McCall’s Fall Patterns 2019

Fall fashion releases are ramping up, and the new looks from McCall’s are here. This is one of those releases where I can appreciate the styles McCall’s has created, but I also really don’t feel a strong need to buy any of them. There is plenty to see in any case, so let’s jump in:

M7991 – Learn to Sew for Fun. I really like this dress pattern, but I don’t feel the need to add it to the stash. The wrap top is a nice design feature, as is the banded edge. I really like both sleeve options and the fact that it has two skirt options. But if I’m being honest, I have this. I mean, not this exact pattern, obviously, but I have enough similar patterns that I could easily make this. I still think it is a great pattern, but, I don’t need it.

M7992 – Laura Ashley. This dress is cute, but also something I think I can pass. The detail at the neck is cute, and I also really like the sleeve options here as well. This is the sort of dress I can see a lot of people wearing and enjoying, and it looks like it could be fairly easy to sew as well, but it’s just not something I think I’d be sewing anytime soon, so I think I can pass.

M7993 – This is the one dress I’m trying really hard to convince myself I don’t need, because the striped version is really calling to me. I really like the longer sleeves and the high collar. I feel like this dress could be pretty versatile too, depending on styling and fabrication. I could see it being super casual in a more sweatshirt type material with tennis shoes or way more fancy with a higher end fabrication and heels. I feel like that bit of convincing didn’t go so well…. Hmmmmm…..

M7996 – Another dress pattern that is super cute but not something I want to add to the stash. I have to say that I would have passed this by based on the line drawing, but the model photo looks super cute! I really like the skirt options here, and I think the styling in denim or plaid flannel makes a lot of sense for this design.

M7997 – I really like this coat dress (especially the view with the asymmetric hem) but I really don’t need to add this to the stash. This is not the sort of style I’m going for at this point, and I know it will just languish, especially since my stash is so large at this point.

M7998 – Laura Ashely. I’m trying to decide how I feel about this dress. I think I like the version with the shorter sleeves, but I feel like the long sleeves and double ruffled skirt is a bit much. This is one of those patterns that could be really cute, but could also be a total miss depending on fabric choice and styling.

M8000 – While I can appreciate the way this pattern looks on the model, I don’t need a pattern of rectangles and I really don’t need a pattern of rectangles with ruffles. I’m sure my stash has got me covered.

M8001 – This is another pattern where I’m not impressed by the line drawings, but the style looks surprisingly cute on the model. I think the hand of the fabric will really affect how this shirt looks, because it could be a really flowy, drapey top or it could be a very stiff box. It’s a pass for me (I really don’t like that much volume in my tops), but I could see how this might be an interesting pattern to incorporate into a wardrobe.

M8002 – The sleeve strip adds some interest to this top. I still think this is a pattern I could easily replicate with my stash, but it isn’t bad. The neckline and hem options are nice here.

M8003 – Boob windows are back! Ok, so this style was totally a thing circa 2011 when I first started blogging. I can’t say it’s a trend I’m excited to see back, but if you like this you might already have some patterns in your stash if it runs that deep. I must admit, I don’t actively dislike this particular top, but the trend in general got a bit… much… back in the day and I’m still sort of over it. Also, you want to be real careful with how you finish your edges here, because a growing boob window is not something you want to be dealing with while you are out and about.

M8004 – Cute pencil skirt, but it’s just a pencil skirt. I like it, but I don’t need it. The waistband options are nice.

M8006 – Learn to Sew for Fun. This looks like a nice basic trouser pattern. I don’t need a nice basic trouser pattern, but if you do this could be a good place to start.

M8007 – Ok, so I really love flared pants BUT I don’t think I’ll be getting these. I’m not really a fan of the U-shaped seams on this pattern. I don’t know why, I just find it visually awkward? But I can totally appreciate the 70s vibe these are laying down, so I’m sort of here for it if we have other styles in this vein in the near future.

M8008 – This is a pass for me. The top is just… a lot. The overalls could be really cute, but they just aren’t something I’d wear myself. I could definitely see them looking cute in a retro styling (especially the shorter version), but it’s still not something I need in my stash.

M8009 – Ok, so I know I’ve got similar patterns, but I love this! I really like all of the sleeve versions, and the short and wide legged pant options. It’s so cute! Even though I’m sure I don’t need this I think it’s one of the few patterns going on the list because it’s so good!

M8010 – Nicole Miller. Finally – a jacket that can encase the wide sleeves that have been so trendy! On a more serious note, this is a decent looking jacket pattern and a fairly plain skirt. Personally, I’m not that excited by this pattern, but I could understand liking the somewhat unique sleeve options on the jacket.

M8011 – This looks like a bit more traditional jacket. I’m not sure how I feel about the lack of shaping, but I think if you like a structured denim jacket this could be a good pattern.

M8012 – Interesting jacket pattern. I feel like the seaming leaves a lot of room for unique details. From the fringe and colored blocking you could easily go to pipping or trim or stitching details that really highlight the seams. Could be a lot of fun to play with.

M8014 – Melissa Watson. This looks like a decent shirt pattern. Personally I like the length to be a bit longer for myself, so view A seems a bit short, but overall this looks like a nice shirt option with variations on the hem, button band, and yokes.

M8017 – Angela Clapton. Love this! It’s so pretty! The bodice is lovely, and I really like the sunflower theme that’s going on here.

M8018 – I’m a bit embarrassed to say I’m not sure what this costume is supposed to be from? Pop culture references are really starting to outpace me at this point. And without knowing what it is supposed to be, it’s pretty much a pass for me. The vest could be sort of cute for other costumes, perhaps? But I’m really not understanding the legging suspender… things?

And that’s it! It’s really interesting to note that there are several jumps in the pattern numbers, which I at first thought was perhaps because McCall’s already had patterns out with that number, but that does not seem to be the case. I think with the recent Vogue release we’re seeing some reorganization of how patterns are being numbered, but I’m sort of wondering what all the missing numbers are representing here. Did they loose designer patterns? Are they moving things around to other brands? Are things being pushed back to a later release date? It’s all very hard to say. Regardless, on the whole I think this is a fairly strong release from McCall’s, but not necessarily a super exciting one. I fell that most of these patterns are passable for me; I’ve just got too much in the stash already that is either as good or better than what’s on offer. But I think there are some good things here if you are looking for fall wardrobe basics or have a particular affinity for this sort of aesthetic. What do you all think? Is the McCall’s fall release going to jump to the top of your sewing list? Or is this a totally passable collection? Feel free to discuss it all in the comments!

18 thoughts on “McCall’s Fall Patterns 2019

  1. I like the tops – 8014 and 8001 – a lot. I can see them slipping into my hands at the next Spotlight pattern sale. Which will be in 6 months because that’s how long it will take for the pattern to come into Aussie stores.

    The rest is a bit yawnish.

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  2. Total pass for me. I was never on the fancy sleeve train and now I find myself over the boxy top style too. As you say there are some decent basics but if you have a good sized stash, everything is already purchased.

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  3. I like the collar, the silhouette, and the set-in sleeves of view C of 7993. 7996 (the denim dress) is really cute, but not for me. View B of 8002 in plaid is calling me. I probably have similar patterns but I like the sleeve inset and the gathers. Still thinking about that one. The Nicole Miller jacket and skirt is really cute minus the bell sleeves. I would love to make that for my daughter. And I see 8011 in suede not denim. It’s a simple shape with few seam lines. Not much shape as you say. Not sure how many of these I need, but those are the ones that stood out to me. You are a lot younger than me so I’m glad you didn’t know what 8018 was about either. Whew!

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  4. I was so “meh” about this release. It feels like zero effort :/

    I do like the sweatshirt dress 8001. I think it’s cute and just different enough. And the top from 8002 does have some interesting features.

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  5. That U shape on the back of the jeans is an echo of the Dittos saddleback jean circa 1975. It did not have the front seam, but it was the best-fitting pant of the era (if you wanted pants so tight they highlighted parts of your internal anatomy) and much in demand. This is a perfect example of if I wore it the first time it was in style, I should not wear it now that it’s back.😬

    I feel like I should like M8002 but the model photo looks like she’s off to race cars or referee a sporting event and it’s hard to look past. The line drawing looks like the type of top I like to wear though.

    I do not understand the appeal of the boob window. Especially in a long-sleeved garment. Why???

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  6. When I first looked at this new release, I wasn’t really sure it was a new release, I thought I had seen them all before (with the exception of M8008 which IMHO is hideous). For me, there is absolutely nothing of interest. Total yawn.

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  7. I like this release, but I think it’s more about the styling on the photos than the patterns. There seems to be much less print fabric and more muted colours than is usual for McCalls and it’s much more my style. There are some good patterns there too but nothing innovative except those flared jeans. And I’ve already got a Burda pattern with similar seaming that I’ve fitted, so I don’t need another.

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  8. I have no idea what the second costume is supposed to represent. But the regular fashion patterns evoke Power Girl and Megan from My Little Pony (80s version). Not things I’d choose to wear as regular clothes!

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  9. Let me just say the 7998 and 8008 to me are the worst of the 80s coming back. Especially view b on 7998 which looks like peach print satin they were going for? I felt something for those and it wasn’t good! I will be putting 8007 and 8009 on the list. I am really liking the 70s vibe on the pants, and the jumpsuit is just super cute and I think would be flattering on me.

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  10. Well, I just spent half an hour poking around the internet for M8018, because I suspected it would be from Outlander, they had at least one costume per release lately. And it is. I don’t watch the show, but apparently now there are Native Americans on it? And this is one of the costumes.

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  11. This seems a bit of an odd collection – like every decade from the 70’s is represented here. Maybe that is what is happening in fashion and RTW – I have no idea, but like you I feel I already have these patterns somewhere.

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  12. Well, finally made my way back through your posts after finishing wedding reception, moving people out of my house( down to only 9 now!) starting school etc. After looking at it several times I’m really loving the jumpsuit. I’ve been avoiding them because most of them just remind me of my grandpa’s auto mechanic jumpsuit and I’m not sure I really have the figure to pull them off. My daughters have been bugging me to try them and be more current. This is the first I’ve really liked.
    Oh, and now I ‘need’ a sunflower dress for something!

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