Dance Skating – The Tango Delanco

This post brings us to the final dance coverage for the World Class Levels of the 2012 skating season – the Tango Delanco.  This is a brand new dance, being used for the first time in competition this year.  The dance was written and proposed (with trial demonstrations) in 2009, with minor adjustments being made and the final version approved for competition this year.  This dance is written specifically for international roller skating, so there is only one variation.  It is skated to 104bpm, and it is one of the most complex dances in artistic roller skating.

The dance description (lacking the diagram) can be found here.

Here is an instructional video:

There aren’t a lot of examples as this is the first year this dance is being competed.  However, it looks like a lovely, intricate, and technically complex dance and should be most exciting to watch at the regional, national, and world championships.  If I can find more video examples I will add them to this page at a later time.

UPDATE 4/26/13:

Found a video from the 2012 World Championships in New Zealand.  The first dance is the Viennese Waltz, but you can skip ahead to about 1:20 on the video to see the Tango Delanco.

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