Winter/Holiday 2019 Vogue Patterns

The Winter/Holiday patterns from Vogue have been announced, and they look good. There is a wide variety of styles and silhouettes in this release, so I think there will be something for everyone. There’s plenty to see, so let’s take a look:

V1651 – This dress feels a bit like a 60s throwback. I can’t say it’s my favorite design in the release, but I do think that people who tend to like this style of dress will probably appreciate the cut and wide collar detail.

V1652 – I feel like this is very similar to the previous design, except that this feels like it is intended for softer/flowier fabric and the previous style is more about structure. I think the scarf-collar and button shoulder are nice details.

V1653 – This to me feels a bit like Vogue is trying to re-create the magic they had with the V9253 pattern that everyone went wild for a few years back. I still can’t fathom wearing such a plunging neck, especially with winds being what they are in the winter. I do like the raglan sleeves, the collar detail, and the relaxed fit. The various skirt options are also a nice touch.

V1654 – Custom Fit. I think this is the sort of pattern I probably would have bought before my year of Kibbe… I think the red dress is very eye catching and I do like the structure of the bodice. However, now, I realize that while I like this dress, it isn’t something I’d want to wear. Like, at all. I mean, it’s pretty, but there are so many other pretty dress options out there. I think the shorter version is really cute, but, again, not something I need in the stash.

V1655 – Bellville Sassoon. Now this dress provides a bit more of a conundrum. I mean, clearly it is stunning. Do I have several dress patterns that are quite similar? Yes. But do I feel an overwhelming need to get this pattern despite a decided lack of parties to wear it to anyway? Obviously. I love the way the neckline drapes, and the way the gathers add softness and structure in this design.

V1656 – Badgley Mischka. Ok, if I loved the previous design, then this one has left me looking like the slack-jawed drooling emoji… This gown is gorgeous! I love the draping in the back, and the subtle embellishment at the hip; it has an elegant simplicity, but also a surprising amount of intricate detail. I really don’t have anywhere to wear this, but I really need it in my stash anyway.

V1657 – This is a dress pattern I feel like I should be obsessing over, but I actually think it might be a pass for me. The twisty top design isn’t totally new, and something about the wide sleeves throws off the proportion for me. I do think this pattern is great for showcasing shiny/fancy fabrics because it does show off the drape of a fabric, but the entire look (with the sleeves as-is) might be overwhelming on a lot of people.

V1658 – Even though this is similar to be previous pattern I love it so much more! Of course I saw the sequin top and had a bit of a squee moment, but then I realized I could make a plain version and feel like I was dressing as a stylish Jedi at work, and I realized I need this in my life. I love the drape, the asymmetric hem, the shaping in the back… Love it!

V1659 – Claire Schaeffer’s Custom Couture Collection. I’m not sure how i feel about the overall shape of this shirt, but it is a Claire Schaeffer design, and her patterns are renowned for their instructions. There are also a lot of details in this pattern – possibly a bit too much for one top, but also possibly a great pattern to test yourself and learn new skills.

V1660 – Marcy Tilton. I love how this pattern could be an amazing mash up of crazy wild fabrics, but can also look pretty tame, as styled. The buttons on the back hem are a surprising detail to mirror the front collar. I like really like the drape and the way the seams create visually pleasing diagonal lines.

V1661 – Umm, yes. Just yes. Long time blog readers may recall my first attempt at re-creating the Librarian’s costume from The Magician’s, and I think I just found the way to level up my next version. I just want to put on these pants and swoosh around in them. Swoosh!

V1662 – Today’s Fit by Sandra Betzina. On the one hand, I really like the look of these cropped trousers. On the other hand, I feel like I’ve already made these with a similar Burda pattern from a few years ago, but I still like them. I’d probably make the Burda pattern again if I wanted a second version (I love the fit of the Burda pattern), but I will admit the front pockets might be slightly cooler in this version.

V1663 – Kathryn Brenne. The top and legging/trousers are pretty unremarkable, but look at the back of that jacket! It is such a cool detail! I’m not sure if the pattern is worth getting just for that, but, it might be…

V1664 – Today’s Fit by Sandra Betzina. Ok, so on the one hand I feel like this jumpsuit is pretty basic and there’s not much here to comment on. On the other hand, I think Vogue did a perfect job of styling this to convince me exactly why I need this for every holiday party and/or every regular old fall day in the next few months. Vogue is really into the sparkles with this release and, I must admit, so am I.

V1665 – Tom and Linda Platt. The skirt is a pretty basic pattern, but I am very interested in the princess seam pants and I need that top! I love the drape and I have a think for asymmetric styles, apparently.

V1666 – Guy Laroche. This outfit looks a bit stiff in the photo, but it’s also a bit difficult to pick out the details with the black on black design. It’s a bit of a pass for me, but perhaps I’m missing something….

V1667 – Custom Fit. The giant sleeves are a bit…. much. But I do think they are sort of fun to have a real fashion moment if you want one. Otherwise, the more classic blazer has some really nice seamlines for shaping, and some really sharp details.

V1668 – Koos van den Akker. I feel like this jacket seems sort of basic, but then I also feel like the intense detail of Koos van den Akker patterns is always underestimated until someone blogs about the intricacies of sewing them. This is a pattern I’d really love to see in person to gauge what exactly is going on…

V1669 – Vintage Vogue, circa 1949. Stunning! I love when Vogue brings out a vintage pattern, because there are always so many lovely period-appropriate details, but I especially love this coat! The drape of the back is my favorite part – it looks so pretty on the envelope drawing.

V1670 – Ron Collins. I do like the slim fit of this shirt, but it definitely reads a bit more cowboy/western than I’d typically go for (or, rather, have a need to sew for). It does have some really interesting yoke detail though, so if you are into that slightly western styling it could be an interesting pattern.

And that’s it! Overall I think there are a lot of patterns I have to have, a lot of patterns I am considering that I’d like to have, and a lot of patterns that are a personal pass. However, I think this collection really does have such a range of styles that it could be intriguing to a wide range of tastes. There is also a really great mix of styles for fancy events and everyday, whereas I feel in the past that, especially for Winter/Holiday, Vogue has had a tendency to give us a bunch of party dresses pretty exclusively. I do find it a bit curious though that there is only one pattern from each designer in this release, with the exception of Sandra Betzina. Typically Vogue will give us two per designer, though I can’t say that this new release surprises me that much. It was clear there were changes coming when the designer and regular Vogue patterns started coming in the same envelopes and having the same pattern numbering. Overall I think it could be a good thing though. I’d rather have fewer, better patterns, than more patterns that don’t feel unique or special. But what do you all think? Is this a solid winter collection from Vogue? Or does this leave you less than excited to jump into winter/holiday sewing? Do you think the fewer designer patterns is an issue? Or did you barely notice the shift? What do you think about everything coming in a big envelope? Does it make you feel fancy or are you annoyed with pattern storage? Feel free to discuss it all in the comments!

18 thoughts on “Winter/Holiday 2019 Vogue Patterns

  1. I just looked at these new patterns and what struck first was the reduction in volume – a much slimmer fit but not skinny – yeah! Also while the overall number of patterns is less there seem to be more duplicates if you made some minor alterations. You are right about the sleeves – way too much volume or fuss for us shorties. I do like 1658 especially as I need that waist shaping – may need to narrow that band though. I do want to try 1662 by Sandra Betzina – I am looking for softer, 40ish style pants, but not baggy or sloppy. Claire Schaefer’s 1659 looks great but I would switch out the pleated bottom for one with more flair or circular, a softer rather than angular look for me. Love 1661 those pleated pants with swoosh but forsee problems negotiating the grocery store with a cart in them. Just not my life style – I am being realistic for the moment! But then I am off to buy a pair of sparkly socks – I can wear them any where any time! Thanks for the review Dr. T.

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  2. I love the jacket details by Kathryn Brenne. I am puzzled by the fabric recommendation, fleece and boiled wool, the designer sample is probably ponte?? I am also not sure about the robe vibe at the front. I would love to see other fabrications in this. I do like 1658, but I am not sure about the middle sash, on the models it looks like it adds bulk and that is not a good sign! Thanks for the review!

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  3. V1659 I love it! A shirt with a dressiness but I would never wear it.

    But the men shirt style I will show my husband and hope that he approves, LOVE the details and the topstitching. I don’t think it would love cowboy in a nice shirting fabric, only beautiful and unique. Perhaps something flannel in grey and white topstitching..

    If the vintage pattern have updated and good instructions I would love to buy it to inspect the construction and maybe even sew another impractical garment

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  4. Not a thing in this collection that I would personally wear (except the Ron Collins shirt, but I already have so many shirt patterns). I do like that red dress, but come on, it’s Winter, so much exposed neck and shoulder. I also don’t have the shoulders to wear that but it’s a good candidate for the “imaginary” wardrobe . Agree on the chevron stripe dress. It would make a nice coverup for a bathing suit to go too and from the car when going to the pool. I’m being snarky. Vogue produces patterns for a more urban polished lifestyle, something very foreign to where I live.

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  5. The Badgley Mischka dress is lovely, but of course I have no need for such a dress. I also like the Claire Schaeffer but realize that I will never actually make it. Plus it looks more like a jacket than a blouse to me. I don’t think I need all that action in a blouse. Then I saw the Kathryn Brenne jacket and thought it might be the one pattern I would purchase until I saw the fabric recommendations and of course it is unlined. None of the other patterns fit my lifestyle, so this collection is a big miss for me. No huge loss given the quantity of patterns that I currently own. I must say that I am revisiting some of the vintage patterns I own. They are starting to look pretty good. Or am I just getting older? hmmm 😉

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  6. That top/jacket 1658 and the vintage coat are winners in my book. I feel like the Sandra Betzina pants are ripping off McCall’s 7726. And the Claire Shaeffer shirt reminds me of the Oki Style “Joker” shirt I made (but without the asymmetry).

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  7. Absolutely love the lines in the Badgely Mischka dress! Also love the pleated back Brenne jacket.

    I feel like all the Marcy Tilton patterns are the same – wide necked long tshirt with flared hem. Each new pattern is yet another variation on how to slash and colour block. I’m curious to know how many patterns will be published that are effectively the same thing.

    I love the vintage coat, but will never make one. It rarely gets cold enough (for a long enough period) to justify more than one coat here. I love the trousers in 1661 and 1662. Sadly, bagged/pleated high waists don’t work on short waisted me. I will just smile at the screen.

    Now that you’ve put the idea in my I can only see Jedi’s in 1658. This could be the pattern I actually buy!

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  8. Gone are the days when I would rush to order a handful of new season Vogue patterns. Somehow they just don’t chime with me anymore and like Linda C I am using more of my vintage Vogue Designer collection.
    The Claire Shaeffer shirt appeals but reminds me of a Burda shirt I made featuring crisp pleats down the back which looked super until I got out of my car and caught sight of my rumpled reflection. Pleats like this do not appreciate being squashed up in a car seat under a safety belt!

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  9. Love love love this release. I had exactly the same thought as you about the similarities between the pleated cropped trousers and the Burda pattern, but I want them anyway. And the swishy pleated trousers, and half the dresses too. I also really like the Guy Laroche suit. Yes it’s big and bulky but I am hoping I could get away with it at work. Right now I’m trying to talk myself out of the Badgley Mischka dress; it’s beautiful but I’d never wear it.

    Vogue has really stepped it up lately.

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    1. That is an amazing idea. I sort of liked the back but thought the front was too boring, but as a robe (or maybe even a car length coat)… hm you’ve given me something to think about. 🙂

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  10. There are some really great things for someone else! I love interesting details,and would buy patterns because of that but then not sew them up realizing the proportions wouldn’t work on 5’3″ rounded me so now I’m trying to just admire them. I’m absolutely in love with the vintage coat though! I may have to add it to my stash. Winters in Utah feel dreadfully long to this California girl. I swear we had 2 weeks of spring last year and then the summer heat was on.

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  11. I NEED the pleated V1661 pants right now. I have a very similar RTW pair that I would wear every day if I could. Unfortunately the new collections take weeks to arrive here in the UK. Maybe I will just order direct from Vogue. Hmm…. I love the stylish Jedi idea too. And I’m wondering if that Badgley Mischka dress would work as a midi length. Thanks for this, Vogue patterns are definitely getting a bit more interesting. I have a copy of that vintage coat pattern and there are some quite complicated details – from the flats, it looks like they’ve simplified it a bit, which is a shame.

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  12. I just got 1658 and the McCall cape in the mail. I think I’m going to be a rebel and forgo the lining. If I were doing sequins I would line. Now to find the perfect Jedi fabric. May go with linen or something like that. Thanks again for sharing the Jedi idea.

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