Pattern Review Wardrobe Sudoku Composite Post

It’s been a crazy 2 months of sewing like a fiend, but my Wardrobe Sudoku contest entry is done!


Here is the final Sudoku board with my finished items:


The requirements were to make 10 outfits, but I decided to go “full sudoku” and just throw in all the other optional combinations that were suggested as possibilities on the discussion boards and on other blog sites.  Some of the optional looks (like the Center Square and Four Corners) turned out to be some of my favorite looks.

Here are the outfits I was able to make:





For me the stand-out looks are: Diagonal 1, Row 2, Row 3, Column 2, Column 3, and Quadrant IV.

Here are the links to all my individual reviews:




My favorite individual pieces are the white pants, the skinny trousers, and the bow tie top.

Interestingly, even though I spent quite a few late nights master planning this sudoku board and spent even more time tweaking the items and placements over the past few months, I’m not entirely sure I ended up with a lot of looks I love.  I picked pieces whose silhouettes I thought would look good together, in colors I’m drawn to, yet I’m not entirely excited by what I’ve created as a whole collection.  Certainly, there are some pieces that look great together, but probably only two pieces (the white pants and the black top) that look good with everything.  Even though I feel I had a pretty narrow color scheme (black, white, teal, navy, and grey), I perhaps used a few too many different prints to have everything mesh well.  Something to consider if (when) I do more capsule wardrobe type planning and sewing in the future.

Another thing, perhaps, is that I’m not sure I had a really cohesive idea for “where am I going?” when I put the board together.  I sort of threw a lot of classier pieces in the mix, but then had some more casual looks with the sweater and culottes.  It isn’t as cohesive as it could be.  When I was choosing patterns I was looking for a way to incorporate some of the more recent trends, rather than thinking about how everything would look as a whole.  I think this is why I’m not entirely loving the mix at the end of of the experiment.  It likely would have been better if I’d had more of a purpose in mind at the outset, like “business formal” or “weekend casual” instead of “ooooh, I want to make a [insert clothing item here].”  Perhaps I got a bit fixated on fitting recent trends (like culottes) into the mix instead of considering the versatility of the wardrobe as a whole.  Another thing I will have to think about for future wardrobe attempts.

Finally, it is sort of interesting how some of the looks I’d normally put together are restricted by the set-up of the sudoku board.  For example, if I had to just create 10 looks from these pieces, each bottom would be paired with the black top as an outfit (4 looks), each top would be paired with the white pants (3 looks), I would pair the boucle jacket with the white pants and the skirt (2 looks), and I would pair the sweatshirt with the skinny trousers (1 look).  This, of course, is not as restrictive as the actual sudoku game, as it does not require the pieces to be as versatile or coordinate with as many other things.  On the other hand, to be frank, that is probably how I will wear these in real life.  So, as far as sudoku-ing goes, I’m not sure I would use this formula for future wardrobe planning, but I did find it to be a really informative exercise in thinking about what makes a piece versatile.  I would try again if Pattern Review does another contest, but I don’t think I will use it as a primary wardrobe strategy in daily life.

Anyway, despite my indecisiveness over the results, I am really happy I decided to persevere and finish this contest.  I think all of the pieces I’ve made will find use in my wardrobe, though perhaps not as I’ve grouped or styled them here.  And I do think it was incredible useful and informative to sew an entire wardrobe in two months.  It let me explore my capabilities as far as time management and incorporating sewing into my schedule, as well as play around with the idea of a mini-wardrobe.  I’ve been doing quite a bit of thinking about wardrobe planning the past few months, and this contest was a great way to explore what sorts of pieces I want to continue to add to the wardrobe in the future.

18 thoughts on “Pattern Review Wardrobe Sudoku Composite Post

  1. I love all the items you made and think they all work as you have them. Great pieces worn together in a variety of ways. My fav looks are quadrant three and row three. The halter ( love it!)
    And culottes.


  2. Fantastic job, this was clearly a lot of work in the planning and execution and the finished entry looks great, but I understand if you are feeling a bit burned out by it all and not fully appreciating what you’ve come up with. It really doesn’t matter whether you wear these pieces in their Sudoku combinations, you have some fantastic pieces here and have found some great new patterns that you can make again.

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    1. Yeah, I think contributing is that it’s been really warm and all the clothes are a bit more ready for fall weather. Putting on so many outfits was a hot and bothersome task, so by the time I wrote my review I was kind of over it. Definitely feeling a bit more positive with a day of hindsight.


  3. Your sudoku has been a triumph and the most amazing process to follow. Not only to sew all of those garments in the allotted time but to then find time to photograph and post about them. You are amazing and the garments are fabulous. Really lovely!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. It’s an amazing achievement. And taking all those outfit photos must have taken forever! Even if you don’t wear the pieces as the official sudoku combos I bet you will wear them a lot.


  5. Got to agree, not only finding the time to make all these lovely garments, but managing to photograph everything AND write about them is pretty amazing. Gorgeous sets of clothes, every last one of them! Hard to pick they are all so nice, but my favs are the skinny pants, the sequin pullover, the striped cold shoulder, and the culottes. And the jacket, love the jacket. Can’t pick a fav look, because honestly they all look great.

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  6. Thank you for sharing. I admire and looked forward to your updates on the progress of this challenge. It was great to see what a real life person can accomplish. You have inspired me to try.

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  7. You have achieved a lot of very wearable and usable outfits. I suspect you will use them a lot. You have a wardrobe of outfits for those days when you just can’t be bothered to think about what to wear and need to look not only good but super professional too.

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