Dance Skating – The Harris Tango

The Harris Tango is yet another skating dance that has multiple variations.  In roller skating there are three variations – the International version, the American version, and the version used in the Junior Dance division.  The Junior dance version is actually most similar to the way this dance is skated in ice (where it is apparently called either just the “Tango” or the “Silver Tango”).  All versions are skated at 100bpm, but the steps to the American version of this dance look very different to the international variations.  Many of the steps to the American dance are skated on flats (no curves or edges created with the skate) in order to mimic the look of a couple dancing a tango in the ballroom.  This is more difficult than it looks!

Here are some examples of the International Harris Tango skated as a team (as it will be performed this year):

And here are some examples of the dance being skated in the solo international style (using the ladies steps):
In the old days, a different pattern was used for the international style:
This is similar to how the dance is skated today in the domestic Junior Team Dance event, which utilizes the old international pattern and the American skating technique:
The American version of this dance is a set pattern that makes use of flats in order to give a more ballroom look to the dance:
This dance is also skated in ice, though there it is a lower level test dance, and not skated in the higher levels of competition.
Today this dance is skated in the International style in both the Junior World Class Team and Solo dance divisions.  The hybrid American/old International style is also still competed in the American Junior team division.  The American version with the flats is no longer skated in competition.  The American version is an optional dance in the RSA #14 Gold Team Dance Test however.  The International version is skated in the RSA #10 Gold Dance Test for both Solo and Team.

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