Butterick Fall 2019

The latest fall releases from Butterick are here, and they are so good! Let’s dive in:

B6702 – I don’t know why I like this button front shirt dress so much, but perhaps it is because of the classic collar and cuff details and the nice clean seam lines.

B6703 – I really like the options for this wrap dress. The sleeves offer a nice mix of traditional and trendy styles, and the slight gathers at the wrap are a nice detail. I also really like the skirt options, and the waist seam for better fit. It’s super classy and super cute!

B6704 – This dress has a really interesting neck detail. It has such pretty draping and a nice mix of sleeve and skirt options as well.

B6705 – Another pretty fall dress option! I really like the proportions of the ruffles on this dress. Nothing crazy or wild, but still lots of nice little details with the neckline, sleeve, and hem variations.

B6706 – This is a great option if you like a bit more structure to your clothes. It’s got a hint of a vintage vibe, but doesn’t feel dated.

B6707 – This dress has some fun potential for color blocking. I also really love the asymmetric collar detail.

B6708 – Lisette. This dress has some fun seam lines, and some great possibilities for color or print blocking. The shape of the neckline is also a really great detail.

B6709 – This is an interesting shirt pattern. Based on the line drawings I would have completely passed it by, but I do really love the way it looks on the model.

B6710 – I think the neckline treatment is such a unique detail on this top. And it looks so great styled with those trousers too!

B6711 – This is probably the least exciting pattern in the release. I mean, aside from the boat neck being something of a different variation, I’m pretty sure we’ve already seen all of the giant sleeve top pattern that could possibly exist at this point.

B6712 – More draping features on this top. This is another one that I think looks better on the model than in the line drawing.

B6713 – Cute! I’m all about these twisty neckline patterns. They are such interesting and pretty details. I also really love the shaped hems on these tops as well.

B6714 – Ok, this top maybe took the ruffle thing one step too far, but at least it isn’t boring!

B6715 – Love these pants! I’m always a sucker for a pocket button detail, and these do not disappoint. I also really love how shaped they are at the waist and how clean the leg lines are.

B6716 – Interesting jumpsuit pattern. The mixing of fabrics to get a top/bottom look is an interesting idea, and works much better with this jumpsuit pattern than it might with some of the other styles on the market.

B6717 – Love this! It’s like a waterfall cardigan trench coat hybrid thing and I need it! I’d also totally wear those pants.

B6718 – Lifestyle Wardrobe. This looks like a great wardrobe pattern. All of the pieces look great mix-n-matched, but they would also look great with things that might already be in a wardrobe, like jeans or other blazers or tops.

B6719 – Katherine Tilton. This jacket pattern has some very interesting details. The extra long button placket is really unique and the other seam lines add a lot of subtle interest.

B6720 – Another fab coat! I really love the shape of the collar, and those pockets! The cuff details are also great. I might need one of these in my winter wardrobe. I mean, ok, so maybe I don’t need a bunch of winter coats, but I would really love this one!

B6721 – Connie Crawford. This jacket also has lots of interesting vertical seaming details. I was originally not too interested in the pattern, but I think it is the sort of thing my mom might want to wear, so maybe I’ll keep it up for consideration. I do like the slightly asymmetric button placement.

And that’s it! I feel like I’ve been so bored by Butterick for a while now, but they’ve really been on a roll this year. There are so many things in this collection that I really like. And while I’ve convinced myself that I definitely don’t need all of them, I think I’ll be adding a lot more than normal to my collection from this release. What do you all think? Did you see anything here that is a must have for the fall? Or is it all just a bit too formal and a bit too like other patterns for you to be excited? Feel free to discuss it all in the comments!

23 thoughts on “Butterick Fall 2019

  1. Oh wowza, I’m in loooooove with 6706! I mean, virtually no-one wears suits anymore, but it’s still nice to have at least one really smart option to dress up at work for important meetings. This dress is so classic while also being completely different from anything I see anyone else wearing right now. I think I’ll need to make a summer AND winter version…

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  2. Wow, shocking, there are several I’d LOVE to get! Gosh, I’d pretty much written off Butterick. Blouse 6710 is really nice, I like the V-neck and the tie (dare I say rather Burda-like?), and the Marcy Tilton 6719 coat – ♥. But my favorite is the 6720 coat, I really love that. The pockets are my style, the cuff options, and really love the lapel – it’s a little different.

    Thanks for posting this? I would not have looked twice at the release otherwise!

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  3. Several nice patterns here! Not that I’ll run out to get some, they’re way too expensive to buy (at least over here) just to build a pattern stash. And I can’t say I *need* any of these. More tempted than I’ve been for some tim though.
    That said, why have a jumpsuit that looks like separates? Why not just have separates? I don’t understand this love affair with jumpsuits. I tend to wear layers, and I don’t really feel like completely undressing myself every time I need to visit the loo…

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  4. I’ve been waiting so long for this release! Why so pokey Butterick?! Anyways, for what I am aiming to do with my wardrobe it was worth the wait. The other releases didn’t really appeal to my Classic sensibility this time around but most of these do with a small tweak or two. Love the blouses, and those sleeves on 6709 are interesting without dragging in your food when you eat. You’ve given me a lot to think about introducing me to Kibbe thru your blog. Not sure I can embrace everything from Kibbe , too vague and more confusing than clarifying, but you have a unique way of grouping the patterns which has led to a sharper eye for my own needs. Thank you for that.

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  5. Bravo, Butterick! I love so many of these, but I simply must have 6715! I am loving the return to interesting, pretty, and unique details that aren’t completely over the top. Many of these feel more designer-like and upscale compared to a lot of the super casual trends of the last few years. What can I say, I guess I like a bit more detail and structure.

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  6. Butterick has upped its game this time out. Although I think at least some of it is the choice of models, styling and fabrics. The styles seem so much more relatable when made up in solids rather than florals, and the model with the long grey hair is stunning. I want to look like her when I grow up!

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  7. I am not really excited about anything in this release and I’m confused top 6709. It calls for a 22″ Invisible Zipper? Can’t imagine why. I may get the trench cardi pattern. I do like the coat in 6720, but probably don’t need another coat pattern. I rarely wear them. I’ll have to think about it.

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  8. i’m digging 6710 and 6713. the coats are also pretty great. but i’ve been planning to make a few silk blouses this winter and i’ve been watching for patterns with some variation that appealed. these might do the trick!

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  9. I LOVE 6704, 6706, 6707, and 6713. I will probably only buy 6704 because I don’t want to try drafting that myself.
    These patterns are great inspiration to get my personal block sorted out!

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  10. I was so meh on this collection!! It’s always fascinating how things move us differently.

    I do like the waterfall trench coat…and I am here for flat-front pants with elastic backs 🙂

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    1. Yes, it’s about time one of the big four did a decent pattern for on trend flat front half elasticated back trousers. There’s a few floating out there in the indie sphere but I don’t do indie patterns.


  11. The nice thing about a jumpsuit is that the top and bottom don’t untuck themselves.
    Just curious, where would you put the ‘magic bias dress pattern’ and the ‘gatsby pants/skirt’ in the style profiles? They aren’t new or anything, and not well known, but I like them for being classic with a difference.

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    1. The Gatsby pattern I’d recommend for a Theatrical Romantic, but I think Classic (especially Soft Classic) could wear them also. They’d look very fancy in a classic outfit though so I think everything else would need to be super toned down. The Magic bias dress could work for Classic, but I think also Dramatic.


  12. Just caved in and bought B6705! I really like view B with the extra row of ruffles. Might even buy B6704, for the asymetrical hem. This looks like a good release for Butterick. Thanks for the review!

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  13. A lot of things to like! This was a good release. The more I look it over tye more I like. Waiting for Joanns to have a good sale. The last couple haven’t
    been great. The sale prices keep going up. So love your reviews.

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  14. I like the 6705 bohemian dress because it looks like 1970s Biba, although the style wouldn’t suit me, so I won’t be buying it. I will get the 6720 coat, but I might wait for reviews. I am not sure whether adjusting for my larger bust would take away from the style lines.

    Thanks for the pattern release reviews. I always enjoy reading them.

    Cheers, Sarah

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