New Skate Dance: The Tango Delancha

The Tango Delanco was introduced as a compulsory for the World Class Team Dance division three years ago, and has now been adapted for the World Class Solo Dance division as the Tango Delancha.  You can download the dance diagram/description from the USARS website.  There is also an instructional video posted to YouTube – you can watch it below.

This new dance is very similar to the women’s steps on the first half of the pattern, goes into the man’s steps at the start of the first corner, then switches back to the woman’s steps for the corner lobe.  Things change quite a bit on the second side, mainly by removing the ballroom turns and replacing them with various one-foot turns.

A few things to note about the diagram:

(1) Step 27d is drawn and identified on the colored diagram as a LBO Counter, however, in the description it is stated to be a LBO Rocker.  In the video it is skated as a Counter, and in the “Attention to Key Points” section it is stated that it is a Counter.  So I’m assuming step 27d is a Counter and that the list of steps is wrong.

(2) Step 28b is stated to be a RFO Rocker on the colored diagram, but is drawn as a Counter.  The list of steps calls it a RFO Counter, but the video shows it as a Rocker and in the “Attention to Key Points” it is stated as a Rocker.  So I am going to assume it is a Rocker and that both the Diagram Drawing and List of Steps is wrong in this case.

Finally – dang but this dance is hard!  I’ve only been playing around with it, but it gets more complicated as you go along – that last corner sequence doesn’t even feel like dance skating!  It seems like it would be more in place in a freestyle footwork sequence or a free dance routine.  This dance has been chosen for the next competitive season – should be interesting to see how this dance is handled by all of the solo skaters at nationals!

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