Newsflash: New Vogue, New My Image, and a Burda Plus Early Preview

My schedule continues to be super busy, so I didn’t manage to get around to posting all the pattern news until now.  It was a busy week, with Russian Burda posting an early preview of the Fall/Winter 2013 Burda Plus magazine, the Fall/Winter 2013 My Image Magazine has gone on sale (with a new website, and a new children’s magazine called B-Inspired), and the Vogue fall collection has been officially announced.  With all the new patterns coming out, you would expect me to be super excited about something, right?  Ummmm, well, hmmm.  Maybe not.

Burda Plus Fall/Winter 2013

I know it is only an early preview, but so far there is very little impressing me in the Plus issue.  A few nice dresses, and a whole lot of meh.  Oh, and more dresses that look like they have been pulled from a moldy old closet in Downton Abbey.
The lace dresses are pretty cute.
I would wear this…
And this isn’t bad…
Hmmmm.  Not sure how I feel about this.
Makes me think 1984.
Why?  Burda, stop with the granny wear already please!
My Image Fall/Winter 2013

I always look forward to the Fall/Winter My Image issues – usually there are some great tops and winter dresses, and always at least one fabulous coat.  Well, this year I feel a bit let down.  Looks like a lot of great cardigans and a few cute dresses, but really not a whole lot of wow.  Is a bit more difficult to tell than usual because they seem to have gotten rid of the feature that let you flip through the magazine and look at all of the model photos.  So I am going off of line drawings and the few small images that are available on the order page.  EDIT: You can look through the whole issue here.  I haven’t ruled it out yet (I am liking the looks of M1363 cardigan, M1353 dress, and M1361 jacket), but it isn’t an obvious must buy like the issues in previous years.
The jacket on the left looks pretty cute on the cover…
Looks like some nice cardigans, and a few interesting tops.
The line drawings are a bit easier to see on the actual website.
Vogue Fall Collection 2013

I feel like I have been a bit underwhelmed by the fall pattern collections so far.  Hate to say it, but Vogue seems to be following along in that vein.  Looks like a whole lot of meh.  Well, to be fair there are a few interesting patterns, but I probably wouldn’t make or wear them, so they won’t be going on my list.  In any case, let’s take a look…
V1365 – A Donna Karen coat patter.  Probably my favorite of the release.
A look at the line drawing – love the fitting seams on the front.
V8933 – Coat.  I like the collar, but the rest is fairly boring.
V8930 – I feel like it would just be easier to drape a blanket over your head.
V8934 – A Marcy Tilton coat pattern.  The shape is interesting I guess?
V8932 – I do like the shape of this jacket.
V1361 – Donna Karen dress.  I sort of like this one.
The back is sort of interesting as well.
V1358 – Anne Klein dress.  A bit too poofy for my taste.
V1362 – Bellville Sassoon.  Probably my favorite dress in the release,
but I am not sure I would ever wear such a big crumb catcher.
V8923 – I sort of like the color blocking pattern on this dress.
V8919 – Don’t like the pattern on this one nearly as well.
V8921 – I like it, but I feel like I have seen it before.
V8922 – Cute, but not that interesting.
V8920 – I feel like this is a few rhinestones short of
 being ready for dancing with the stars…
V1366 – Anne Klein.  I sort of like it, but the shirt sleeves
 might have just a bit too much poof to them.
V1367 – Rebecca Taylor pattern.
I feel like this is what I see a lot of people wearing right now,
but I don’t think it is necessarily something I would wear myself.
V8936 – Probably my least favorite peplum pattern so far.
But it does come with cup sizing.
V8926 – Perhaps it is the fabric, but I think this is a bit much.
V8925 – This top has some nice seam lines for fitting.
V8928 – I like this skirt, but that slit is awfully high.
V8938 – Now I like a nice wide-legged trouser, but this gets close to ridiculous.
V8942 – Apparently wearing animals as bags in the in thing right now?
I actually saw a cute owl purse the other day.
But it was a bit more abstract and a bit less taxidermy.
And that’s what I got.  So – anything from any of these catch your eye?  Or a whole lot of meh?  I feel like there are a few stand out pieces in the Vogue set, but they aren’t things I would necessarily wear.  Let me know what you all think in the comments.

EDIT:  I am trying to get caught up on blog reading and noticed a lot of people liking new Vogue pattens I hadn’t seen when I did my original post.  Seems like Vogue put up more patterns compared to when I first looked at the new patterns page?  Or maybe I just had weird loading issues; I know there wasn’t a man’s coat pattern the first time around…  And there are a few other pattens I really like that didn’t seem to show up on the page my first look through.  So now I am a bit happier with this fall collection.  A few other patterns have made it onto my list:

V1359 – Love the draping on this one!
V8931 – Lots of darts for fitting on this jacket.
V8940 – This man’s coat is hot!

So maybe the Vogue fall collection isn’t quite as boring as I had thought.  Helps when I get to see all of the pattens though!

7 thoughts on “Newsflash: New Vogue, New My Image, and a Burda Plus Early Preview

  1. Maybe it wasn't there when you looked, but the browse magazine option is now up on the MyImage site for the newest issue. I'm quite tempted to get it just for the roll/cowl neck top because I have a couple of perfect fabrics for it.

    (In fact, after typing the above paragraph I went across and ordered it because a couple of the other patterns look quite interesting as well.)


  2. I love V8932 and V1361 (but not for me) and I totally detest V8942, unless one is four years old. I also like V1363 a Sandra Betzina top. But will I buy any? Probably not.


  3. I like the first Donna Karan coat – I'm currently obsessed with princess seams for fitting. I love her red dress too, but I feel it would be extremely unforgiving on my body.

    I don't even know what to say about those animal bags… they look like a weird joke, but knowing Vogue, they are *deadly serious*, hahaha!


  4. Huh. When I saw the Vogue release I thought “finally some interesting patterns with few peplums or mullets!” I loved the DK faux wrap (I may have to eat my words on never sewing a wrap dress). I also liked the interesting neckline on V8918. And there was a men's coat and trouser pattern. Overall, I thought it was a very not boring set with a bunch of interesting style lines.


  5. Somehow I missed the men's pattern, but I have to say I really like it! And, well, looking at it on the whole I guess it really isn't that boring, I just didn't see a lot of patterns that I would want to sew for me. Which is fine because my backlog of Burdas is crushing me right now. It has been months since I have sewn anything not related to sequins or spandex!!!


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