Burda Catalog Patterns Fall/Winter 2019

Normally when the new Burda catalog comes out it’s a day of excitement and confetti around here, but this release has been a bit disappointing. Not because the designs are bad, but because the majority are styles we’ve already had in the magazines. Which means there really isn’t a lot I’m wanting to add to the stash or even that much that’s new to comment on. I’m not even sure I want to do the leg work to identify which issues all of these came from (especially some of the more generic shirt patterns), but suffice it to say I won’t have a lot of commentary since I’ve effectively already provided that when I reviewed the magazines in the first place.

Even though I think we’ve seen a most of these, there is still a lot here so let’s take a look:

6249 – I feel like we’ve seen this coat/jacket before, bit I can’t seem to find them in my stash. If we haven’t they are pretty cute, but clearly similar to other styles we’ve seen before.

6950 – I like these pants! I’m appreciating the fact that wider legged styles are coming back into fashion; and I really like the pocket treatments on these.

6251 – Another cute pair of trouser/leggings! I also really love the way Burda has styled them here.

6252 – These button front skirts are everywhere this year. The super mini version is a cute take that hasn’t been in every other pattern variant.

6253 – This sweater top just looks a bit boxy. I can see that it is intended for working out, but after many years of being a skater, I guess I prefer more fitted workout attire?

6254 – These sweater/tops feel pretty generic and like they are relying on last year’s sleeve trends to be relevant.

6255 – Same as BS-01-2019-127.

6256 – And now we really get into reprint territory. This is BS-12-2018-124.

6257 = BS-12-2018-123.

6258 = BS-12-2018-121. This is still a fabulous jacket pattern though.

6259 = BS-11-2018-121.

6260 = BS-09-2018-126. I think the sleeves are slightly different variants though? I do love this as just a plain basic t-shirt.

6261 – I think the PJs are new? Cute, but maybe a bit ruffly for my taste.

6262 – I feel like we’ve seen similar shirts before. I didn’t bother looking this one up, but it seems familiar. It’s pretty close to BS-05-2019-120, but not exactly identical.

6263 – Variations on a button up. I do think the extra long version with the belt is kinda cute.

6264 – The hoodie dress is a cute idea. This is definitely a pattern that I could see working well for the Flamboyant Gamines in the audience.

6265 – This dress has some fun details, and I think Burda did a nice job with the styling. It’s not a style I’m interested in for myself, but I do think the models look pretty fabulous.

6266 – Basic top with sleeve variations. I didn’t see an obvious counterpart in the Burda magazine patterns, but there are so many of these basic loose tops it would be easy to miss something.

6267 – It’s a basic sheath dress, but Burda is really selling me on it with the styling here! I know I’ve got similar styles in the stash, but I will say this envelop image really pops! Also, if your Burda collection goes back as far as November of 2012, then this is really similar to pattern #122.

6268 – Dirndls! I actually really like this pattern because I think it is super classic/traditional, and I really appreciate that. It doesn’t seem to be a reprint of any recent patterns either.

6269 = BS-02-2019-111.

6270 = BS-02-2019-108.

6271 = BS-01-2019-114 wit sleeve variations.

6272 = BS-01-2019-113. Still a super cute pattern though, and I love the short sleeve variant!

6273 = BS-01-2019-101 with pocket and collar variations.

6274 = BS-12-2018-115 with variations.

6275 = BS-12-2018-112/113.

6276 = BS-12-2018-111.

6277 = BS-12-2018-107 with sleeve variations.

6278 = 12-2018-106 with hem variations.

6279 = BS-11-2018-118 with sleeve and skirt variations.

6280 = BS-11-2018-115 with sleeve variations.

6281 = BS-11-2018-113 with sleeve and collar variations.

6282 = BS-11-2018-109 with some detail variations.

6283 – Possibly some new trousers? I think these are a variation on something from last fall (maybe 11-2018-108?), but the waistbands and leg shapes look a little different. Really though, there are only so many ways to make elastic waisted pants.

6284 = BS-11-2018-102 with sleeve and collar variations.

6285 = BS-10-2018-117.

6286 – BS-10-2018-114. I think they are super cute still!

6287 – I think the skirt is the same as BS-10-2018-113. They used the same fabric as from the BS-11-2018 Plus section. I feel like this is some sort of weird mish-mashy hybrid of previous designs?

6288 = BS-10-2018-111, with skirt variation.

6289 – This is BS-10-2018-110 with variations. I think the version in the magazine was cuter. However, I still think it’d be worth getting this because of the more detailed instructions, and because the envelope patterns often come with separately drafted lining patterns. Is it redundant? A bit. But I’m really not above being that lazy when it comes to pattern drafting.

6290 = BS-10-2018-107. Still love this coat! And I’ll probably buy this one for the same reason as the previous pattern – I’m paying for better instructions and extra pieces.

6291 = BS-10-2018-106.

6292 = BS-10-2018-105, with sleeve and neckline variations.

6293 = BS-09-2018-115 with length and collar variations.

6294 – The shorter version is BS-09-2018-109. Even though the longer view should be reading as a bathrobe I actually think it is really cute! Might be worth considering for that variation on the pattern…

6295 = BS-09-2018-111.

6296 = BS-09-2018-108.

6297 = BS-09-2018-113 with sleeve and skirt variations.

6298 = BS-01-2019-103.

9306 – I can’t keep track of kids patterns, but this jacket is pretty cute! No idea if it is a reprint or not…

9307 – The rest of the patterns are kids clothes, so I don’t have much to say about them…

9308 – More cute kids hoodies.

9309 – Girls dresses.

9310 – More dresses.

9311 – Jedi-robe possibilities here.

9312 – For the super little ones.

9313 – More dresses.

9314 – For the super tiny babies.

And that’s it! Are you all as disappointed as I am with the number of reprints? Or do you like this because you can pick and choose things you might want even if you don’t subscribe to the magazine? Does anyone else intentionally buy reprints of the complex patterns just to make the tracing less of a hassle and to get the better instructions? Were there any of the (very few) new-ish patterns that grabbed your interest? Did you find any reprints that I missed? Feel free to discuss it all in the comments!

20 thoughts on “Burda Catalog Patterns Fall/Winter 2019

  1. After seeing this release I decided never to buy a magazine subscription again. This is just a summary of pretty much most of my favourite patterns from the last year, only with better instructions, more variations, more inclusive sizing (I’m a 34 so many times I have to Grade gown using the magazine which is super annoying!) And much more comfortable to use. So I’m not buying magazines again, I’ll just wait for the next release And if there’s a pattern I really got to have In the mean time I’ll just get a pdf pattern. This is very disappointing indeed.

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  2. I went through and made a chart that I posted on PR. I think I came up with about 30 patterns that were issued from the magazine (excluding kids because I never look at the kid’s patterns).

    VERY disappointed with Burda for this. On the one hand, it is nice to have the more popular or maybe more versatile?? patterns issued as envelope patterns. On the other, it is insane to have 80% of the release be from the magazines! I guess that’s more money in my pockets! :-p

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  3. As a person who has never even seen a Burda magazine, much less sewn from one, I appreciate that they are issuing their designs as packaged patterns. If Joann’s doesn’t get them in stock, I can order from the website. There are at least five patterns I want; 6297, 6250, 6276, 6295, and 9310. It’s a happy release day for me!

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    1. Edit to add that the patterns aren’t on the Simplicity website yet but we have long known that place is a mess beyond comprehension. Good thing I’m not in a hurry for the new patterns.

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  4. I don’t subscribe to the magazine, so the reprints aren’t bothering me. I do like a few of these. I have put the coat (6289) on my list, pants (6250), and one of the tops. Boy I love that dirndl and have no reason to wear it but it sure is pretty.

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  5. I still love collecting the magazines because they have lots of variety. I do not mind having to trace of the patterns and I am not adverse to doing some pattern drafting if necessary for some variations. I tend to make most of my clothes from Burdastyle magazines.

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  6. I can’t work out if releasing patterns from the magazine with a few tweaks is clever or just lazy and I’m veering towards the latter. Like you I might have been tempted by the coat pattern but in reality I don’t mind tracing off and deciphering Burda magazine instructions if it saves me money.

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  7. I don’t get the magazine so I guess reprints are ok although it sounds a bit lazy to me. Nothing here I want.
    I really like Natural styles but when I put them on I’m drowning.
    Too bad cuz I love everything you make!

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    1. Heh, I made a Burda dirndl pattern a few years ago (7057) and I only wear it once a year — at our town’s Oktoberfest! It was a pretty quick project and I just call it a costume. 🙂 This reminds me that I should replace the blouse soon…

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  8. I will probably buy a couple of these when/if they go on sale — I’m willing to wait for the convenience of not having to trace or add SAs. I’m honestly trying not to buy new patterns that are similar to ones I already own but it’s so hard when Burda puts out good stuff. 🙂

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  9. Really like the pants/leggings up there, the skirt, the t-shirt (BS-01-2019-113) even though I’d planned to trace it. Is it at all possible they are releasing many magazine patterns this way because so many dislike tracing them? (it IS a drag to do, though I learn a lot).

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