Marfy Patterns Fall/Winter 2015

The new Marfy patterns are up on the McCall’s website.  Normally I’m oooohing and ahhhhing over the Marfy designs (despite the fact that I have yet to sew one of their patterns), but this release felt very repetitive. Many of the designs looked like other styles from previous Marfy releases, or even like other styles in this release.  There isn’t anything I’m super excited about, but here are my top picks for this release:

F3755 F3755 (1)

F3755 – I like the interesting collar in this coat.

F3752 F3757

F3752 (left) and F3757 (right).  Classic looking coat, but I always like classic coats.  The cape has an interesting zip front closure.

F3785 F3783

F3783 (left) and F3785 (right).  I like the gathered waists.

F3749 F3744

F3749 and F3744 both look like they would have a pretty flow.

F3633 F3630

F3633 and F3630.  I like the back drape on 3633, and the asymmetric gather on 3630.


F3779 – Pretty!  I love the bodice on this dress!

So, what do you all think?  See any wow designs that I missed?  Or is everything starting to look rather repetitive?  Tell me your thoughts in the comments!

5 thoughts on “Marfy Patterns Fall/Winter 2015

  1. I like the cape and it’s tempting to make it w/ different material. But honestly,the image looks a little dated. Like I want to say, “Hello Marfy, the 70’s called and wants its tweed back.”

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