BurdaStyle Magazine November 2019

The announcement for the November BurdaStyle Magazine has been posted on the German site, and I am so excited! You guys, it’s sooooo good! I feel like it’s been a while since we’ve had such a great issue. I mean, on the whole I think 2019 has been pretty good, but this might be one of those really special issues that we will all turn back to for inspiration and design for years to come.

It’s heading into winter, so we get lots of yummy coats and jackets:

I love this! It looks cozy, and warm, but also has this kind of cool nonchalance with the button collar detail. Plus, Burda’s fabrication is definitely gorgeous! This design is totally winning me over here.

This looks like a pretty basic cardigan/coat topper piece, but, since I’ve been living in chunky cardigan sweaters this past week I can’t say that it’s really a bad thing. I do like how the sleeve cuffs narrow a bit – it gives lots of room for clothes under the coat/jacket, but still has a narrow cuff to keep out the wind and chill.

This looks like it could be a really stylish jacket to add to a late fall/early winter wardrobe. I really love the way Burda has styled these, especially the red version. It’s a really interesting shape with the tighter collar and neckline and a more relaxed fit elsewhere.

This jacket looks so cool! I love the way Burda has used color blocking to emphasize the design lines. Also, this model is amazing. Like, she totally makes me love everything in the black and grey themed photoshoot. All of her photos are stunning! We should all be so lucky to look as vibrant and excited, like, all the time.

I love this jacket too! The seamlines are fantastic, and I think it looks amazing in the leather fabrication that Burda has gone with here. I also really love the raglan sleeves and tiny hint of a collar in this design.

I’m usually not too excited about the giant cocoon coats that Burda often has, bit for some reason I’m really excited by the giant puffy coats in this issue. I really like the collar feature, the long coat looks super warm, and, like I said, that one model has completely convinced me that she is the coolest person ever and I therefore clearly need to steal her entire wardrobe to mimic that level of awesome. I mean, clearly.

This cat is so cute! I’m betting that this is going to be a vintage reprint design (I mean, when was the last time we saw a sleeve gusset on a modern coat pattern?), but I think it still looks great for modern day. I especially love the way Burda styled it in the photos – it has a hint of vintage, but mostly just looks very chic.

Strictly speaking this isn’t really a jacket, but I think this hoodie comes off more as outerwear than as a t-shirt top? Maybe I’m wrong… Anyway, I do like the double lined good, the curved hem, and the zip sleeve cuff detail also adds an extra touch of sophistication that isn’t usually seen in a basic hoodie sweater. Also, yeah LA!

There aren’t many dresses this month, but the ones we do get are pretty great:

Love this! There are so many great seam lines that could be used to really customize the fit. Plus, the really classic silhouette would look great on a lot of people. I really love how Burda styled it two ways – both are great looks and are really inspiring in how they showcase the pattern in different fabrications.

I think this is a designer dress that we are getting this issue, and it is stunning. Since we don’t have the swoon-worthy holiday party dresses in this issue I’m betting they will show up in December (and it’s been about 10 years, so I’m also going to go on a limb and predict they are going to be part of an all red feature photoshoot). However, with this dress I think you’ll be covered if you need something fancy sooner than that. The model photo wasn’t available on the Burda site, but it was in the preview of the back of the October issue, and it looks amazing. I’m so excited!

I also really like the variety of tops we get in this issue:

This is so cute! I love the mix of fabrics and the way it looks like a sweater over a flowier top. It could be a nice way of making it feel like fall without being too layered if you live in a warmer climate like I do. Plus it could be a fun way to play with texture and print like Burda has done here. And, as a side note, I love this color – if I could I’d steal this top right off the model!

I can’t say I really love either of these tops, but I do appreciate the way Burda has adjusted the sleeves and the flounce detail to get two very different looks. I really like the fabrication of both of these, though I’m not the biggest fan of the long flounce on the black top… maybe my opinion would be different if model had her arms down? I do like the long, narrow slit detail in the front of the top; it adds a touch of interest without being too open or bare.

Yes, there are a lot of wrap tops out there, but I really like this one! The shape of the sleeves and the side gather detail are nice touches. It’s possible the neck opening could be a bit low though, judging from the look on the model.

Another cute wrap top variation. I like how this one has a sort of peplum feel with a really defined waistline.

This top is all about the back detail! That is certainly a fun way to make an exit. Plus, I think this top would work equally well with jeans or a long dramatic skirt, making is super versatile in a wardrobe. I also love the wider neckline. This one is definitely going on the list.

I’m sort of obsessed with this button up blouse! I think the use of sheer material as a sleeve detail is genius, and I feel like I need one. It’s so cool! The color blocking could be a fun way to use up leftover fabric scraps as well, especially if you have a lot that are a good shirt weight. I also really like the curved hem and shoulder seaming details. It’s so good!

Most of the bottoms this month are skirts, but I think we get a nice variety of styles:

This mini skirt is so cute! I love the ring detail at the waistband, and the slant pockets! I’m not sure I’ve ever been a fan of mini skirts, but I do love the way Burda has styled the green one in particular, with the opaque tights.

I really love this skirt! It has a nice length, and strikes a good balance between being flowy, but not too voluminous. I also really love the waistband twist-tie detail. I don’t make or wear a lot of skirts, but I’d totally consider making this one.

I really love this pencil skirt too! It’s clearly a lengthened version of the pencil skirt from above, but I really like the lace hem detail. It’s so pretty! And the styling of it is absolutely chic.

These trousers are pretty par for the course with what we’ve been getting lately (slightly cropped, tapered at the hem), but I like them. I think the drawstring waist makes them inherently more casual, but I like the way that can be used to give a slightly cooler, less stuffy vibe to a fancy shirt with the black version.

I think the Burda Plus section is also quite good this month:

It’s been a while since we’ve had color blocked dresses as the main event, but I’m ok if they come back around. I really like the shapes on this dress, and I love the colors that Burda is using. I might have to grade this one down a bit…

Love this jacket! It’s a pretty standard windbreaker design, but I really like that is has the gathered hem, the pockets, and the hood. Plus, that fabric is so cool! This is another piece I’d totally steal off the model if I had the chance.

I’m a bit less impressed with this coat version. Maybe it’s the color that’s just throwing me off a bit? I think it could look cooler with maybe some color blocking or pipping details, or maybe in a print? I think too that the camera angle is maybe making it looks a bit more blah than it really is? I don’t know…. The more I look the more I’m coming around. Maybe it really is just the color…

Love this skirt! The color blocking detail is really great, and creates some cool visual interest. The vibrant blue color is also one of my favorites, so that might be helping a bit, but I could see this looking really great in a variety of fabrications, or even monochromatic with different textures, like in a black wool mixed with a black leather.

This shirt is… ok. I like the view from the front, but I’m not as excited by the view from the back. Maybe it would look better in a different fabric choice?

I think this sweater top is pretty cool. It has a nice sporty vibe, and I like the piping detail on the sleeves.

The kids section is actually pretty great this month as well:

The little jackets are so cute! And I think the legging pants would probably be super comfortable and practical for kids. The top/dress thing is ok? It’s not that exciting, but it at least looks comfortable.

We get so much good stuff this month! I am so excited about everything, it was so hard to pick the top pattern. But I think I’m going to have to give the Best of BS for November 2019 to:

The cool bouclé jacket! The unique collar detail pushes it over the top – it’s such a fun design, and it looks so cozy for fall as well.

The BWTF award was similarly hard to pick because there weren’t any real disastrous patterns this month, but in the end I’ve given it to:

The crazy print pleat back top! To be fair, I don’t think this pattern is terrible. I just think that the fabrication, styling, and pose aren’t really doing the model any favors here. I mean, on the one hand I totally get that this photo is about showing us the detail on the top, but, on the other hand, she is gorgeous and looks like she is wearing a tent. The solid version of the top looked so much better on her…

And that’s it! I think I’ve made it pretty clear thus far, but I’m really excited about this issue! I’m already mentally scouring the stash for fabrics I can use for a lot of these patterns. There’s so much I want to make! I usually find a few things in each issue that I really want to have, but, honestly, if I could order most of the things in this issue as pre-made clothes, I totally would. It’s all just so good! Of course, you are totally welcome to disagree with me. Am I a little too obsessed? Do I need to calm down? Do you already have way too many of these types of patterns in your stash? Or are you just as crazy obsessed excited as I am? Feel free to discuss it all in the comments!

23 thoughts on “BurdaStyle Magazine November 2019

  1. As always, love your summary. I agree with you that this is a really good issue. There is more to like than dislike. Even the kid stuff is pretty good. I would purchase this issue if I can find it locally.

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  2. Did you see that Burda was going to sell in Joanne’s and Barnes and Noble? I’ve checked my Joanne’s last week , no luck but now that I have seen this issue, I will be a bit more deliberate in chasing it down. The coats are all great. The tops are good. The plus size stuff is just meh this time. The leather coat and the short dress really caught my eye. I could see them working together for my wardrobe.

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    1. Anyone know how much these magazines will cost?

      Also, burdastyle.com is undergoing changes. There is a message on the website that if you don’t download your data (includes purchased patterns) by October 20, 2019, you will lose access to them. It was only by chance I visited the site this week and saw the message. There are going to be a lot of unhappy people who miss the message.


      1. I’m one of those unhappy people! I tried to login yesterday and found out about the change. I’m glad you saw it on time.


  3. Really enjoy your roundups! There are definitely several patterns that are standing out to me including the boucle coat, leather jacket, vintage coat, the longer skirt, and wrap tops. I have to say though when I saw the yellow coat all I could think was baby bunting-ha!

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  4. I am in love with the orange plus size coat! It’s the perfect athleisure feel, good length not ending mid thigh that looks awful. I am debating whether to grade it down or gaining weight or wait for a similar one in another issue. Overall, it is a nice issue but I’m on the fence about almost every pattern “it’s lovely BUT I need to change this or that”.

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  5. You are so right! This issue has so many good and interesting patterns! At least something exciting to look forward in November… Thanks for the great review!

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  6. I’m already waiting for this issue to appear to see the pattern pieces for that top with the bow/sash/tieback detail in the back. Envisioning I’d I can hack it so that the ends going down the back would be made in a sequin fabric… Because who doesn’t like a little sequin drama 😂.

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  7. Love both the cocoon coats and the vintage coat. The back tie top would look so elegant with a formal skirt for a wedding. Love the older model though I will never look like her.

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  8. Thank you for your review. I’m nodding in agreement 99% of the time. I am in a tough place though, I have been a BurdaStyle customer for many many years but I don’t like the way they handled the website change and their customer service, so I’m not sure if I want to remain a customer anymore. I can recreate all their patterns myself, but it was easier to have it ready to trace or download. Let’s see how they’ll handle all the unhappy customers.


    1. I can understand that perspective, though I’m not sure I entirely feel the same? It’s strange because I always considered the US site so separate from the rest of the Burda franchise… it was always so different from the other sites and never really acknowledged the magazine or any of the other Burda properties aside from the PDF patterns. I’m not saying it is necessarily right in how I think many customers feel treated right now (did they even send an email notification to anyone?), but I can’t say I feel the same way about totally canceling the brand, but I can understand why someone would be feeling that way at the moment.


  9. The new burda site is an awful change from what they had. It is not at all easy to search for patterns, no link to find out a particular month’s magazine collection at one place and biggest peeve of all, the pattern description does not say fabric yardage anymore. We home sewers generally buy fabric first and then try to fit patterns to it. In the absence of know how of approximate yardage needed, I just dont have any clue as how to select the pattern anymore. Earlier Burda site was a true candy-shop. The revamped version seems to have transported us back to 90’s when people running websites were just experimenting and did not truly khow what to put there.
    It seems people like me from the other side of the world would have to say good bye.

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  10. Finally got my magazine. You’re right, this is an amazing issue. I thought I’d finally picked a winter coat pattern after a year of dithering, and then this came along and I want both the black velvet puffer coat and the jacket you picked as the best of the month. And the model in the ‘black is beautiful’ story is inspirational. I will admit I felt very smug when my toddler pointed to her and said ‘picture of mummy’ but it’s just the short hair 🙂

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  11. This is a good issue and I especially love the Best of BS Jacket, particularly the fabric used, it’s beautiful. Does anyone who has got the magazine happen to know where the fabric is from .. it must be expensive and I love it. The Plus size shorter jacket is great, however does the orange longer coat version make anyone else think “Marie, from Everybody Loves Raymond”? I could see her floating around the house in a fleece version of this. And a resounding Yes to the older model :):).

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