Useful Kibbe Related Video

For anyone who has been following along with the Sew Your Kibbe series, this video is sort of helpful in understanding how to combine pieces to create an overall yin/yang effect, which could be helpful if you really want to incorporate pieces from other style IDs.

As sewists, I think we probably have a better intuitive grasp over the nature and behavior of certain fabrics, but I do enjoy how she discusses how the type and weight of the fabric, the print and/or color, and the style lines of the garment all work together to create something that works as being yin, yang, or some combination thereof.  I think all of this is helpful, because, while I’ve been focusing on patterns and design lines, there are many more decisions that go into garment construction to help give an overall feel to an outfit.  It’s easier to illustrate with finished garments, I think, because when we look at patterns alone, the fabric options are to some extent endless.

Hope you found this video as interesting as I did!

8 thoughts on “Useful Kibbe Related Video

  1. Very helpful! There are SO many factors to consider with fabric. Especially if you sew most of your wardrobe and want all the pieces to work with each other. I have to keep reminding myself I can have some soft drapey pieces but I have to balance them with crisp tailored pieces. It’s a process. 🤣

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  2. (she is very easy to listen to…) The yin-yang concept on top of Kibbe is a bit too complex for me. There are a couple of things I’m taking away from this though, like the way she explains the long/short jackets for long/short people in contrast the the fabrics and stuff. Love the clothes she shows! Very interesting video.

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