BurdaStyle US Distribution: Updated Update to the Update

I first wrote about the close of GLP News here, and posted an update here; but this past week Roltek/Sunrise News has sent out the June Burda issues that had apparently been transferred from the old GLP subscriptions. This is great news! It means nobody missed out on the June issue, and that normal services should resume with the rest of the subscription. It remains to be seen if the July issues will be delivered on the regular GLP schedule (which would be in about 1-2 weeks depending on proximity to the East Coast) or if we will have a delivery schedule timed similarly to the distribution of the June issue, but either way it is a happy day for Burda subscribers!

11 thoughts on “BurdaStyle US Distribution: Updated Update to the Update

  1. I noticed that Amazon is no longer offering the English/UK Burda subscription. You can subscribe to the German or Russian editions and also Ottobre Woman. Anyone get a price on what Roltek is charging?


  2. I contacted roltek because my subscription ended in June. They told me that they will be sending out a renewal form. The cost of a half year subscription is $49.50 to the U.S.

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