McCall’s Patterns Early Spring 2019

It’s hard to believe that the Early Spring looks are already here, but McCall’s is hot on Simplicity’s heels with the release of the Early Spring looks. (I’m a bit slow on the Simplicity release – I’ll post on that shortly). On the whole I feel like I’m giving most of this release a pass from me, but I do think there are lots of cute, easy spring looks that, while they may not suit me, could look great on others. Let’s take a look:

M7889 – Dress/top with gathering at the waist. I like this dress, but I don’t think it is something I need in my stash. I like the relaxed style, but it isn’t really unique enough for me to want to acquire it myself.

M7890 – I think the diagonal placket detail is the new hot trend from McCall’s. Personally, I prefer the version from the last release, but I can see why this more relaxed style could be popular for spring. I’m not the hugest fan of this style (I find it a bit nightgown-ish), but I expect that some sewing bloggers will make it up and I will change my mind, as is often the case.

M7891 – Another very loose, relaxed dress. There is a bit more detail here with the shoulder/neck opening variations, but I’ve never really been the biggest fan of these extremely loose dress styles. I’m sure a belt/waist tie (as shown in the floral drawing) would do a lot to add shape, but I don’t think that’s enough to tempt me on this design.

M7892 – I think the styles in this pattern are really cute, but not particularly original. Wrap styles with ruffles have been pretty ubiquitous, though I do think there are some nice options in this pattern. Another pass from me, but only because I have similar styles already in the stash.

M7893 – I really like the asymmetric hem on this wrap dress, and I keep telling myself I could easily make this sort of adjustment on a pre-existing pattern, because I really don’t need another wrap dress in the stash. I do really, really like it though. Very cute.

M7894 – I am… unconvinced on this one. The seam lines are interesting and create a cool potential for color blocking, but I’m not very wowed by the floral depiction on the envelope. The neck-V is quite deep, and the addition of the ruffles are a bit much for me as well. There’s not a whole lot here I’m really excited by with this pattern.

M7895 – I do like this David Tutera pattern though. I think the different bodice styles are quite pretty, and the skirts are definitely full of drama for when you want to make an entrance. Clearly not the most versatile pattern, but it sort of feels like I could play dress up as an 80s Barbie (so much pink!), and, not gonna lie, I’m sort of ok with that.

M7896 – I also really like this Create It! gown. The different bodice styles are really versatile, and the skirts can be more fun or more formal with the change of length. This one is definitely going on my wishlist.

M7897 – The Archive Collection circa 1955. I always love the vintage reprint patterns, though this may not be the most flattering style for me to re-create. I do wish we could see the original artwork; it’s always so fun to see how these styles were presented when the original pattern was published.

M7898 – I feel like this Nicole Miller dress will appeal if you are into the ruffles, but won’t if you aren’t. The ruffles could easily be left off, but then it’s just a basic dress. Too frilly for me, but I do think it’s pretty as an overall design.

M7899 – Relaxed top with sleeve options. I’m getting into wearing relaxed silhouettes more and more, but this style just feels a but too voluminous, even though that is intentional in the styling. It just makes the proportion feel a tad bit off somehow.

M7900 – This top looks pretty similar to that corset style shirt from the last release. I prefer the style from before, but if you want sleeve ruffles, this pattern offers more options for that.

M7901 – I can’t decide if shirring is a cool detail or too cutesy to be of interest. I’m leaning towards cutesy, but I can see how this could be a cool detail to include in a spring top if you like the textured/gathered look.

M7902 – Another blouse with sleeve options. Not much exiting here. Moving on.

M7903 – Because McCall’s can’t let the ruffle trend go.

M7904 – In theory I like the asymmetric hem on this blouse, but I’m unconvinced by the model photo – it looks quite stiff and awkward. Fabric choice would be important, but without a better example I think this might be a pass for me.

M7905 – Ruffly skirt. As with many of the looks this release, you are either going to be into the ruffles or you aren’t, so I highly suspect this skirt will appeal to that subset who are all about the ruffles.

M7906 – This button front skirt is going to be more appealing if you want something that is a touch more streamlined. The shapes are quite sweeping, bold, and oversized, but I have to admit I do like the way this skirt is presented. Personally, I don’t think I need another button front skirt option in my own stash, but I do like the way this style looks on the model.

M7907 – I’m a bit more intrigued by these pants. I think the version on the model actually looks pretty stiff and awful, but I think these trousers could look cute in a different fabrication. Maybe. Perhaps. I’m also more intrigued by the styles McCall’s didn’t choose to showcase on the model, so that could be part of my interest here as well.

M7908 – I think this is the chicest pattern in this whole release. The jumpsuit just looks so sharp! The look is quite clean and tailored, which I really like the look of. It’s also part of the reason why I know this wouldn’t be the best jumpsuit option for me, and why I’m trying to convince myself I don’t need this pattern. But, I do really like it. That model is absolutely killing it!

M7909 – I’m less excited by this jumpsuit pattern. The super deep V-neck just isn’t my favorite style (sometimes it’s just not worth thinking about bra concealment that hard), and the ruffles aren’t really selling me on this design either. I expect to see some sewing/fashion bloggers rocking this look come spring, but I think I have other jumpsuit styles in the stash that I like more than this one.

M7910 – I am, however, a bit more interested in this Create It! jumpsuit design. The V-neck is insanely open. (Seriously, tape had better be part of the required materials to keep that thing on), but I do like the other bodice options. I also like the different leg styles as well. I feel like this could be a very versatile pattern, with a bodice and trouser option to suit nearly any need.

M7911 – This Nicole Miller look has a LOT of volume. I’m oddly fascinated by the extra-wide trouser, and I’m not finding the ruffle on the blouse to be too offensive, though I think the whole outfit could be a bit much, worn together as is. I may have costuming purposes for those pants though, so this pattern might find its way into my stash regardless, but I’m having a hard time deciding if I can envision this as anything other than a cosplay starting point.

M7912 – I really like this relaxed cardigan style sweater. I would absolutely wear this to death. I love the length options, and the dropped shoulder, and the waist tie. So awesome! It looks cozy and comfortable.

M7913 – I’m less excited by this boxy unisex design. I feel like if I wanted a loose-fitting overshirt, Burda could provide me with better options, and if I wanted a nice man’s shirt I could find a better fit elsewhere too. Honestly, giant stiff boxes really aren’t doing it for anyone. Well, anyone except James Corden anyway…

M7887 – Kids clothes. Cute? Ruffly? Back buttons might make it easy to put on a kid? Though I somehow suspect said kid might prefer a t-shirt instead? Difficult to say.

M7888 – For the child fashionista.

M7914 – I actually think this clutch style purse pattern could be fun to use for gifts or possibly in a metallic leather look fabric (without the embellishment) for a fun evening style. It would look really chic with one of those jumpsuit styles!

M7915 – Angela Clayton. I’m a sucker for costume patterns, and anything looking like period accurate undergarments are always a super cool release. I love the elongated corset – this would work so well under period or period inspired designs.

M7916 – And the Outlander love continues from McCall’s/ I love this style! Getting this pattern, no question.

And that’s it! Overall I feel like I’ve talked myself out of a lot of patterns from this release because I really don’t need them in the stash, but there are a few that I might consider adding at the next sale. What do you all think? Does this release jump-start your desire to start spring sewing? Or is this release full of a lot of dull, frilly looks? Feel free to discuss in the comments!

24 thoughts on “McCall’s Patterns Early Spring 2019

  1. I’m unthrilled by this release, sad to say. I should look at it again when it’s actually spring as opposed to early winter with the coldest two months still ahead of us 🙂 I do like that jumpsuit you picked out. Not convinced at all by the asymmetric placket dress. It looks messy rather than intentional on the model.

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      1. Absolutely luuurve that jumpsuit. Ever since I saw a young lady at the theatre in a long sleeved red tencel (maybe, I didn’t accost her) jumpsuit I just can’t erase the memory and the want! Yes, I see a jumpsuit like this in my future. Oh and everyone who can’t imagine the delay in toileting, perhaps a bit of pelvic floor attention is required. Come on girls, lift!!

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  2. It’s funny, even though I consider myself pretty observant when reading line drawings, whenever I read your reviews I end up seeing something I missed the first time. I wrote off 7894 because I couldn’t get past the ruffles but once you pointed out the neckline you hated I realized I really like the neckline and the short sleeves. And the way the slit is incorporated into the swoopy seamlines. So it’s going on my list! 😛

    I wish I had the body for the 7908 jumpsuit…

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  3. The only pattern I’m interested in is the unisex jacket, just because it reminds me so much of an LL Bean jacket I have (which is modeled after a Burberry jacket). I’ll likely pick up this pattern and hang on to it until I can find the right quilted fabric.

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  4. This release is a total yawn fest for me. Not one pattern that I feel evenly remotely tempted by. Which of course is not a bad thing at all.

    The jumpsuit that you like so much, I have a massive dislike for. I’m not sure if it is because it reminds me of a workers jumpsuit that someone altered to fit a woman, but that could be the fabric choice. Or, if it looks like one I had back in the day, that I wore one day when I had digestive issues and could barely get out of it in time. Or because of experience I know that for comforts sake that jumpsuits shouldn’t be closely fitted. Anyway, I hate it. Sorry 🙂

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  5. I do like the button front skirt, and that first shirtdress/top. Aside from that, there’s nothing I found very exciting. The boy mom side of me is annoyed about the lack of kids patterns, though not surprised. And I honestly wish the jumpsuit trend would go away already. A bunch of the indies have also had those lately, and I still can’t understand why everyone is suddenly into clothes that require a complete strip down every time you need to use the bathroom. Hard pass.

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  6. The very first shirtdress/top is actually a pattern I’d consider getting on sale… I like the style, and it would hide some of my lumps. In a drapey fabric, maybe I’d even make more than one. It doesn’t look like it has a lot of fitting problems so this could be a dress I could sew.

    Not one of the others appeal to me, and in any case my stash overfloweth in a major way. I got that long jacket pattern AND another from the same etsy shop that has a killer biker style (sorta) hoodie vest/jacket that is also a MUST sew. Must.

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  7. Maybe it´s just me, but I have a hard time picturing the tops together with the bottoms in this release. It is something I look for; could I make a wardrobe/collection of the patterns and here.. Nope.

    I do like the skirt with buttons (years after the trend). But not as much as I liked the sequin blazer in december burda when I looked at the pattern pieces and realized it will be the perfect reversible linen blazer for summer.

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  8. I may get the little girl’s pattern for the cute bouncy shorts, but I think the top would be too much trouble to make for my daughter to wear for 10 minutes before she out grows it… And it would be a big hassle to wrestle her to put it on!
    I really like giant pants, so I am also leaning towards the Nicole Miller pattern, but again I wouldn’t make the too.
    I always love the reproduction patterns so I will definitely put this one from the archive collection on my list. It is one step away from those fabulous hostest gowns from the era! Maybe I’ll get one of the jumpsuits and pair it with that tied skirt to get that look??
    But the 7909 drawings make that jumpsuit look like a pinafore or a robe to me…
    Anyway, I’m having a lot of thoughts about this release.
    Thanks always for sharing!

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  9. The only one of these patterns that caught my eye was the first one (7889) and only because of view A, the blouse. I doubt I will get it, but it is the only one I liked.

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  10. “M7903 – Because McCall’s can’t let the ruffle trend go.”

    LMAO! Thank you so much for saying this! As I was reading through the post and seeing that McCall’s has kept up the ridiculous ruffle trend I started wishing I could just go around with a pair of scissors and snip the darned things off, then I read this and started laughing so hard!

    I’m also with you on the chic jumpsuit and the Angela Clayton pattern! Though I don’t know if a jumpsuit would work for me. I tried wearing one once and it was so painfully ill-fitting and unflattering that it put me off attempting to wear one again even though I love the way some of them (including this super chic one) look.

    I’m really enjoying reading your take on the recent pattern releases, by the way!! 🙂

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    1. Thanks! That is the sort of jumpsuit that isn’t going to work for me, so I likely won’t get it for myself, but I like the way it looks on the model and I think it could look really cute on others. And, yes, so over the ruffles!


  11. If this ruffle and flounce thing ever goes away, we are really going to miss it. Ha! Kidding! BTW I could also be done with the cold shoulder, the high-low hem, and the paper bag waist. Everybody’s seen it, whoever’s gonna sew it has sewn it, now let’s move on.

    The main thing I got from this release was looking at the models and trying to figure out their types. One of them is Gamine or some type of Romantic and is pretty well matched with the styles, but another is Natural or Dramatic and is looking very uncomfortable in ruffled tops. 🤔😬

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  12. I love fashion, and I love sewing whenever I can. The McCall’s 2019 Early Spring Patterns are …. well … hmm …. …. (deep sigh) sad. Most of them look like they came from the leftover 80s & 90s reject files.

    I though there are a few that aren’t that bad. They just need a little tweaking:

    1) M7889
    This is actually a nice dress, but the fabric and the neck line are too plain. They could have given two neckline choices to really enhance the visual allurement: 1) a nice round scoop extended to the mid-point of the neck and shoulder (end of clavicle), curving down to the second button, and 2) a V-neck at about 1-inch (2.25cm) closer to the neck, down to just above the third button. Personally, I would also like to see the option to extend the dress down to just above the knee. (Sorry, I can’t figure out how to attach an edited photo.)

    4) M7892
    What were the McCall’s designers thinking? Top B and Dress C aren’t that bad, but the 1950s drapery fabric really does nothing to highlight the prettiness of this pattern. They should have showcased Top B in an ivory washed silk (with option to slit the sleeves), and Dress C in a soft blue design with the lantern sleeve (maybe double slits), a bow-less belt, and the option to make it into a long free flowing maxi dress. The crop top is dead and buried, and should be burned.

    5) M7893
    I thought the exact same thing. This is the classic wrap dress, that many sewers already have a similar pattern in their collection. If not, here’s your chance to get it. The angular front is a very cheep design feature. They were better off changing skirt lengths and widths (straight vs free flowing).

    20) M7908
    I like this jumpsuit. Very retro, yet modern.
    JamieDSC: What do you mean you don’t have the body to wear this pattern? Just because they show a size 000 model wearing it, that doesn’t mean the rest of us can’t wear it. The pants are a straight cut from the hips, so they are good on all body types. You can fit the top a little looser to your body by making the it one size bigger so it fits at the waist along the lines of B6330, and then create a thick belt to with the outfit. So it flows nicely, use a lighter weight fabric, like cottons and cotton-mixes, rayon, silk, etc. Make a quick sample out of a cheep, light weight fabric to see how you like it and how you can make adjustments to have it fit you.

    20) M7908
    This could have been a really nice jumpsuit. It has potential because of 2 and 6. Maybe 3. But pant 4 is terrible. The pant looks terrible on the model, and it will look terrible on anyone who has an extra few pounds on their hips and/or legs. Then their’s Top 1. I don’t know of any women that will be walking down any red carpets, and have to tape her v-neck to her chest so a Janet Jackson or Madonna “accident” doesn’t happen. Options to have the V open to the armpit or the belly would have been a monumental improvement because – I guarantee you – unless McCall’s clients are planning on walking down the 1990s seedy side of Hollywood in hopes for a handsome rich man driving a Lotus Esprit SE to drive by, pick them up, and pay them for a week’s worth of business, the vast majority of the population will not opt for Top 1.

    Happy sewing ladies!


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