Simplicity Patterns Early Fall 2019

Rolling along with all of the pattern releases I have missed since summer started, here is the Early Fall collection from Simplicity:

S8944 – The Artful Jumper. I feel like this has been designed to appeal to the indie crowd, but it just isn’t doing it for me. I mean, it’s fine, but it isn’t something I’d want to wear, so it’s a bit of a pass for me.

S8945 – This dress pattern is nice, but it feels a bit like a mish-mash of all the trends that have been happening lately with the big sleeves and waist ties. Cute, but not interesting enough to make it onto my wishlist.

S8946 – The Baby Doll Dress. Another pattern that seems geared towards the indie crowd. And, again, not my personal style. It does have some nice details, and the basics of the dress are nice, but nothing particularly unique.

S8947 – Sweater dress. I’m all about the cozy life, but these seem a bit too casual to wear out of the house as a dress. I’m really seeing sleepwear here, but maybe I’m just not envisioning all of the possibilities?

S8948 – I like this top, but it is another style that feels similar to things I’ve already got in the stash. And I’m really trying to limit the pattern intake unless it is something really unique.

S8949 – Basic top. Another style that looks comfortable, but not particularly interesting.

S8950 – This looks like it could be a good pattern to make some cozy sweaters for early fall months.

S8951 – The Banded Cardi. This is cute! I think this could be a really great pattern for anyone who like fitted cardigans or who really enjoys retro inspired styles.

S8952 – Easy to Sew. I feel the fabrication of the model garment makes this top look rather stiff, but the drape of view C looks really pretty.

S8954 – Easy to Sew. I think this wrapped sweater top style will be popular this fall; I’ve seen a lot of similar styles starting to pop up lately. It could be a great layering piece.

S8955 – I think this jacket pattern has a lot of potential! The green velvet version is really sharp looking, and the raglan sleeves should make it a bit easier to construct than a more traditional blazer.

S8956 – I love these pants! The waistband is such a cool detail. And the fact that it has both pants and a skirt pattern makes this pattern super versatile.

S8957 – I also really like these pants. They have a nice slim fit, but also lots of interesting details at the cuffs. I feel like this could be a good pattern to have because it has lots of trendy details, but also a nice classic silhouette.

S8958 – This skirt is cute. It’s one of those patterns I like, but don’t really need to add to the collection.

S8959 – Mimi G. Style. There are lots of nice pieces here, but for some reason the overall pattern just isn’t doing it for me. I like everything individually, but together the outfit seems a bit much.

S8960 – When I first saw this pattern I thought it was a costume pattern for something from the 1200s. Ooops. It’s not my personal style, but I can see how it could be versatile for someone who enjoys these sorts of tunic tops and pants.

S8961 – Learn to Sew kids skirts. Looks like a really basic pattern.

S8962 – Mimi G. Style. Not my favorite man’s blazer pattern. I think the slightly cropped fit just isn’t doing it for me. I get that it’s supposed to be a style thing, but it just looks a bit small…

S8963 – Kids clothes…

S8964 – More kids clothes…

S8965 – Slightly older kids clothes…

S8966 – And even more kids clothes.

S8967 – Practical puppy costumes/walking jackets.

S8968 – Stuffed toys. I actually think the skeleton version are super cute!

S8969 – More stuffed toys. Slightly oddly shaped, but kind of adorable in that way.

S8970 – Practical aprons with a lot of coverage. Made for people like me who make a real mess in the kitchen.

S8971 – I like this costume pattern – the scale detail on the corset is lovely!

S8972 – The Greatest Showman Halloween costumes?

S8973 – Generic witch costumes.

S8974 – Love the red cloak! The details are subtle but stunning.

S8975 – Simple men’s vest and pants for quick and easy costumes.

S8976 – Basic kids costumes.

S8977 – American History kids costumes.

S8978 – Fluffy kids costumes.

S8979 – Retro style Halloween dresses. Cute, but nothing that hasn’t been released before.

And that’s it! Overall I found this release to be a bit lackluster. The Halloween costumes are always so basic compared to the more elaborate cosplay costumes they offer the rest of the year, and most of the regular clothing patterns are pretty basic, though I do love those two trouser patterns! What do you all think? Have you already found some goodies from this collection? Or is everything pretty passable here? Feel free to discuss in the comments!

9 thoughts on “Simplicity Patterns Early Fall 2019

  1. fun to have you back! Most the stuff is boring or not my type. I did buy the cardi, apron and that gorgeous white cosplay costume! Practically I will probably never have time to make it but I can dream…

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  2. The only items that made it on my wish list from this release are the cardigan (MUST HAVE!!) and both pants patterns (8956 & 57).

    I do like the cover pic for 8950 but it’s pretty much a slightly oversized V-neck with a channel for a drawstring. I can do that! 🙂

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  3. I went with the cardigan, the dog coat and the stuffed squirrel – because it’s a squirrel. LOL I actually forgot I purchased those. It must have been an impulse buy. Ha!

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  4. These aren’t really floating my boat. There’s a lot of 90s looks and I wore those first time around and am not ready to revisit them! I do like their choice of the model with the very short hair though.

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  5. Mostly a snooze fest for me. Always adore the dog patterns. Never actually buy them. They don’t fit our whippet without major mods so I drafted a pattern myself. And I figure I can design any costume thing myself, but never do. Yours was awesome!

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  6. They’ve got me on that Halloween dress! My logical self knows there are TONS of patterns out there like this but that they actually put holiday fabric with it makes me want it so badly! Since I don’t have a pattern like it as yest I will most likely get it to make a Halloween and Christmas dress.


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