Newsflash: New McCall’s Patterns Announced

McCall’s has posted their latest line of pattern offerings.  My overall impression: meh.  It looks a lot like the last line.  McCall’s is obviously trying to be the young, hip, and cool pattern company in the BMV(K) line-up.  But mostly it looks like the designs are either very poofy tops, color blocked boring dresses, or for kids.  And what is up with that bike in all the photos?  Really, with the evening gown?  What?

Anyway, there isn’t a whole lot of interest, but there were a few gems hidden in the mix:

M6701 – I like the way this skirt hangs.
M6703 – This top could look cool, but I think it just looks too big.  I am planning on making an XS.
M6708 – This is a nice cardigan pattern.
I especially love view C.  I think this is going on my list.
M6713 – My favorite!  
Yes, this pattern is totally a hidden gem in the collection.  I love all of these options!
M6699 – A simple but nice sheath dress.

Otherwise it looked to be a lot more color blocking:

M6706 – Color blocking on skirts
M6705 – Color blocking on tops
M6697 – Color blocking on dresses
M6707 – Color blocking on pants

There were a few other patterns that were ok…

M6709 – Simple raglan sleeve jacket
M6711 – Ok wardrobe pattern.
Good selection of basics.

Otherwise, most of the patterns were of the shapeless baggy sort, or they were for crafts of children.  Yeah, most of them look something like:

M6704 – Look at my wings I can FLY!
Sorry… the bike theme is just… too much.

So… what do you all think?  Not quite so boring as the Burdas that popped up yesterday, but not terribly exciting either.  Once again I feel like I am seeing regurgitation of the same patterns.  Boring.  What do you all think?  Anything here you can’t live without?  Did I miss something good in the preview?  Or are we all going to be stash-sewing for the next few months?  Feel free to discuss!

4 thoughts on “Newsflash: New McCall’s Patterns Announced

  1. Lots of hi-lo hems, too.

    I agree there isn't a lot new but I'll probably get the sheath since it is such a basic pattern. Well, minus the fin on the vent.

    M6703 does look rather droopy on the model, but the two that I think are most worthy of commentary are (1) M6702 tunic which they show on a model, and then on the same model but now pregnant. Same model, with and without belly bump. And (2) M6712 because I want to see what the pattern pieces might look like – all 27 blocks for the top and 37 for the skirt!!


  2. Yeah M6712 looks crazy… And yet it doesn't look like much in the photographs. I feel like if they had used bright fabrics it woulda looked crazy, but without them it looks blah.


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