February 2019 BurdaStyle Magazine

It seems like this announcement is out really early, but the full preview of the February BurdaStyle Magazine is already on the German site, with garment previews up on the Russian site. After the glitzy holiday party looks in the past two issues, this month feels refreshingly everyday and practical. I think the designs are still far from being dull or boring, though perhaps nothing is a real stand out for me either. I find there are a lot of things I think I might like to sew, but nothing that is grabbing my attention immediately. Even still, there’s a lot to see this month, so let’s take a look…

First up are the coats and jackets:

I’m always a sucker for a trench coat, and this is no exception. It feels very classically tailored, with simple details and a nice clean line.

This is more of a sweatshirt than a jacket, but I think it still works in this category. The waist tie is an interesting detail, but I think more fund could be the diagonal seams, which Burda didn’t use with pipping or color blocking, but I think I would. As a bonus this is the Step-by-Step design for the month.

I really like this stylish looking jacket. It’s not my personal style, but I really like the proportions of the collar and pockets to the overall silhouette.

It’s fun to see a really casual jacket in this issue, and I like a lot of the details in this design. The hood is a great feature.

This was showcased on the Russian preview, but didn’t have a preview on the German site, so it’s hard to say if this will be a pattern in the magazine. It’s also quite possible it’s a Plus design based on the shape/cut of the garment. I think it’s a really interesting take on the bomber jacket silhouette, and it adds a nice touch of soft detail.

There are some nice early spring dress options this month:

I know we’ve seen a lot of shirt dresses over the years, but I really like this one. I think the shirring adds and interesting design feature, it keeps it from being too boxy, and it’d be a fun technique to try. I also really like the shaped hem, and the elasticated sleeves mean that the only fussy bit of sewing would be the collar and button placement.

Burda’s obsessed with the wrap dress lately. The sleeves add just a hint of fun detail here, without being too over the top. And I’m never going to say no to a good wrap dress, even though I’ve already got too many of them in the stash.

Another simple style that has just a hint of detail in the sleeves. I could see how this might be a great wardrobe staple sort of look; it seems very office appropriate, but could also be very fun in a bold, splashy print.

Burda seems to be covering all the basic silhouettes in this issues. This isn’t the most innovative sheath we’ve ever seen, but like the previous style, it’s a nice simple classic that would look great as part of a work wardrobe.

This dress is a bit more casual but follows the basic silhouette trend Burda’s showcasing this month. I feel like we get a nice range of styles, even though I can’t say I’m particularly excited about any one of them, I do think that could make this issue a good value, especially if you like to pattern hack, as you would have a lot of good basic starting blocks.

The German site also didn’t have any images of this dress, but based on the gusset’s I’m betting we might be getting a Vintage reprint in February. It’s cute! I love the collar and the sleeve tab details.

The tops this month also hit quite a few basic silhouettes.

I really like this basic button up shirt, even though it is just a basic button up shirt. It has nice classic details at the collar and cuffs, and I think the styling shows how well this pattern could work with both solids and more wild prints, and how versatile it could be in a wardrobe.

I’m not as excited by this boxy shirt; I think the blue fabric just isn’t selling me on the design in the model photo. I do think the wide collar is a nice feature, and I wish we could see the print version a bit better; I expect I’d be more of a fan if this were in a nicely draping fabric.

This top has a similar silhouette, but I love it so much more! I really like the color contrast and the draping of the high low hem. It looks like it is intended to be worn as a loose work out top, but I could see it looking cute over a pair of skinny jeans too.

This is a really basic long sleeves tee, but I think the open neckline is a nice variation on this sort of pattern. It looks really wide on the line drawing, but I really like the proportion on the model. Basic, but very functional.

The bottoms this month follow the theme of simple but versatile wardrobe pieces.

I always love a good Burda pencil skirt. The slant pockets are a great detail, and I love how this is another pattern that could work well in both a solid and a print.

This skirt is another simple style that has just enough detail to keep it from being boring. I think the use of the bold print is quite eye-catching, but I think it could look great in a nice solid like a linen or cotton as well.

The cropped/ankle length trouser trend continues. I so like the stripe detail and the added bit of interest on the waistbands. I think these pants look great styled with the button up in this issue.

Casual sweatpants are always nice, and they definitely fit in with the athleisure trend. The shorts are really short, but they could be a very quick sew, and I could see them being very versatile; they could work for sports, pajamas, or as a fashion piece.

The Burda Plus patterns this month are also of the basics persuasion, though I don’t think they have quite the attention to detail that the regular sizes have. It’s not the best month for the Burda Plus sizes, but there are some decent basics:

I feel like we’ve been seeing a lot of these sorts of shirts from Burda lately? It’s not bad, but it also doesn’t feel interesting enough to be exciting, or traditional enough to be considered a wardrobe basic either.

I do like this draped t-shirt. The sleeve tabs on the rolled cuffs are a nice detail for a knit top.

I do think these are some nice basic trousers. The pockets are interesting, and a side zip removes any fear of following Burda instructions on a fly front if that’s a concern for you.

I’m actually pretty bored with this dress; like the tops it’s neither interesting enough to be exciting, nor classic enough to look really polished either.

Even this coat looks a bit sloppy, rather than looking modern or cool. I do find the under sleeve seams to be interesting though. I am curious to see how the pattern pieces look.

The kids selections this month aren’t too exciting, but I do think they would be pretty versatile/unisex since they are designed for such young children:

Aside from the dress, the trousers, shirt, and sweaters would all work for boys or girls, which is a nice design feature. It’s nice to see designs in this size range too; I feel like Burda often gives us baby clothes or clothes for older kids. I can’t say that I find these designs to be particularly innovative, but I do think that they could be really cute in a baby’s wardrobe.

And there we have it! It seems like there are a lot of really basic designs this month, which is both good and bad. It really eliminated a lot of styles for making the choice top top looks, so I think the Best of BS for February 2019 clearly goes to:

The tailored jacket! Although it’s not a style I’d choose to make for myself, I think this jacket definitely showcases the most design and detailing of any of the options this month. In a sea of basics, it really is a stand out pattern in this issue of the magazine.

And, as always, it is time to choose the worst pattern of the month. The BWTF award goes to:

The Burda Plus coat! I want to like this design more, but it just looks frumpy. There’s not a lot of detailing to make it look interesting, and even the waistband tie seems to emphasize that this dress really is just a sack with a front zip.

And that’s it! I expect this issue could be really divisive in the Burda fan community. Those who love Burda for offering lots of basics and wardrobe options should love this issue – there are a variety of silhouettes and tons of wardrobe basics, all in a single issue of the magazine. Those who are more excited by Burda’s unique styles and designer patterns will likely be disappointed; there really isn’t anything innovative or new in this issue. I often call these magazines “sleeper issues” – nothing is jumping off the page at me, but I’m sure I’ll be happy to have these patterns in the stash in the future. I’m especially eying that trench coat pattern – it would look great in a bold print for a real statement piece, especially because the lines are so simple. But what do you all think? Is this one of those classic Burda issues that people will covet for years to come? Or is this a really snooze-worthy issue full of boring basics? Feel free to discuss in the comments!

Also, bonus Burda news! According to the German site, Burda Easy will now be available 4 times a year! If you like Burda but prefer the easy of being able to cut out patterns directly or enjoy illustrated instructions this should be exciting news for you! Sadly, I think this magazine is only available in German, though I am very much hoping that this push to increase the frequency of the publication might mean its return to multiple languages again. I feel like Burda Easy is the sort of magazine that could sell at American craft stores; the regular issues can be a bit daunting for beginners, but the Burda Easy instructions are usually quite good and more in depth. In either case, I’ll be excited to see what new designs we get now that this will be a seasonal quarterly publication!

37 thoughts on “February 2019 BurdaStyle Magazine

  1. My initial reaction was meh. I agree with your highlights: tailored jacket; hooded jacket and the tailored shirt are the stand out pieces for me. Nothing in the plus size appeals…which means more grading up sigh…..

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  2. After following your blog for a bit, I finally got myself a Burda subscription. I’m looking forward to it. 🙂

    I personally still need some basic patterns in my stash, so this looks like it’ll be a good issue for me. I really like the colorblocked high/low hem top, and the jacket you picked as your “best of”.

    I know I don’t wear dresses nearly as often as I think I do, but I also like the casual dress with the shirring…it looks comfortable and airy.

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  3. I’ve still not managed to get January Burda (there was some delivery problem over Christmas to WHSmiths) but as a Kibbe Natural I quite like basics. I am also in the plus range though so not thrilled with those offerings. In the past I was the ideal size that straddled plus and standard which was great. I could do with working towards that again.

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  4. Thanks for the review! Was looking at the russian site yesterday and had hopes for more inspirational model photos. The long sleeved tee looks like something I buy RTW and that would be a good addition as a pattern, so the basic is definitly covered for me. And I like the skirts in this issue, but many of Burdas ”basic” skirts are still with 7 pattern pieces so will see when it arrives!

    As for the trench, I wanted to like it but then I started to think about the brilliant pink trench from 1/2018 and this does not compare at all. It looks like a jacket with trench details, instead of the creative pockets, lapels and overall styling. A very good looking jacket with trench details, but for a jacket I would pick one from 10/2018 for a recent burda pattern. This is an issue where I would pick it up, look at the garments and get inspiration to find another pattern that is similar but that I like better. Even the shirt dress and jacket that I really like in this issue.

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  5. Same feelings here, there are some pieces i could try to make: the skirts, the ankle pant, maybe one of the dress, but nothing catch my eyes. Will wait to see the instructions and sizes. When I renewed my subscription (french paper magazine) they indicate there will be 4 issues of the burda easy in the classic + easy pack, so i guess it’s not just a german bonus 😀 it would be great if the us burda website add the easy issues (until 2010) as they did with the classic issues, it’s a mystery why they only have a few

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  6. This issue is pretty underwhelming, but I do like a couple of tops enough to buy it: the T shaped blouse with the horizontal seam, and the pullover with sort of double raglan seams. Other than that, it kind of reminds me of a Burda Easy. I do think it’s mirroring the trend right now of ultra simple patterns made up in either solids or super lavish fabric.

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  7. I agree this is a love-it-or-hate-it kind of issue. I you’re just starting out with Burda, this is a great source for many of the basic silhouettes called for in so many “wardrobe essentials” lists. (Not Kibbe lists, but the generic ones.) Even if someone wanted to buy only one issue, this might be the one. You’ve got the unstructured coat and the tailored jacket. The loose tunic and the basic button shirt. The straight pencil and the pleated A-line skirt, numerous dress shapes from loose and casual to fitted and dressy, and so on.

    All that said, very few of these fit into my (now) well defined style, and I have more than enough similar patterns already.

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  8. I received the February issue and both the jacket and the dress are in. I like the pencil skirt and the grey dress. I think I did not sew any Burda pattern last year, even if there were enough nice ones. I renewed my subscription though, I like to have the magazine to see the models…maybe this year I will sew something too :))

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  9. Agree that this a basics issue and there aren’t really any “wow” patterns. I do like the jackets and I’m sure I’ll make both of the easy knit tops though.

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  10. Yeah, echoing most of the comments so far – nothing much for me here that I would wear, except for the skirt with the slant pockets, that’s a nice bit of classy detail to dress up a pencil skirt a bit! Its always such a pity that there are so many nice coat patterns, but I live in a subtropical climate and I’m never really going to be able to justify making them!

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  11. Guess I’m a bit of an oddball, there is so much here I like. The sweatshirt up top is definitely something I’d sew, it’s easily wearable anywhere (and over jeans or leggings), and if I decide I like it, surely it could be made in fancy fabric too…? The seam details and drawstring do it for me. The light hooded jacket looks like it could be a super rain jacket, and it looks like maybe a pattern I could handle. Win for me there too! LOVE the contrast color top. There is a similar pattern in a previous issue, but I much prefer the outline on this pattern (and maybe could fit into a Dramatic kibbe?) In any case, love the pattern and is a great way to buy a smaller amount of bling fabric to fit with a contrast… REALLY like that bomber style jacket too, but without the wrist ribbons (easy to remove…)

    Nope, I like this issue. Sorry folks… ♥ ♥

    This year is me and my other half’s 25th anniversary, so planning something other than jeans to wear MIGHT be a good idea… lol Got to find something easy to sew, Dramatic to sew….. Off to explore your Kibbe boards!

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    1. I thought there’d be more people out there excited for this issue! When it gets too fancy people can complain about “wearability” so I expected a bit more excitement for this one. Personally nothing is screaming at me, but there is a high likelihood I might make any or all (well, most) of these tops at some point because they are good mix-n-match items.

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  12. Wow, I can’t believe how much of this issue I like! I have always liked clean lines and classic styles and there is so much in this issue that fits that. Even the little girl dress is adorable. Even if I don’t buy it, it has given me some ideas on what to get started on for spring.

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  13. I like a number of options for ‘regular’ sizes (especially that double-breasted jacket!), but as always, the plus sizes are shapeless and boring. Wish they would extend their sizing up a bit so more sewists can make the mainstream offerings.

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    1. There are videos on how to up-size or down-size a pattern. Basically, you just follow the lines that nest, like the crotch point, shoulder points etc. Draw a new point with a dot, following the same spacing used in the other sizes (ie each new size is 1/2 inch apart or whatever) and then use a french curve to draw in the new size.

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  14. This is a pass for me. The only thing I could see myself making is the wrap dress and I have many more already from Burda Style. The rest I find pretty boring and why do all the tops have no darts? I need bust darts! I hope next months is an improvement. So far this year I’ve not been too impressed.

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  15. I got January’s issue in Greece and in it they had an advertisement about the 4 times per year Burda Easy edition, so I’ll assume that at least in Europe it will run everywhere.

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  16. I’m loving this one. The trench coat is great and also the shirt dress. I used to have a Vivienne Westwood shirt dress a little bit like that. And even though shirt dresses almost never work on me I am so tempted to make it. I also love the retro dress (very unusual for me) and the fancy sweatshirt.

    I was amused by the styling of the first story. Very Stepford Wives, apart from the shot of the trench coat in the spotted fabric. It might just be the model but it made me think of Catherine Deneuve.

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  17. Not super thrilling plus size options, but that red vintage-y dress is great!!

    I totally made a burda account today and looked through all their plus patterns. There’s some wonderful tailored pieces that I’m excited about that seem harder to find in indie patterns. Fun!!

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  18. Hi doctor T. I’ve just bought the February Burda from the stationer’s ONLY because of the beautiful bomber jacket on page 19. It’s simply stunning and is described as a Masterpiece . The fabric used is jacquard. I’m making it for sure. As for blouse 108, I think the neckline is too wide – it can only be comfortable in late spring. The pencil skirt is pretty too….but the bomber jacket is imo is a must-have.

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  19. I love the kids clothes! It’s hard to find RTW clothes for girls that aren’t frilly and pink and ruffled and generally over the top girly-girl. Many of the sewing patterns I see are just as bad, if not worse! These have a nice classy, Scandinavian-type aesthetic that really appeals to me.

    BTW, I just found your blog when I was searching for reviews of Burda patterns. I can hardly believe the wealth of information here! Thank you! The pattern companies really ought to send you a bonus check, or at least free patterns, for all the business I’m positive you create for them.

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