Newsflash: June Burda Preview Posted

The full preview for the June issue has been posted over on the Russian Burda website.  I have to say that while I absolutely loved the last two issues, I’m only lukewarm on this one.  There are a few things I really like, a lot of things that are ok, and a more than a few pieces that leave me scratching my head.  Let’s take a look:

There were a few things (mostly dresses) that I really liked in this issue:

Love this dress!  So pretty for summer.
A bit sad it is in the petite sizes.
Just means more work for me.
The front drape looks… interesting.  Can’t wait to see what the pattern pieces look like.
Basic knit dress.
I do rather like the neckline shape though.
Based on the line drawing looks like it would be pretty easy to make.
And I think it looks pretty fantastic on the model.
Ok, this is going on my to-make list.
Another pretty sheath dress.
Actually I rather like all of the details on this dress – even the extra shoulder pieces.
Yup, this one is going on my list too.
Another pretty dress.  I really like the silhouette.
This blouse is cute!  Love the contrast straps.
I actually rather like the shape of these trousers too.
Not sure how I feel about the zipper, but I like the other details.
And they look pretty awesome on the model.
Might not be the best shape for my body type though… Hmmm…
Love this basic tank top.
Perfect for summer workout gear.
There are tons of shorts patterns in this issue.
The buttons on these are particularly cute though.
Love these drawstring shorts too – great for beach cover ups.
Not sure how practical they are in sequin material though.
I also really like this version, which looks even more like traditional board shorts.
Not sure I would want the cargo pockets, but I might be more comfortable
with the length on this style than the length on the other versions.

There were even more things things that left me feeling very meh.  Not bad, but not particularly exciting either:

These oversized sweater tops seem to be quite popular lately,
and I’m sure it would be great for layering.  Just don’t know that I
find it particularly exciting.  Though it is growing on me the more I look at it.
Maxi skirt.  This is nice, but not anything new.
I do like the wide yoke though, and this skirt could
easily be adapted to shorter lengths.
I’m a bit on the fence about the blouse.  I don’t dislike it,
but I’m not sure if I’m overly excited by it either.
Sweatpants.  Meh.
This dress is ok, but not overly exciting.
I think I liked the design elements better for the top.
Another dress that looks very similar to styles we’ve seen before.
Another meh.
Ruffly tunic.  Is pretty, but that is mostly due to fabric choice.
Another oversized tunic button-front shirt.
I do like the pin tucks though.
I have to say, this jacket is rather interesting.
Not my particular style, but interesting nonetheless. 
Tube top.  Great for the beach, but not overly exciting from a design perspective.
Shorts with weird flap things.  I have been trying to decide
how I feel about these since the early preview came out.
I’m still not quite sure what I think.
The flaps just seem so… unnecessary.  I think I don’t hate them,
but I also think I probably wouldn’t wear them.
Vest with pockets.  Umm, as much as Burda tries to make this look like
high fashion I just see a fishing vest.  Made from leftover quilt fabric.
Not my favorite.  

The Burda Plus section is a bit of a mixed bag as well:

This dress isn’t too bad, but there may be just a bit too much
going on with all of the ruffles being everywhere.
I like the more streamlined version much better.
It has a lovely neckline and great classic shape.
I also really like the design of this ruched-front dress.
Not really a fan of the fabric Burda picked for this particular look.
But the design itself is pretty awesome.  Definitely something my sister would wear.
I actually rather liked this tunic top as well.
Not as in love with this tunic top – the volume is a bit overwhelming.
The front slits do give it a bit of interest though.
Not a fan of these pants however –
way too much going on around the hips.
Yeah, not really loving these in combination on the model  –
I feel like there is way too much volume going on,
or the proportions are off, or something.

And then, of course, there was the crazy:

Oddly shaped overalls.  Ick.
Something about the way the top and bottom meet
just forces the body to look very pear shaped.
This drapey tunic top looks ok until…
…You could fit three people in there!
Overly ruffly skirt.  Would be better suited for the children’s section methinks.
This jumpsuit actually isn’t terrible…
…Except for the bow at the bust.
It looks unnecessary and sort of awkward.
I like it even less in this crazy striped fabric.
Without the bust bow I think it might not be too bad.
Not a fan of this dress.  It just looks frumpy.
Like an oversized shirt more than a dress.

And that’s it!  Which means it is time to do my picks for best and worst patterns in this issue.  It was a bit difficult to choose my top design – there are several dresses I am really loving, but I had to give my Best of Burda for June 2014 to:

One shoulder draped dress!

I really love the design of this dress, and depending on fabric choice (and by altering the length) it could easily be made for evening wear or kept as a day dress.

As far as the worst pattern of the month, well, it seemed pretty obvious that BWTF goes to:

Most unflattering overalls EVER.

Ok, I have to say it – if it makes the model look frumpy and un-proportional, there is no way it is going to look good on a normal person.  And why would you pair it with a sequined top to go fishing?  I don’t even know what is going on in this picture…  Ack.  Yeah, these overalls are definitely on my list of questionable Burda styling choices.

So, what do you all think?  Is June continuing the string of good issues?  Or do you find yourself board with this month’s options?  What are your top and bottom picks?  Anyone else feeling the need to make shorts for summer? (We are already heading into triple digits out here.)  What do you all think about the shorts with the weird flaps on them?  Fashionable?  Bizarre?  Fun?  Feel free to discuss and debate in the comments!

11 thoughts on “Newsflash: June Burda Preview Posted

  1. I am head over heels in love with this issue. I was crazy about April, meh on May but this one has some really good stuff!

    I do not know what they were thinking though with those plus sized pants. They do not look like they'd be flattering on a thicker, curvier girl at all.

    I LOVE that yellow tunic/dress thing. šŸ™‚ And I bought denim to make the crazy jacket. I need that crazy jacket.


  2. Wow! this is actually a really solid summer issue. The dresses are really, really cute.
    I know everyone is hating on the plus pants, but one of my plus friends has been wearing baggy pants and pairs them with a tank top. And she looks really cute. I just hate that they paired them with the tunic. The tunic would be cute with leggings though.


  3. I think they put out another winner from an overall design perspective. Like you though I'm confused about the 'flap' shorts but my younger nieces will probably like them. I'm not plus size but I actually like the pants, I think they are very on trend. I don't care for the overalls either, something looks “off”.


  4. June and July issues sometimes go a bit crazy, but there is some good stuff here. And some not! I'm thinking those overall things must be a knock off of a designer outfit, they just look so out of place.


  5. Thanks for the heads up about this issue. I wanted to check out the line drawing for the fourth dress (with under-bust gathers) but cannot for the life of me figure out how to see the preview of the issue on the Russian site. I'm logged in but have no clickable links on the page you linked. What's the secret?


  6. Replying to myself. šŸ™‚ Now I see that there are pictures farther down the page. I still don't see line drawings, though. Where are they hiding?


  7. To see the line drawings you have to click on the model photos in the main journal page. Then, on the pattern page there should be photos to the right with arrows on them. Click the arrows until you find the line drawing. If you click on the top-most picture it will open a high-res image in another tab, so you can see everything in giant detail.

    Hope that works for you!


  8. I didn't have much to say about this issue at first. BUT since it arrived in my mailbox I've been seeing shorts exactly like those ones with the front flap things all over NYC, and I have to say that the style looks tres chic on the right gal with the right outfit. Actually, I don't think I've seen a bad one and that's odd for me since I'm not a shorts-lover.


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