August 2019 BurdaStyle Magazine

At this point the August Burda is probably old news to most people (my copy even arrived already!), but it’s such a good issue I really wanted to give it the full post that it deserves. I’m so excited for fall fashions this year!

It’s the start of Burda’s fall offerings, so of course the jacket game is very strong…

Love this blazer! The shape is super sleek, and the single button is so chic. The pleats are a nice detail, and the lack of a collar will really make it easy to sew too!

Love this coat! It’s super classic, and the in-seam pockets are a detail that keeps the overall silhouette super sleek. I didn’t see the same-fabric belt as part of the pattern online, but I hope it is included in the pattern (I said the magazine arrived… I didn’t say I’ve had time to actually read through my mail yet). Regardless, I think this is a great pattern for a light to mid-weight fall coat.

These jackets are cute! Not something I’d want to make for myself, but I really love the way Burda has styled them here. They look like one of those versatile pieces that look casual but not sloppy. And I really like how the overlap can unfold to become a lapel.

This is the shorter version of the longer coat. It’s also a great fall piece, and I could see it being a really cute casual piece in denim, or a more formal wardrobe addition in perhaps a light wool. I love how fitted it is on the side seams too!

The dresses this month are also great additions to the Burda offerings…

This is a vintage reprint dress and it is stunning. I love the bodice – it’s beautiful! I’m sure I’ve got something in the stash that can be used for this… even if I don’t have anywhere to wear it at the moment…

This is possibly one of the less exciting options in this issue, but only because everything else is so good. I actually really love how the gathered waist creates such a cool effect because of the vertical stripe of the fabric. The pattern itself isn’t too exciting, but I appreciate what Burda was able to do with such a basic staring point.

I really like this dress! I think this could be a great option for someone who likes the look of wrap dresses but really hates dealing with the fit of the wrap. I think the lower v-neck and shape of the skirt give the feel of a wrap dress without the hassle of an actual wrap. And the cuff details are super cute, so that’s a plus too!

I’m a bit torn on these dresses. I do like the bodice and the contrasting details, but I don’t think I’m the biggest fan of the sleeves. Maybe if the cuffs were gathered with elastic? This might require some fiddling, but it’s on my maybe list.

There are a lot of tops this month, and they offer quite a variety of looks:

This is a nice option for a fall office look. The cuff detail is quite cute, and the more fitted waist could be good if you like to tuck your tops in to say some high waisted trousers or a high waisted pencil skirt. The puffy sleeve caps might be a bit much, but that shouldn’t be too difficult to adjust.

This blouse looks quite voluminous in the line drawings, but it actually has a cool drapey look on the models. Definitely a tuck-in top though if you need a bit more waist definition.

I really like this shirt! It’s a pretty basic t-shirt, with just a touch of detail on the sleeves. It looks like it would be a super versatile fall piece.

This top looks a bit more sporty. I think it could be great if you like to have some more geometric elements in the wardrobe, or if you want to play with fun contrasting fabrics.

I’m not sure how I feel about the Atari logo seaming on the front of this, but it really doesn’t bother me in the model photos. And I really like the way it drapes on them. So, might be worth adding to the every-growing and never-shrinking to-sew list.

Not much to this basic tank top, but it could be a really great layering piece in the summer/fall transition. And I really love the lace hem detail!

The bottoms in this issue are possibly some of the most interesting bottoms designs Burda has given us this year!

I LOVE these pants. I need them, like, now. The cuff detail is so cool! And The pockets look so sophisticated, even though they should look like cargo shorts. I don’t even know what is happening here, but I need these. Just, not in pink.

I love to see these shown in such a different way. It’s cool to see how changing the fabric and the hem detail can create such a different shape.

Ok, I’m not sure how I feel about these trousers. I feel like I like the line drawing, and I’m intrigued by the garment photo, but I’m not sure how I feel about the design on the model? Perhaps I’ll feel different if I saw it on someone who wasn’t posed in such a stiff way.

I’m pretty sure we all need faux-leather stretch jean/leggings in our lives at some point. And, well, these are pretty cute if you are at that point.

Nice pencil skirt option if you are looking for a pattern. All of the waist darts should offer lots of opportunity to adjust for fit too!

This skirt is pretty basic, but the added ruffles adds some nice detailing.

And this is another pattern that is really cool to see how much it can change with just a small tweak (changing the in-seam ruffles to godets). I really like the silhouette this version has.

The Burda Plus options are also really good this month!

This jacket is so cool! I love the mixed materials, and the asymmetric zip closure. I also love how it looks super chic both fully zipped and partially open.

These trousers are a super great classic shape. It wouldn’t be too hard to lengthen them to regular trouser length either.

Not too excited for this top. It’s ok, but nothing special. And the fabrication really makes it look like fancy pajamas. I mean, I guess at least they are fancy ones?

This dress is also pretty basic, but the neckline has some nice detailing. And it could be a great place to use a fancy button.

Personally, I think it is a bit more successful as top. The shorter length makes the simple shape feel a bit more intentional.

I also like the neckline treatment on these tops. The bow is cute! I wish the sleeves were either a full length bell shape or a three-quarter fitted shape though. This halfway between just looks a bit awkward.

I don’t normally care too much about the kids section but it is pretty good this month:

The jackets are super cute, and I love the twisty hoodie! Even the pants seem super practical and not totally boring. It’s also great that there is a nice mix of options for boys and girls.

This month we also apparently get some craft patterns:

As far as craft patterns go, these aren’t bad! I’d actually make some of these if I wanted to go full home dec diva on my living accommodations. I don’t, but if I did, I’d make some of these. Also, I just have to point out the German word for the fourth pillow is “sitzpouf” and that alone makes this pattern’s existence totally worth it.

And that’s it! This issue is jam-packed with goodies, which made picking the top and bottom patterns particularly difficult, but in the end I had to give the Best of BS to:

The vintage dress! Truly, this is a stunning design, regardless of when it was originally drafted. The bodice is absolutely beautiful, and because of the waist seam, it should be really easy to change the skirt type to make a lot of different styles. I am so excited that we are getting this design!

The BWTF choice this month was one of the few duds of this issue:

The fancy PJ top! Really, in the grand scheme of Burda designs, this isn’t that bad. Just when it is compared to everything else that is packed into this month’s issue, it isn’t that great.

And that’s it! This is such an exciting start to the fall sewing season! I love so many things in this issue, and I’m hyped to see what we are going to get in September and October. There is so much goodness here – from casual fall looks to classy office-appropriate styles. I’m sure by now the really industrious of you have already sewn several things from this issue or moved on the more recent Vogue releases, but I’m still curious to hear your thoughts. What are your top picks? Do you also think this is one of the best issues of the year? Or does it all feel slightly derivative of things Burda has done in the past? Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments!

33 thoughts on “August 2019 BurdaStyle Magazine

  1. Like you, I am excited about this issue. I was waiting for your review as I have not received my physical copy yet and your Burda Style reviews are the best! I can’t wait to make a few of the items in this one, including the great jacket at top.

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  2. It’s a nice issue but doesn’t beat February for me 🙂 I do like the Tall v-neck dress pattern a lot, speaking as someone who’s often tempted by wrap dresses but hasn’t got the lifestyle for fussy clothes. And the trousers are fab. Funnily enough my favourites are the pair you were dubious about- the ones with the ankle pleats. Anyway Burda continues in good form and I think the only pattern company that might tempt me away any time soon is Vogue with their autumn release.


  3. I’m not a subscriber, but I bought this issue. It’s always great when we all agree that this is a good issue! The stand out patterns for me are the trousers – all of them and I’m going to use the twisty hem details from the kids hoodie – how dare the kids section be so stylish this month!

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  4. I bought my copy a few days ago, and the English version in the UK does not have the craft patterns for the pillows/cushions, instead it has a makeup rollup storage thing and a little zipped makeup bag.
    My favourite thing for sure is the Plus jacket with contrast sleeves and angled zipper. It doesn’t have pockets though, even though the seam lines are begging for them.

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  5. I was super pleased with this issue as well! The vintage dress is stunning – I have this red jacquard I’ve been saving for a project – and I love the red blazer and the cropped jacket too.

    I actually have just about finished the skinny jeans/pants pattern – needed to make sone pants, figured I may as well try it out! Made them in a stretch sateen flower print, will tag you on Instagram when I finish up. 🙂

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  6. Burda has really done it for me this year, so many (too many) patterns I want to sew! The pants with the seaming thing at the ankles is probably not a pattern I’d sew, but I REALLY like the look of it. I dunno, it’s a nice and tidy way of tucking in all that fabric at the bottom.

    However I completely agree with you on the cargo pants above that. I LOVE those and WANT them. Absolutely on my to-sew list. That long coat is also really nice, and for some silly reason I didn’t realize that the jacket is just the short version of it. Makes my day because it should be easier to make that short jacket just a bit longer than the pattern – it finishes right at my tummy and that’s just not a good place. Two patterns = must sew.

    I love the simple tank too! Hot as h*** now, so a new strappy tank will be needed (and I’ll be interested to see how this pattern compares to a similar pattern from a different company). Personally I really like that Burda has a few very basic patterns on a regular basis. Great for those of us learning to sew, makes it easy to create a basic, wearable wardrobe and then create fun stuff slash frosting pieces to accompany those basics. I’m having a great time with them.

    Sorry for the verbiage – I’m on a high because that beach blouse/shirt from the June issue is finished, just in time for a short vacation, and I love the shirt. It’s not perfect, but neither am I. Will try to post a photo of it.

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  7. I am in love with the red blazer jacket. Looks like I will have to buy this issue when it finally becomes available where I am. I find it interesting that the jackets and the coat all sport narrow sleeves when most of the tops have sleeves you would struggle to get down a narrow over garment sleeve. It depends of course on ones choice of fabric but all the same. Thank you for all your hard work in reviewing the autumn patterns!

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  8. I fell in love with the coat. I always fall in love with the coat. The magazine does include the belt with the pattern, it’s just one rectangular piece. I do like that red blazer though, nice details but no collar or lapel – I’m tired of fighting with those! And a blazer would be a lot more realistic for me to make than a coat.

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  9. August is normally my favorite issue. I’m liking this one but not too crazy yet (‘yet’ because things grow on me!). I love the coat and the shorter version. And when I saw that vintage reprint, I decided THAT is the dress for my 10th anniversary either party or vow renewal. It’s BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!

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    1. Very stylish! I’d love to try the harem pants.but womder if they’d lool good with a mummy tummy. Both gored skirts are great. I especially like the little ruffles.The first top with the fitted yoke is cute. Drapey fabric might make the sleeves less puffy although I like them myself. But then 1830s dresses with gigot sleeves are some of my favorites. I made a beautiful sky blue water taffeta dress in that style to wear in the Nutcracker. Made the largest sleeve pattern I could find. Practically floated away on stage. 😉

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  10. First BurdaStyle issue I’ve been inspired enough to buy! I live all the way in New Zealand, so it’s pretty pricy to import from the UK, otherwise we have to wait 4 months… the shops here that custom order them are still on the April edition!

    Anyways… the pink trousers look amazing for a summer work wardrobe! I’m excited for the peplum blouses too – I live in knit fabrics, so it’s great to find a pattern I really like for a woven, it opens up a whole new world! I could see myself making most of the tops, and ALL of the dresses and jackets in this issue. Bring it on!

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  11. Success, found a copy in a small town in Derbyshire! I bought it for the great asymmetrical jacket (plus) and kids parka and trousers. Very mixed feelings about the plus range, no skirt so I’d add an extra panel or 2 on 116 with the godets. I feel the dress 119A/B would be great in plus size and I might alter top 117 to plus size by adding volume through the centre back and centre front, will see how that pans out!

    * I liked the beauty roll-up and would get a little extra fabric to make a few washable facial cleansing pads, just cut a square the size of a coffee cup coaster for the pattern, say 4″, sew right sides together with narrow hem leaving an opening to turn, then topstitch round the edges to finish. Bung them in with a towel wash and no need for throwaway cottonwool. :):)

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  12. I can’t find the AUGUST mag! :-). Went to a US site recommended by a YTuber and the site recently shut down. B&N’s don’t carry them (went to two already). Can someone please share some ordering options for the August edition? Thanks so much!


  13. I love the red top with the pink cargo pants. The pattern does not appear to be one in the issue. What is the patterb number in order to purchase it?


  14. Hey there, thanks for all your reviews first of all, they are super helpful! I found the pattern for pink trousers interesting as I’m a beginner at sewing and wants to sew some outdoor trousers in a thicker material (such as wool) but I doubt the material in those will be of that thickness, have you to your memory come across any pattern for outdoorsy clothes? Leia


    1. There are a lot of patterns on Burda’s website; you might have to look on the German site at the moment because the US site just got a re-do and I’m not sure what’s there at the moment. But I’m sure if you look at Burda’s full catalog you’ll find something appropriate!


  15. The sharp-eyed Russian readers on the site ( noticed something that escaped my attention: the red gored skirt with ruffles picture includes an, um, interesting couple of details on the shirt. You don’t even have to look that closely. See if you can spot them.

    Answers: the paper clip by her right arm, and there is a stain under her armpit (same side). The skirt looks nice but I’d still nominate that as a BWTF just for the total lack of attention. Not sure if they should fire the editor or the head of the Photoshop department.


    1. Simplicity once released a wedding dress pattern with a mirror in the background and you could see the giant row of clamps bulling the back of the dress tight on the model…. So while Burda’s snafu is sort of funny, they certainly aren’t alone in this sort of error. 😅


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