Winter 2017 Butterick Patterns

The latest collection from Butterick patterns can be seen here.  I don’t think it has been the best year for Butterick, and I’m sad to say I feel that this collection sticks with the dated trends being brought back from the 80s.  There are, of course, some good looking patterns here, and in particularly I’m interested by a lot of the patterns in the extended plus sizes. On the whole, though, the collection is a bit of a miss for me.  Let’s take a look:

B6523 – I’m torn on this one.  I’ve been wanting to make a long length blazer with a shawl collar, but for some reason this reads very much to me as “smoking jacket pajamas.”  I like the princess seams and darts for fitting, and the pants are fine, but something still feels off.  I’m trying to see past the styling, but I’m ambivalent.  And with the pattern stash I’ve accumulated, “ambivalent” might not be enough to cut it.

B6522 – Fast & Easy jumpsuits.  I’m on a jumpsuit kick right now.  After making my Vogue 1524 for the Sewing Bee, I want to make all the jumpsuits.  I really love the black/white contrast idea, and I love the use of the stripes also.  I know I’m best when I avoid culottes, but I think they are super cute here.

B6516 – Lifestyle Wardrobe pattern.  The long cover up is really dramatic, and the sheath dress is hot!  I’m not in love with the jacket styles, as I find them too boxy for myself, but I think they could be a great way to show off a fabulous fabric since they are so simple in construction lines.

B6528 – Cardigan/Sweater/PJs.  Although this shows everything as pajamas, I’m pretty sure you could make the top in a nice sweater knit and it would look great, especially with a lacy cami underneath.

B6524 – Lest we forget that the 80s are having a comeback moment, Butterick gives us this vest.  The diagonal pocket seams are cool, but the overall look feels very dated.

B6526 – Lisette.  The crossover top isn’t a new idea, but I think it still looks pretty cool.  The line drawing seems to have a very low neckline, but the model version looks ok?  Might be something to be mindful of.  The pockets in the trousers are super chic looking.

B6515 – Part of me really likes the sleeveless dress, and part of me knows the ruffle will do me no favors.  At this point there are so many other sheath dresses with ruffled sleeves I’m not too interested by that.  I think this could be a cute dress for a winter holiday party, but I also think there are better options out there for myself.

B6514 – These are the sorts of dresses I always pass over, but I always think they look so cute when other people make them.  All the seam lines will be lots of work, but also give lots of room to adjust the fit.

B6525 – This is a pattern I wouldn’t normally gravitate towards, but it’s really growing on me.  The color blocked sweater is super cute, and I actually really love the dress too.  The multi-piece dolman sleeve is very interesting.  The elastic skirt and pants aren’t likely to get used by me, but I’d be willing to get this just for the sweater top.

B6527 – Have the waterfall front cardigans been gone long enough for them to have a come back?  Though, to be fair, I do actually rather line some of the options here, especially that double layered version.  This is going on the maybe list.

B6521 – Katherine Tilton jacket.  It’s the typical Katherine Tilton style, so I think you will either gravitate towards it or you won’t.  I do think all the curved seams are very interesting though.  Would be cool to see them utilized with some fun piping or color blocking.

B6533 – Connie Crawford.  I wasn’t too impressed when I saw the pattern envelope at first, but when I saw that this pattern comes in sizes up through 6X, I got pretty excited because my mom would wear the hack out of that jacket.  Maybe not in the fabric on the cover, but the style would be perfect for her.  This one is definitely joining the stash at the next pattern sale.

B6517 – I had to check and make sure they weren’t shoving shoulder pads in this knit top.  Because of the cut it has a very 80s exaggerated shoulder vibe going on.  I’m sort of torn on the ruched tops, because I feel like they rarely look as good in person, but I am digging that cowl neck top.  I’m thinking this one might make it onto the list just for view C.

B6520 – This might be one of the less wild Katherine Tilton looks, though I’m sure you could amp it up by mixing fabrics.  I think it might be a bit boxy for me, but I actually rather like this top; the interesting hem gives it some nice drape.

B6518 – Peasant blouse with ruffles.  Not the first time, not the last time.  The lace inset in the sleeve is a nice detail.  Moving on.

B6519 – I feel like this might have made more sense in a summer collection?  Just a thought.

B6534 – I’m really not into buying unisex patterns because I don’t think the draft works well for anyone, BUT I am super inspired by the idea of the simple mid-length print duster coat.  I love what the guy is wearing, and the drawing of it on the woman.  I don’t think this is the pattern I’d use to make it, but I really like the idea of it.

B6530 – Patterns by Gertie.  Undergarments are important for those giant 50s skirt silhouettes.  This could be a good option if you are looking to do costuming or cosplay.

B6537 – Making History costume.  I’m a sucker for costume patterns, and the skirt is really lovely.

B6529 – The neckline on these PJs is actually really pretty.  You could probably wear this out in real life too, depending on fabric choice.

B6532 – Nice to see a PJ pattern in the extended Plus size ranges.  This one might also be going on the list so I can make something for my mom.

B6531 – Family PJ set.  This one steps it up a notch in the cool factor; much better than the whole-family onesies that we usually get.

B6535 – Holiday crafts.  Not the sort of thing I typically make, but could be fun if it is something you usually enjoy.

B6536 – Dog clothes.  These feel slightly more thematic than the typical dog cover up.  I’m getting a very Dickens feel especially from the one with the hat.


B6538 – I’m way over-excited for this hat pattern, mainly because there are several cosplays I want to make that these would be perfect for.  This could be the pattern I’m most excited about in this whole release!

The See & Sew patterns aren’t new, but rather re-releases of popular patterns.  I’m not going to spend a lot of time on them, as they are mainly boxy sweaters and jackets, but I thought it would be good to include them for completeness.











And that’s it!  So, on the whole, not a ton of things to be excited about in this release.  There are certainly a few of these releases that I’m considering for the stash, and I’m definitely getting some of the patterns that go into the extended plus sizes so I can make a few things for my mom.  Other than that, though, I’m somewhat uninspired.  What do you all think?  See anything here that you can’t wait to get to your cutting table?  Or will you be using other patterns for your winter sewing?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!



15 thoughts on “Winter 2017 Butterick Patterns

  1. I don’t think anything was OVERLY exciting for me but there are several on my wishlist! I never stopped liking waterfall cardigans and love that layered one with the chiffon. I think I have the perfect piece of silk for it too!

    Really like that sheath in the wardrobe pattern. I didn’t LOVE the Lisette pattern but her patterns are so solid that I’ll likely buy it. I like the Tilton pattern, the sleeveless version of the ruffle dresses (though it’s the kind of thing that would really read as “dressed up” at work so I’ll likely not buy it. And I like the dolman top and dress.

    I’m not sure why that off shoulder top is happening. And 6517 makes me grab at my neck just looking at it. But the cowl version is nice. Maybe that’ll be a see & sew release in the future 🙂

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  2. I am in love with 6520 (Tilton) and I adore the seaming on Lisette 6526, the pockets are something I haven’t seen before. I also kind of like See and Sew 6505. As always I really enjoy your opinion on new releases.

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  3. Agree completely with your review on this set… Not much really grabs me here, except for the sweater dress (B6525) – the top, dress, and skirt… I would give those a try when the patterns are on sale. And maaaybe the casquette pattern (the far right hat B6538) because I simply CANNOT find a replacement casquette that fits me for the one I’ve had for years.

    Oh, well, at the same time, if the patterns are on sale, I might get the hoodie dog coat too. Because dogs need hoodies too.

    I finally finished my Burda sweater and I both love it and am disappointed. The upper (original) part fits super well, but the lower part is very droopy – the lower part was my own addition because I wear leggings while I work most of the time, and it seems The fabric I chose is not quite the right one. Oh well, I’m in this to learn. Next up: a VERY short jacket pattern from 03/2017 to use the one metre of fabric I got in Paris last year. It’s a very flashy fabric, so if I don’t mess it up, I could wear it for Christmas. A lined pattern, so I’ll finally learn how to line a jacket (there are soooooooooo many jackets I want to sew, just because). Also, two top patterns to use up 5 different kinds of fabric I’ve for two years now and really love. Dammit, I’ll learn this sewing thing. :-p

    Really love your pattern reviews, and your Burda previews (hint hint, is there a January preview coming up? 🙂 )

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    1. Yup, January will be up once I collect all the images and write it. I’ve also got a few pattern reviews in the works, and a few additional posts in draft form. I’m thinking about jumping in on the Pattern Review fabric stash contest next month, which should also generate lots of posting, and I’ll have my traditional end of the year wrap ups looking back at sewing and the full year of Burda. If the timing all works out, the blog should be pretty busy in the next month.

      Also, so great that you got a Burda sweater going! It takes a while to get used to pairing fabrics and patterns; there is definitely a learning curve, but it sounds like you are on the right track. I’m excited to head how the jacket goes! My first coat was sort of a mess because I got too obsessed with wired fit changes and making bound buttonholes, but I really didn’t have the precision for that. Plus, my interfacing was crap. I still have it though, and the learning experience was invaluable. Good luck and have fun! Also, look for tutorials on bagging a lining – they will save you so much time, especially if you are making a short jacket and don’t have to worry about a vent.

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      1. Indeed, no vent on this one. It’s not my dream jacket, but I really want to use that fabric, and there is only one metre of it. Will definitely show a picture when it’s done (pushing myself to do it quick, official art jobs are done for a couple of weeks so now’s the time), and will try to do a Pattern Review too, because I’ll have to make some adjustments for my height. The fabric is a kind of brown/copper color with gold thread in it, actually really pretty. It was intended as a vest for my other half, but he doesn’t really need one. According to me (lol).

        This is the pattern, looks like a good starter jacket:


  4. Thanks for your review, as usual, I look forward to them. Oh and did someone notice? B6510 is exactly similar to Vogue 8930 (which is, by the way, a nice coat pattern).


  5. Slightly disappointing release. B6515 view A would make a nice dress for the party season. I can see the historical pattern turning up at lots of steampunk conventions and it will be interesting to see what colourways people opt for. Re the shawl jacket, I have also been wanting to make one and have been looking at Burda 9/2008 model 129 and 4/2013 model 101.

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  6. Thanks for making it so easy to scroll through the line drawings! I wish the pattern company websites would do the same. Butterick’s fabric/styling choices especially are often a real turnoff for me


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