especially with some of the wild fur fabrics that are available at the moment.

S9028 – This kids hoodie pattern looks super practical. I love the pocket options, especially the zipper sleeve pocket, which is a really fun detail!

S9029 – Ok, I’m not normally much of a bag person when it comes to sewing, it I actually really like these. I know they are super simple, but I think they would be great to use as part of an embroidery project, and the size looks really practical for carry around an iPad. I really like the strap options too!

S9030 – Ok, the hats all look like they might be better suited to summer weather, but I do like the ear warmer. The embroidery is a super fun detail, and an easy way to customize this project. I don’t know if it’d be worth getting this pattern for just the ear warmer, but if I lived in a colder climate I’d certainly consider it.

S9031 – Scarf options. I think the styling might be throwing me off a bit… Everything looks super cheap on the dress forms, and it’s a bit hard to envision how else they might look based on the line drawings. Some potential for cuteness, but fabric choice will be key.

S9032 – Nice to see they are including boy/unisex doll clothes options!

S9033 – Ok, but where is the adult teddy bear onesie?

S9034 – This pattern provides a surprisingly versatile wardrobe with a great athleisure feel.

S9035 – The Santa dog suit might be a bit much, but I think this puffer dog coat actually looks super practical.

S9036 – Hedwig is not amused. You have to admit, these pillows are pretty adorable though.

S9037 – Are these pads for babies? I’m so not versed in practical crafting knowledge these days…

S9038 – I think the advent tree for pet treats is pretty cute, and the pet stockings are pretty adorable!

S9039 – People holiday crafts, for some reason, are slightly less so… I mean, it’s fine if you find yourself needing to make holiday crafts, but it’s not overly exciting.

And that’s it! Overall I think this release is a bit on the less than exciting side. There are a few things that I think have potential, but in general it all feels like a collection of the less exciting versions of things that are already on the market. I’m sure the large number of kids and crafts patterns aren’t really helping my impressions of this release either, but overall my general impression is “meh.” What do you all think? Are there patterns here that pique your interest? Or are you also thinking that this release (aside from the Harry Potter bathrobe patter) is largely a bust? Discuss it all in the comments!

14 thoughts on “Winter/Holiday 2019 Simplicity Patterns

  1. All hideous. Pyjamas, dorm duds, baggy boho stuff and maternity dresses. Simplicity’s drab Winter collection is even worse than tacky, old-fashioned Vogue’s. Where are the Holiday glitz and glamour and the lush seasonal fabrics?!


  2. I think I’m beginning to see how McCalls is going to market the different pattern brands now that they own them all. This collection looks like it’s for a beginning skill level , noting too intricate. Basic designs that are good to learn with, quick satisfaction projects. I think I saw a comment on a previous collection that mentioned an indie vibe. I can’t see buying anything this time. My pattern stash is pretty well stocked so I’m super picky now as space in my sewing room is at a premium.

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  3. I like the teal coat but I have a very similar pattern from Vogue a few years ago. The drapey skirt and the wardrobe pattern are also nice. The rest is a bit meh. I think the baby pads are meant to be comfort objects! In fact the children’s patterns in this aren’t bad at all.

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  4. The teal coat is nice actually and doesn’t look too hard for someone like myself. But the dog puffer coat is really the only one I might consider getting. I would have passed that by without the review, thanks! 😃

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  5. Agree with the majority of comments that this is a boring, ugly collection. The only stand out to me is the asymmetrical skirt. I also like the tween / teen sized hoodie simply because I sew for a growing granddaughter and she’s about to size out of the kids range. If you are brand new to sewing, the pajamas and robe patterns are worth buying just to start your stash.

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  6. I actually like a couple of these. Not sure if I NEED them, but that has never stopped me from buying patterns.
    I like my clothes to fit loosely, so I like 9014, but it might even be too loose for me. I also like 9018 which is a closer fitting pattern, but all the sizes in one envelope. I also like 9019 because you can never have too many cozy/lazy pjs with pocketed pants. Nuff said. The dog coat I will buy. Not because my dog needs a coat really down here in the hot southwest USA, but she’s a chihuahua and they do get cold plus I have other dogs in cooler climates that I can sew for. I WANT the Harry Potter robes, but nobody in my world wears robes. Except me and I don’t need another robe pattern.

    My thought is that Simplicity is looking a whole lot like New Look these days. Is it possible the two brands are going to be merged into one? The envelopes are starting to look similar. Simplicity is offering a lot more of their patterns with all sizes in one envelope ala New Look. And the envelopes are containing options very similar to the number of options in New Look. Just an observation.

    Regarding raglan sleeves for kids. I hate them. I’m not a fan of raglan sleeves for any age (especially for myself), but I find it more difficult to fit a raglan sleeve pattern for a child than a set-in sleeve. Set-in sleeves are not too difficult to sew in. You can sew them in flat or sew them “inside.”

    Love your “new pattern summary” as always! Thanks for doing them.

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  7. I have a friend whose a Harry Potter fanatic. She makes stuff to sell. Her son had cancer last year and sometimes I’ll pick up the latest Harry stuff for her. I definitely want the pillows. A couple of my boys would love them. The hoody would be good for my 13 yr old and I like the asymmetric skirt. Most of it is really meh. I used to love Simplicity. I miss the designers…bring back Andrea Shewe!

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  8. Ugh, I am not very impressed, although I do like that maxi skirt.

    What you call “pads for babies” are snuggly soft toys – they are like halfway between a comfort blanket and a teddy. My kids loved sucking on those knotted corners that are the arms/legs.

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  9. I love reading others’ impressions of pattern releases because while I didn’t see much potential at all when I looked for myself, reading your thoughts brought to light a few that I will purchase! I really love the more fitted turtleneck and I didn’t even notice that one before. And the pajama pattern with the kangaroo pocket top — I’ll buy that to make as a regular top to wear! And for sure, the Harry Potter robe is a no brainer, I want to make that for my daughter for Christmas.

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