Simplicity Early Summer 2019

The early summer release from Simplicity is here. There are lots of easy spring/summer styles in this release, but I have to admit there isn’t much that I find particularly exciting. There are, however, a lot of new pattens to look at, so let’s get started:

S8907 – Button front jumpsuit/dress pattern. Personally, I feel like I’ve seen several similar patterns lately, especially from Burda. This version has some nice deep pockets and topstitching details, but, overall not terribly new or exciting.

S8908 – I do like the sleek lines of this shirt dress, though the two-toned color blocked version seems a bit wild. I feel like this is another skipable pattern if you have a sizable stash, but I can definitely see the appeal if you don’t have a decent go-to shirtdress style.

S8909 – Another very basic style. I do like the raglan sleeve/sleeveless cut on the bodice, and the sleeve details have some nice options. This is a really basic style of dress, so no much to comment on there, but it could be very quick to sew and easy to wear for the summer.

S8910 – Another dress pattern that feels very similar to styles we’ve seen before. I do like the view that is shown on the model, but not enough that I feel the need to add this pattern to the stash. The angled seam line of the bodice and the skirt is a nice detail that is a bit unique to this pattern.

S8911 – While I have to admit that my writing of the Sew Your Kibbe series has opened my mind as far as silhouettes go, I can’t say I’m particularly excited by this dress. It just feels heavy. Perhaps in a nice print or with different sleeves it might feel otherwise, but the solid pink is a bit… much.

S8912 – Tunic style dresses are nothing new, so I can’t say there is much to get excited about with this pattern either. I do like the shorter (view B) tunic/dress, but on the whole I think this pattern is a bit of a pass for me.

S8914 – I think this dress has the potential to be a cute, casual look for summer. I like the asymmetric placket, and the play with stripes is nice.

S8915 – Mimi G. Style. I also like this maxi dress, especially the view with the tank-top straps. I like the gathering in the back; I think it adds an interesting design feature to a dress that is otherwise a bit plain. Personally, I don’t think I could get away with wearing the spaghetti strap version of the dress, but I do think the back is cute.

S8916 – This dress feels a bit similar to other styles we’ve seen in the past, but I do like the front tie design detail.

S8917 – I feel like I want to like this jacket, but it seems a bit bulky and heavy for summer. The asymmetric button tab is interesting, but perhaps feels a bit awkward as well? And the proportions seem just a tad off. It’s a style I want to like, but I’m just not really enthralled by the way it looks on the model.

S8918 – Fluffy tops with puff sleeves and peplums. This is one of those styles I wouldn’t really want to wear myself, but I do think it would be great if you wanted a softer, more romantic touch to your summer wardrobe.

S8919 – I like this basic square-neck t-shirt pattern. It’s basic, but it would be a nice style that would coordinate with lots of bottoms. The sleeve options are also great for adding a bit of versatility to such a basic pattern.

S8920 – If you are more interested in woven t-shirts, this could be a good pattern. It looks a bit boxy to me, but it does have a higher neckline for those who want such things, and it also has several sleeve options.

S8921 – I must admit I think this top pattern is pretty good as well. I feel like very often these sorts of woven gathered tops tend to look stiff and awkward, but here it seems much better, likely because of the darts in the top. I also like the sleeve and sash options here; the four versions all feel very different despite having the same bodice pattern.

S8922 – When I looked at the line drawing, I thought these pants had some cool hem treatments, but when I looked on the model they seemed a bit bulky and awkward. I’d love to see this pattern made up by the bloggers out there… cool or crazy? Discuss in the comments.

S8923 – Very full maxi skirt with godets. This is a skirt that would be really fun to twirl in.

S8924 – Individually, the pieces in this pattern all seem pretty basic, however, when they are layered as on the model I have to admit it has quite a nice effect. It feels very cohesive and cool in a way that the individual garments may not be able to achieve.

S8925 – If I didn’t already have way too many wrap dresses and tops, I would definitely get this pattern. I really love the way the dress looks on the model – the sleeve just has a really great drape, and even the skirt and trousers are styles that could look really good as part of a summer wardrobe.

S8926 – I’m less excited with this wardrobe pattern; the dress and top are a lot of volume and it’s just a bit much for my tastes. I do like the trousers/culottes, but I’m sure I’ve got similar styles in the stash.

S8927 – Mimi G. Style. This is one of those patterns I think looks really cute, but know I would never wear. I’m really not about the bare midriff, and while the top could be lengthened I’m just not excited enough to actually do that. I do like the asymmetric buttons on the skirt, and I think the use of stripe fabric in the sample is really clever.

S8928 – Cynthia Rowley. It’s not often I don’t like a Cynthia Rowley design, but I really dislike this pattern. The fabric contrast around the legs of the bathing suit really just looks like you had to adjust a pattern that was too small, and it draws a lot of attention down to the hip region, which, personally, is not something I usually go for with bathing suits. The cover up also has a very Little House on the Prairie vibe that I’m really not excited by at all.

S8929 – Pattern Hacking. Lots of basic skirt options in one pattern, which could be good for someone staring out. Also love the use of the border embroidery fabric in the example skirt.

S8930 – Pattern Hacking. I find the “hacks” in this pattern to be a bit boring, but they do all look very easy to sew.

S8931 – More basic skirt patterns. I like the sporty vibe, but the styles themselves are pretty basic.

S8932 – 1940s Vintage Reprint. I do like the bikini top – very cute!

S8933 – As per usual, I don’t have much to say about baby clothes…

S8934 – Or kids clothes…

S8935 – Or slightly older kids clothes…

S8936 – Ok, but pause. I’m sorry, but no way the older kid is going out of the house in this.

S8937 – This looks like a pretty basic pattern to sew, but it does look pretty fab on the models. I love the contrast border.

S8938 – Am I the only one who wants to add a jacket to the raccoon to make a little Rocket?

S8939 – This seems like a fairly practical pattern for making baby related things.

S8941 – American Duchess. I do like the recent trend of making more historically accurate home sewing patterns. Very pretty!

S8942 – Harry Potter doll robes! It’s Harry Potter, so of course, automatically it’s cool.

And that’s it! If you are on the look for wardrobe basics I feel like there is a lot to be considered here. However, if you have a fairly sizable stash (as I do at this point), there’s not nearly as much to be excited by. This release is almost a total pass for me; I can’t see anything here that’s going to add something to my collection that I don’t already have. What do you all think? Does this release make you excited for summer sewing? Or is this a total snooze fest that isn’t even worth a second look? Feel free to discuss in the comments!

11 thoughts on “Simplicity Early Summer 2019

  1. Sometimes when a release comes out with lots of patterns that I like, I feel a little greedy for purchasing so many patterns at one time. Then there is a release like this and I realize that I need to purchase patterns that I like when I find them because you never know. We might be going into a period where there won’t be any patterns released that I am interested in.

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      1. I feel the same way, there has been nothing exciting lately. Do you think it’s because of your stash ( I have a huge stash) or the latest pattern releases have been kind of boring or you already have something similar?


  2. This is an interesting release, at least it isn’t total blandness like so many releases have been lately.

    I agree with your assessment of 8924, the way they have styled it on the envelope makes me want to get in my car and drive 6 hours to the closest Joann’s (I’m in Canada-Simplicity isn’t sold here), but I know IRL it wouldn’t look anywhere near as awesome. Is it just me or is this Eileen Fisher-ish?

    I love the look of the gored skirt 8923, but the thought of all that straight stitching of the godets would make me suicidal or murderous, so definitely a no go for me, but it is cute. How many pieces are there on this thing anyway??

    8912 looks almost exactly like the tops/tunics/dresses in The Tunic Bible.
    8926 I honestly thought it was a maternity pattern.
    8907-make it in khaki and sew on a Butch name patch and you could be a mechanic.
    8922, didn’t Marcy Tilton already cover this style of pants?
    8930 I like, but something about it reminds me Tessuti’s free My Fave Top pattern. Straighten the side seams, scoop the neck a bit and you are almost there.

    I am seeing the influence of Urban Prairie Girl in this release, 8918 top, Cynthia Rowley’s 8928, 8928 skirt. I hate all of them. HATE. I have attached reference links.


    I think that’s enough of my negativity. What can I say, it’s been a bad day. LOL

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    1. I was totally into Prairie Chic/Gunne Saxe/Laurie Ashley in the 70/80s during high school. I even ‘designed’ and sewed my own prairie dress. I still have my Guune Saxe and Laura Ashley dresses sewn by my mom tucked into a trunk. At my age I’d probably look more granny than chic though. 😉

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  3. Mimi G has the most interesting designs (imho), and the tie front top and skirt are kind of cute. My muffin middle would NOT get along with it, but last year I sewing a Burda loose-fitting blouse and chose a size too big so I wear it as a very light jacket (I love it). That would go quite nicely with this Mimi pattern. That said, not sure I’ll actually buy it unless my income improves.

    Otherwise, I totally agree with your Little House on the Prairie observation… lol! (Burda is rockin’ it compared to the big 4 these days, again in my humble opinion…)

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  4. I’m rather liking this release. OK so I don’t get on with the ruffles and so on, but there are some refreshingly different shapes here as well as the usual stuff. I think 8911 (the pink draped caftan like thing) would look amazing in a neutral colour with more drape. 8917, the jacket with the asymmetric tab, is very appealing too. And the 8922 trousers definitely tick my cool box.

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  5. There’s a lot of “eh…hmmm…mehhhh” for me.

    I do like the jumpsuit (I’d use a fabric with more drape) and sort of like the first CR pattern. I also sort of like the Mimi G two-piece outfit but I have a similar top already and the stripes on that skirt are throwing me. I assume the buttons are functional and thus the front panel…but I don’t like it.

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  6. Spring is usually my favorite releases but most of the spring offerings overall are sort of a yawn. I do like the gored skirt although I’m not sure I have the patience for it.I like the wrap dress the more I look at it. Always love a good ruffle.Of course the American Duchess pattern is divine! And I have to have Harry Potter if not for my little Hufflepuffs then for my friend who is a serious Potter fan and makes Potter stuff to sell and does parties for hire.

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  7. Spring is usually my favorite releases but most of the spring offerings overall are sort of a yawn. I do like the gored skirt although I’m not sure I have the patience for it.I like the wrap dress the more I look at it. Always love a good ruffle.Of course the American Duchess pattern is divine! And I have to have Harry Potter if not for my little Hufflepuffs then for my friend who is a serious Potter fan and makes Potter stuff to sell and does parties for hire.

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