Newsflash – November BurdaStyle Preview Posted!

Russian Burda finally got its act together after teasing me with a sad and mostly empty page (showing only one new photo, and another picture from last year), and now has the full November Preview up.  Overall I am pretty excited for this issue.  I mean, sure, there is an entire section dedicated to slouchy at home lazywear, and, sure, a lot of the colors are grey and pastel and aren’t super interesting to look at, but I do think there are some good patterns in this issue.  A lot of hidden gems disguised by their rather lackluster styling.

So, firstly, I have to say I really like the plus section this time around – super classy!

Love this dress!  So simple and chic.  And that fabric is stunning!
Still loving this fantastic jacket.
And I like this skirt.
Not a fan of the fabric choice, but I think this dress could be quite lovely.
And, I have to say this shirt intrigues me…
I mean, look at the line drawing!  Crazy, no?

As far as the regular sizes go, there were a lot of things my brain glossed over as “boring” but I think there are enough good or even, dare I say, great pieces to make up for it.

Firstly, the separates in this issue aren’t what I would call fabulous, but they are what I would consider to be good wardrobe builders:

These pants might be of interest.
I am actually really loving this simple A-line skirt.
And I like this circle skirt too.
Though I think the model photo might be selling me on it.
For some reason I am oddly drawn to this shirt…
Not in the crazy print fabric, but the line drawing is nice.
The peplum trend continues!

There also looks to be a nice selection of dresses in this issue:

I really like this basic wrap dress.  Annoyingly in the petite sizes.
I find myself oddly drawn to this dress.
I think this is another case of the model photo sucking me in.
Basic sheath, but the curved darts make it a little different.
This month’s vintage pattern – OMG WANT!
In case their all black look is making it as hard for you to see as it was for me,
 I present the line drawing.  And allow me to repete – WANT!

I am so happy it is fall!  I love the magazines with coat pattern…

Ok, so this is a vest.  My brain has maybe decided I want a vest now too…
Actually I like this vest with the sleeves as well…
I still love this jacket!
I even love it in the longer length.
I like the collar on this coat.
And I think this short jacket is cute.
Though it is clearly a cropped version of the trench.
I am still in love with this coat.  Look at all those details!
Sigh.  So pretty.

Most of the patterns I didn’t show aren’t ugly so much as they are boring.  But there were two that I think stand out as being particularly cringe-worthy:

Hideous overskirt that looks like it is made from old shower curtains.
Hideous vest that looks like it is made from old shag carpet.

Boring patterns made worse by awful fabric choices.  Ugh.

So that is pretty much it.  Well, except for the lazywear section, which put me to sleep.  You can check it out on the Russian website if you are so inclined.  In any case, most of this issue seems pretty basic, but that could be good for wardrobe staples.  And there are a few stand out pieces to make up for it, I think.  So I think it finally brings me to the Best and Worst patterns of the month.

It should be fairly obvious that I am awarding Best of BS November 2012 to:

The lovely trench coat of awesome.

From the collar and shapely gunflaps to the piping and pockets, I think Burda really knocked it out of the park with the details on this coat.  Is it going to take forever to make?  Yup.  Do I care?  Nope.  This pattern feels classic and modern, interesting yet not overdone.  It is just an overall great pattern.  Though I will mention that the vintage dress pattern in this issue is a very close second.  Now just imagine wearing the dress under the trench coat.  Fabulous!

The BWTF Award for November 2012 should be equally obvious:

Shag carpet chic?

Ok, that vest really looks like a dirty bath mat.  Seriously.  It’s kinda gross.

And there it is!  So, what do you all think?  Is the issue just too boring?  Or is there enough to keep you intrigued?  Do the few stand-out patterns make up for the lack of details elsewhere?  Or are the clean simple lines exactly what you are looking for in creating a robust and long-lasting wardrobe?  As always, feel free to discuss in the comments!

7 thoughts on “Newsflash – November BurdaStyle Preview Posted!

  1. I definitely agree with your respective choices for best design of the issue and the WTF award for the bath mat of hideousness. I suppose Burda are good at catering to a wide range of tastes!

    I'm tempted to get this issue for the coat alone, but I'm trying to be thrifty just now so I'll be keeping an eye on your blog to see your completed trench instead.


  2. Ooh! Now I can't wait to get this issue. I really need a win from Burda after all my griping this week!

    Is the vintage pattern a maternity pattern? Or is that just poor choice of pose with that clutch?


  3. Hmmm, I don't *think* it is a maternity pattern… at least the line drawing seems to indicate that it is a normal pattern anyway. The model photo I think it a bad effect from having too much contrast and awkward clutch placement. I was going to post the garment-only photo, but since it is black you can't see anything other than the outline of the shape. This one went the other way… flash makes all the bulges look extra big.


  4. My issue arrived and it totally isn't a maternity pattern (oopsie!), just unfortunate accessory and hand placement. Oh, and would you believe that the yeti fur/shag vest is ON THE COVER!?!?!?


  5. Hahaha! It's Burda, so nothing really surprises me anymore. But I still think that is hilarious. Actually, I have found that a lot of the magazines that have patterns I really love end up putting the craziest things on the cover. The September 2006 issue always makes me giggle – the issue is full of fabulous coats and totally wearable work appropriate fall clothes, and yet the cover is an Oktoberfest German Beer Girl costume in hot pink and lime green. Seriously? I would make almost any pattern in that issue, and the cover is the beer girl costume?


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