Finished Objects! Navy Pants

Ok, so these were actually sewn quite a while ago (over a month) but I never had time to post about them.  I don’t feel the need to do any pattern reviews, since I used previously tested patterns, but I did want to post a few pictures.

Vogue 1051:

This is my fourth time making this pattern.  I still haven’t ever made it where I had enough time to include the welt pockets.  I still like the way this pattern fits, but I also still want to try other patterns and silhouettes in the future.  And I still want to make a full version that includes the pockets.  Will I use this pattern again?  Heck, yes.  It has been subtly hinted at me that I may need a more extensive wardrobe of navy and grey pants for the next summer.  Also, pardon the fact that these photos were taken after a day of walking and sitting scrunched up in stadium seats:

V1051 – Made in my navy cotton twill from Joann Fabrics.
Rear view.

Love these pants though – they are super comfy and rather durable feeling.  There is one slightly bunchy area on the waistband, but other than that I am happy with the outcome.  Oh, and I used professional pronged pants hooks for the first time too (thanks for the tip Clio)!  Waaaaaaay better than the sew-on variety.  Looks more professional, much quicker to install, and more secure for wearing.  I ordered 2-dozen.  I think I need to order another full gross, at least.  Other than that, my initial review is still pretty accurate, and now that I have made some more pants I felt ok about getting rid of my really nasty feeling polyester gaberdine versions.


Here is a second version of pants made with the Burda pattern I used for my sewing challenge:

More navy pants.
Bunchy shirt + clingy fabric = lumpy looking hips.
I still really like the flared shape of the legs though.

Pardon my bare-footed lack of any attempt to dress these up.  Somehow days that start at 4am and end around midnight seem to quell any attempt at effort in photo shoots.  Despite the fact that I nearly cut off my finger while cutting out these pants (ok, that may be a bit dramatic, but let’s just say that there way an incident with my ring finger, a rotary cutter, and gushing blood) I still like them pretty well.  I will say I think the cut is still flattering, and I find the lightweight poly/rayon fabric that I pulled from my stash to be very comfortable.  However, this fabric is a bit clingier than my first version, and I have be be a bit careful to avoid really obvious VPL.  My only real change from the first version was to shorten the rise in the front of the pattern – it removed most of the smile lines that were visible in my first attempt.  Oh, and using my awesome professional pant hooks on the waistband.  Otherwise my original pattern review is still accurate.

So, yes, despite my lack of project posts, I have been sewing, and a few of the items were for me.  I don’t feel like I can post photos of costumes I have made for others, but once I have some good photos of my skating costumes I will finally be ready to post those as well.  Stay tuned!

7 thoughts on “Finished Objects! Navy Pants

  1. It's super obvious when there is a dress code. Not that I won't be wearing them other times, but there is a reason I have an inclination to make trousers in navy and grey. Of course, I am definitely more of a trouser person than a dress/skirt person anyway, but I agree that having at least one go-to trouser pattern is extremely useful, especially when you have about one week to make 2 pairs of pants.


  2. Very flattering! I like the flare, too. Yeah, I'm a big fan of hardware. Why sew something on that will be frustrating and flimsy when there is such a good hardware solution!?!?


  3. Good to see the completed 1051s – I've just finished making trousers from this pattern (with the pockets) and I had to do a few amendments to get a fit I was happy with. I do like this pattern a lot (now I've done some adjustments to the fit) and will definitely come back to it.

    I like the flare on your Burda trousers.


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