Recent Sewing Acquisitions

Ok, so I really was trying to be good and not buy more fabric…  But you know how it is when you have been looking for a very specific fabric for a really long time, and then you finally find it?  And then you start to look for all the coordinating fabrics for that project and you find them too?  And some friends to keep them company during shipping?  And then all the new patterns go on sale at the same time?  And you find a great deal on a bundle of magazines on Ebay?  Yeah, it was kinda like that.  Anyway, I have been neglecting posting my acquisitions, but I have been doing a lot of stashing in the past two months:

From  Brown textured faux leather, blue and cream cotton voile, red/blue rayon suiting, and the cream lace that started my fabric buying frenzy.
From Fabric Mart: Metallic floral print, pale blue floral jacquard, and plaid silk taffeta.
From Fabric Mart: Teal/Navy wool (I needed some more), and teal cotton sateen.
More Fabric Mart: oat (this is more tan and less white in person) and black cotton sateen.
Fabric Mart Free Mystery Bundle Fabrics – mostly cotton sateens and poly wovens.
More Fabric Mart Mystery Fabrics – a crazy challis print and a thin knit.
More Fabric Mart Bundle Fabrics – maybe I could use the blue mesh for a skating dress?
I got half a yard of the odd quilted knit fabric.  What to do with it?  I have no idea.
I also got a free interfacing and a free button bundle from Fabric Mart.
Couldn’t pass up this metallic red tag fabric at Joann Fabrics.
Also found a coordinating stretch taffeta for underneath the thin metallic.
Right now I am thinking holiday party dress?
From Fashion Fabrics Club: Teal wool, grey wool/rayon suiting, and green cotton jacquard.
Vogue Patterns!
Patrones!  No. 163, 189, 192, 202, 249, and Talles Grandes No. 23.
I will post more pictures of the insides in another post.

So, anyway, yeah.  Lots of fabric.  And patterns.  And stuff.  And now I am rethinking my end of the year sewing plans.  I mean, since I am working on my sewing challenge, the general plans are the same.  But the specific projects might have changed a wee bit.  In any case, I am excited!

7 thoughts on “Recent Sewing Acquisitions

  1. Yeah… SoCal the land of a thousand Joanns. It was “National Sewing Month” so they put all the patterns on sale. It wouldn't have been too bad except they had all the new ones that I wanted…

    Most of the fabric came from the internet, so we can't blame that on SoCal convenience. More like I was so excited to finally find what I wanted that I got a little over zealous in my purchases. But if you did come we would go to LA. There is much enabling to be done there.


  2. Jings! Did you really buy all those Burdas?? That's quite a trolley dash. I've just had to fork out for a service and repairs on my sewing machine, so no fabric shopping for me just now.

    That teal wool is lovely.


  3. Ummm… my mother is also an enabler, but I bought most of them. To be fair, I bought them when they were on sale for $2.49, which happens almost never. So when it does happen I jump on them. And drag along family members to jump on more of them. And giggle when everyone else in the store looks perplexed at my basket full of patterns they have never heard of. And giggle more when the sales people look at the patterns and say, “Wow, what is this? It is cute. I didn't know we carried this. It is only $2.49???” Yeah, the other customers I can understand, but the employees? Seriously guys, get with the program.


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