Butterick Patterns Spring 2019

The latest release from Butterick Patterns is here! There are lots of designs that feel like they would have a place in a casual or less-formal work appropriate wardrobe, but nothing really stunning as fas as design and details go. I’m not sure that there are many of these designs I’ll be wanting to add to my pattern stash, but there is plenty to look at, so let’s get started.

B6670 – Lifestyle Wardrobe. The dress/overcoat has some interesting design lines, but the rest of the pieces are pretty basic. Definitely a good value if you like the designs of more than one garment in the pattern though.

B6655 – Another pretty simple dress with darts. The button detail adds a hint of interest; the asymmetry actually looks more intentional and interesting on the model than it does in the drawings.

B6657 – I think this dress is cute, but nothing that hasn’t been seen before. The sleeve trend is definitely being toned down, and I actually respond much more positively in this more mild aesthetic; it gives a slight vintage vibe which is nice. I also like the length and neckline options on this pattern.

B6658 – The wrap dress is nice, but I actually really love this style as a jumpsuit. The longer dress looks a bit much in the wild print with the sleeve ruffles, but I sort of love it’s unabashed over-the-top-ness in a weird way.

B6653 – This dress looks really simple to make, but also really comfortable to wear. It could be a great way to use one of those large scale or border prints. Plus, if you aren’t a fan of these sorts of tent dresses, it could be a nice piece to accessorize with a belt for some waist definition.

B6656 – I appreciate this dress for having some interesting details, but also have to admit it’s really not something I would make or wear myself. I do love the bold print they’ve used to showcase view C though – very cute.

B6660 – Connie Crawford. Is this a reprint? I feel like I’ve seen this pattern before… Either way this is a great dress is you’ve got lots of fitting alterations, because there are so many seam lines you can adjust to create a really perfect fit!

B6654 – This Fast & Easy dress also looks very much like other patterns on the market, but is does have the “Mommy and Me” dual size range going on.

B6661 – Lisette. I actually think this is really cute! The back straps are a really fun feature, and I love the paneling on the front that allows for chevron effect. The bodice/skirt action actually means this could be a great option for frankenpatterning a jumpsuit, not that I’m planning to do that or anything… 😉

B6672 – Making History. This vintage style has a really nice neckline detail. I also really love that it includes the headpiece as well!

B6669 – Another Lifestyle Wardrobe pattern. This one has a less structured feel when compared to the first pattern in the release. I like the softness of the jacket – it looks really great on the model. The tank top/maxi dress are also growing on me; I’m not the biggest fan of the ruffles on all the skirts, but on the whole I think there are some good things here.

B6652 – This looks like a pretty straightforward elastic waist jumpsuit/dress pattern. Not really better than some of the options I already have in the stash, but still cute for a casual spring/summer wardrobe.

B6667 – Katherine Tilton. So much of the detail from the line drawing is lost in the garment photos. The construction is probably really interesting; I’d be curious to see some variations posted to the internet.

B6668 – Katherine Tilton. It seems as though wide legged pants are going to be the “in” style soon (no complaints from me on that one), but it’s nice to see that there are still some narrow styles being released. The side zip should make these easier to sew, and the elastic back waist should make them easier to fit.

B6665 – I feel like Butterick has released a lot of blouse patterns to which I mostly feel pretty meh. The oversized sleeve thing is still a thing, and I honestly feel like it makes this top a bit overwhelming in the stiffer shirting fabric. The sleeves are, in theory, kind of cool, but just don’t really do it for me in the execution.

B6664 – ALL THE RUFFLES. Yeah. If you like ruffles, this one is for you and if you don’t, it’s gonna be a pass.

B6663 – The antithesis of the ruffle design from above. The ruffles sleeves sort of feel like an afterthought, but Butterick again makes a bold statement with the chevron effects they are playing with in this release.

B6662 – This is a nice, simple t-shirt with some cute details.

B6666 – I feel like this tunic would be a total pass (it’s very much like other tunic patterns on the market), but Butterick gets a nod for the stylish model photo. The bold black and white lace top makes a nice visual statement.

B6671 – So we can all be prepared for the Derby this year. And/or live out a My Fair Lady fantasy at the Royal Ascot. And/or live out a Pretty Woman fantasy at a polo match. Regardless, we all need to make this hat and wear this somewhere with horses.

And that’s it! On the whole there really aren’t that many patterns I’m personally excited by. It feels like a very “meh” sort of release. I do like the Lisette pattern, and the wrap dress/jumpsuit, but that’s about it for me. What do you all think? Is this the spring/summer wardrobe boost you’ve been looking for? Or is this a total snoozefest that’s going to send us back to winter hibernation? Feel free to discuss in the comments!

32 thoughts on “Butterick Patterns Spring 2019

  1. You are more generous than I. The only pattern I find remotely interesting is the Katherine Tilton shirt, and even that one isn’t worth buying, IMO. Most dull pattern release ever, there’s nothing to like or dislike about any of these.

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      1. I thought this was really dull when I got the email too. Seeing the line drawings has helped a bit; the big problem for me is the fabrics they chose for the samples! The patterns themselves are ok but if you already have a big stash there’s nothing new here.

        No Gertie this time?

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      2. They only have the one making history design. Wonder if Gertie is focusing on Charm Patterns? I agree that the line drawings did more for me than any of the model photos this time around.


  2. Meh…..

    I’ll admit to giving the pants pattern a second look, only because it would be cool to get over anunreasonable fear of even trying to make a legging-type version of pants (yes… I know… why the heck would anyone want to do that).

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  3. This is a very dull pattern release though I agree the Lisette is interesting. Not for me, though, and does it require one to be braless? That could be a problem.
    I looked twice at the Tilton pants but, wow, they have fit problems on the model. The back is very wrinkly in the middle of the leg and the front crotch on the blue pair is very ill fitting.
    No money from me this go around, Butterick.

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  4. I was fairly uninspired by these.

    Also I think they’ve moved Gertie over to Simplicity. Possibly because of her upcoming Jiffy book is more inline with Simplicity than Butterick. There’s a new blouse pattern and one for a dress that are Patterns by Gertie in Simplicity envelopes

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  5. This release is a pass for me I didn’t find any one that I would get. FYI Gertie patterns will be released under Simplicity now.

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  6. Good recap of a very uninteresting release of new patterns. The only ones I would buy are the K. Tilton ones and the fabric choices are uninspiring. What are they thinking?


  7. Ha! Probably not purchasing any except I agree with you about the jumpsuit. The Connie Crawford was a Palmer/Pletch that is in my stash. I like view D of #6663. I love the front of the Lisette pattern, and even though I find the back interesting it isn’t bra friendly. I am usually a Tilton fan but I don’t like either of these. I am sure those pants were done before….

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  8. Most of these I already have something better in stash but I do think I’ll buy the t-shirt variations. They have some nice feminine details and I pretty much live in Ts and skirts during the summer. I might need the derby hat. You never know when our theater group gets around to My Fair Lady…move your bloomin’ arse! Had a good opening night for Little Women…2 to go!

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  9. 6656 – what were they thinking? It looks like she’s wearing/stepping out of a vulva. 😳. 6667 otoh, the Tilton blouse, is something else. Crisp and structured and begs to be colour-blocked. Don’t know why they didn’t do that?

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  10. I wonder there all the retro patterns have gone? There were none in the vogue release either. The making history pattern doesn’t really fall into the category for me. I find that retro patterns often fall into the soft classic style. Also I love their attention to detail. It actually seems to me that the patterns keep on getting simpler and simpler, which has the adverse effect that if you have one you can frankenpattern the rest. Even though I’m quite new to sewing, the interesting constructions and attention to little details in patterns speaks to the engineer in me, be it that there would be easier ways to learn 😊. Btw, love your analysis and pattern reviews, though I originally found your site by the skating dress tutorials. I would love for you to do a tutorial post on embellishments/ or resources where to find tutorials!

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  11. I liked quite a few of these styles but as I have similar in the Burda Style magazines I won’t be buying any of these. I liked pattern 6657 view c but I would shorten the hem. I am a sucker for a wrap so I did like 6658. I also liked tops 6662 and 6663. The hat is cute. I do agree fabric choice was not the best.

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  12. Honestly! More than a few of these patterns remind me of the offerings in the patterns catalogs from 30 years ago when I first started sewing. Been there, gained 70 pounds, not going there again.


  13. The sleeveless peplum top and skirt of 6670 actually do appeal to me quite a bit, especially since I hate tucking tops into skirts and have been on the hunt for a woven blouse pattern that wasn’t too boxy/too stiff/etc that could be worn untucked over a skirt. In lightweight cottons and linens, these pieces would really round out my summer wardrobe in the Texas heat.

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  14. I’ve been in a sewing slump due to work taking all my time and energy for the last month or so. I really need an exciting Spring pattern release to give me some inspiration. This definitely isn’t it!

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  15. All these patterns look dated to me. I don’t mean vintage, (except for the actual vintage dress), I mean dated. Very uninspired. And the very deep and wide v neck on 6657 makes it look like the model is standing that way just to keep the dress from falling off her shoulder. I do think it’s nice to see plus-size models on a few of the covers, an area the big4 (or whatever it is now) could really try and capture the market on. If indie pattern designers are able to make plus sizes and include them in with the regular pattern sizing, in one single pattern purchase, I don’t know why the big4 can’t.

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  16. I agree with violetgypsie that these look dated. I actually recently picked up 3 original 1960s/1970s patterns from a charity shop for a few pence and one of them looks very like B6697. May have to get round to making them after seeing this!

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