Spring 2019 Vogue Patterns

The latest patterns from Vogue have been announced for Spring 2019. There are lots of snazzy styles in this release, plus a few solid classic looks thrown in the mix. It’s not quite as many patterns as in the Burda release, but I think there’s actually a bit more of interest to discuss, so let’s jump into it:

V1616 – Bellville Sassoon. I’m obsessed with this gown! I love the neckline, the draping, the sweeping shape of the skirt – obsessed! It’s definitely going on my wishlist, and with everyone I know getting engaged, I can’t even say it would be an impractical purchase!

V1615 – Badgley Mischka. Another lovely gown. I can’t say I love this quite as much as the Bellville Sassoon dress, but I like this one too. This has a lovely symmetry to the neckline and a nice way to showcase and utilize fancy beaded fabrics.

V1614 – Tom and Linda Platt. I like the draping element of this design. It has a nice flow and looks like it would have lovely movement.

V1620 – Tom and Linda Platt. I love me a wide legged pant, and these are definitely wide. The blouse is quite a nice layering piece, and the jacket/cardigan looks like it could be a really versatile pattern depending on the fabrication.

V9366 – Kathryn Brenne. I’m not as excited by this pattern. Individually all of these pieces seem like they could be great for a wardrobe, but together it just seems like a lot of fabric.

V1617 – I really like the relaxed feel of this jumpsuit. The sleeves give it a really cool draping effect.

V9368 – Júlio César. I always appreciate the fabrication of the Júlio César designs. The voluminous shape of this coat isn’t exactly something I’d be excited to make for myself, but I think the draping of the sleeves is an interesting design detail.

V1619 – Paco Peralta. This is one of those patterns I really like, but don’t really need to add to the stash. The trench is nice, but nothing really unique in the design. The trousers look quite similar to the Tom and Linda Platt 1620 pattern.

V1613 – Nicola Finetti. This dress is cute, but, again, nothing that I feel is missing from the stash. I do like the cut of the color blocking design.

V9355 – I’m obsessed with this dress – obsessed! I love the front drape, the sleeve options, the asymmetric neckline detail – all of it! This dress is another contender for all of the weddings that I’m likely needing to attend in the next few years, and it’s one pattern that is definitely joining the stash.

B1612 – Today’s Fit by Sandra Betzina. This dress, on the other hand, just feels like there is too much going on. There are a lot of ruffles here… In the wild print on the model it’s not quite so overwhelming, but in the line drawing it’s, well, a bit much.

V9357 – Vogue Easy Options Custom Fit. The seam lines on this dress allow for some interesting use of stripes, as shown on the model image. This looks like it could be a really cute summer dress.

V9358 – Marcy Tilton. I really like this combination from Marcy Tilton. The dress has a lot of her signature gathering and darts, but it is more subtle in its presentation here. It’s a fun way to add a bit of sewist’s interest to a garment that can read fairly formal. Plus, this pattern is totally “secret pajamas” if I’ve ever seen one. The cardigan is also super cute.

V9365 – Vogue Wardrobe. I really like the options in the wardrobe, though I’m trying to convince myself I don’t need it. The jacket has some interesting gathers at the waist, and I love the shape of the trousers. The skirt is a mix-n-match sort of wardrobe piece, as are the blouse and the dress. The keyhole opening may be a tad large, but otherwise I think this is a pretty solid wardrobe pattern.

V9363 – Very Easy Vogue. The pattern envelope does nothing for me, but the model image makes this pattern look a bit more dynamic and interesting. Probably a pass for me, but I expect some of the really fabulous sewing bloggers to make this up in a gorgeous print and create a sewing frenzy.

V1621 – Today’s Fit by Sandra Betzina. This jacket has a lot of opportunity to play with fabric mixing and color blocking. It’s not a silhouette I enjoy for myself, but I do think it could produce some really interesting and fun garments since it really allows the fabric to shine.

V9364 – Very Easy Vogue. I feel like there are other similar patterns on the market I respond to a bit more? The top does look quite cozy, but I’m sure I’ve got something similar in the massive stash in the sewing room.

V9360 – Vogue Easy Options. I feel like these sorts of tops have been quite popular lately. Again, it’s not something I’m interested in for myself, but I’ve seen enough cute versions on others to be too disparaging of the style.

V9367 – Very Easy Vogue. On the one hand, I think I’d prefer having a bit more detail in my outerwear, but, on the other hand, I really do like the cover art drawings of this particular coat. It also looks like there is a nice bit of ease in the sleeves (based on the line drawing), and having an easy coat to put on over a suit might not be the worst thing to have in the wardrobe. It’s a maybe from me.

V9361 – Very Easy Vogue I really want this trouser pattern! I love them! The brown view is a nice, classic trouser, and the other options with the pocket details are fun as well. And this pattern could definitely work in my Soft Natural plans for this year…

And that’s it! Another pattern release down. Honestly, I’m actually pretty excited by this collection from Vogue. I think it’s a nice mix of fancy party gowns and cocktail dresses (for all those spring weddings), along with some solid work wardrobe basics and a few more casual options. Even here, though, I’m finding myself to be more discerning in my pattern selections. While there are a lot of things I like, I’m much more able to limit my to-buy wishlist to those patterns which I both love and know will work in the context of a Soft Natural wardrobe. The rest of the pretty I can just sit back and watch others enjoy. What do you all think? Are you as excited about this release as I am? Or are you less enthralled by the endless options of evening gowns and party dresses? Feel free to discuss in the comments!

17 thoughts on “Spring 2019 Vogue Patterns

  1. Unfortunately, this release is a bust for me. Nothing here I would wear except the top in 1620. I think the gowns are gorgeous, but I don’t have the sort of lifestyle that needs a gown like that. 🙂

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  2. So many pretty things that I don’t need! I am tempted to add V1616 to my Bellville Sassoon collection, solely for the pleasure of holding it in my hands and whispering to it. 😂 It is magnificent but I would never have a reason to wear it.

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  3. I think this is a partial return to form for Vogue. I am probably going to get the Paco Peralta one – my Burda stash isn’t as deep as yours so I could definitely find a home for the trench coat – and there are a few other interesting designs. I’m intrigued by 9363, the one made up in the windowpane check. Can’t decide if it’s fabulous or awful.

    The gowns are wonderful and I hope you get an opportunity to make one of them!

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  4. The Asian/Japanese influence is still going strong in many patterns. I do like the wide leg trousers, loose tunics and kimono sleeves. But I have many of those in my pattern stash already. The gowns are gorgeous though!

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  5. The thing that really struck me looking over these patterns is how many of them must call for enormous amounts of fabric, like the Sandra Betzina dress pattern. This release is such a wild mix of “bodycon” and, well, almost excessive volume. I guess Vogue is telling us this will be the style this spring? There are some really nice patterns in this collection, but none that I can see myself buying – though I’m not a very trendy dresser to begin with and mostly use vintage patterns, so it’s no surprise that this collection didn’t really speak to me! Lol. Still, I’m really looking forward to seeing others sew them!

    Have fun with all the upcoming weddings, by the way! Yay for excuses to wear incredible outfits!! I hope we’ll get to see what you wear!!

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  6. I think this is a good release overall. I love the gowns too and the Mouret / Meghan Markle knock off, tempted to try that one for a wedding guest dress. Weirdly for me I also love the look of the Zandra Rhodes jumpsuit!

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  7. The only one I might buy is the striped dress. I love interesting stripes. Don’t know if that’s my ‘type'( I’m still waffling on.that) but I love them!
    I have just learned I will need 2 mother- of – the- bride/ groom dresses. Don’t know what I’ll make though…

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  8. The gowns are nice, but I have no need of a gown. My likes are both the Tom and Linda Platt the Marcy Tilton, the dress with the interesting neckline and side drape and the flared trousers from Vogues own stable. The wardrobe pattern is solid, but I wouldn’t need it, though I do like the jacket drape. The baggy shirts and dress with handkerchief hem don’t appeal, Betzina frills are ott, and Peralta is on the boring side.

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  9. Really want the wardrobe pattern 9365. The tunic in 9363 and the trousers in 9361 also caught my eye. Otherwise, there are lots of things that are “fine” but nothing too thrilling.

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  10. Most of these don’t do much for me. V9355 is lovely, but it’s a little too sleek and tailored for me I think.
    (BTW I’m having great fun reading through your recent pattern review posts).

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  11. Just saw your post, so I am late to the party. I too love the Belleville Sasoon dress and the stripes on Vogue 9357 are wonderful. I think 9366 would make a wonderful Mother of the Bride/Groom outfit if the woman has bigger shoulders and bust than the model shown. Kimono jackets in theory are fine- but finding someone who can wear them without being overwhelmed by the jacket is hard.

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